The Parsons family is an Irish/Scottish elite family of Scottish Rite freemasons, closely associated with other Irish families like Guinness, Cameron and Bailey, working with the Oddfellows and the Catholic Church. Parsifal=the pure Fool.

Robert Persons was a jesuit priest.

Lewis Parsons founded Parsons college in Fairfield Iowa.

Richard Parsons (Grand Lodge of Ireland) founded the Hellfire Club with Benjamin Franklin (Do What Thou Willt motto of Crowley's Book of the Law).

Charles Algernon Parsons, member of the Earls of Rosse and inventor of the steam engine (used in the Titanic ship), created CA Parsons and Company which later became a large industrial enterprise of Siemens, with about 130 billion in assets.

Ralph M. Parsons founded Parsons Corporation, an American engineering company with profits of $3 billion.

Fake whistleblower Andrew Basiago (Coast to Coast) claimed he was part of a program for gifted children and his father worked for Parsons Corporation and worked on Tesla time travel technology for Project Pegasus of DARPA and CIA.

Talcott Parsons was a sociologist and friend of Chester Barnard (AT&T, Rockefeller Foundation). He helped popularizing the work of Max Weber and Emil Durkheim.

Frank Alvah Parsons was director of the New York School of Fine Art (named Parsons from 2005) in Greenwich Village from 1911.

Jack Parsons (Jack the Green Man of spring) played an Antichrist figure as leader of the OTO worked with the US Navy (Ron Hubbard) and had a relationship with Marjorie Cameron. He was a friend of Robert Cornog (Manhattan Project).

Elsie Parsons worked for The New School (Parsons School of Design) and was used in the Feminist Church.

Estelle Parsons was a Hollywood actress who played in Bonnie and Clyde with Warren Beatty.

Lucy Parsons played a role in the anarchist movement with Peter Kropotkin.

Milton Parsons played in The Hitler Gang, Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome with Boris Karloff, The Brady Bunch, The Haunted Palace (1965) of MK Ultra linked Roger Corman with Vincent Price.

Gram Parsons (Laurel Canyon band The Byrds produced by Terry Melcher), Alan Parsons and Richard Parsons were used in the music industry.

Nicholas Parsons (Order of the British Empire) was married to Denise Breyer who acted in MK Ultra manual Return to Oz.

Richard Parsons was a friend of the Rockefellers (Scottish Rite masons of Aryan, Scottish-Irish descent) as a member of the CFR with Antichrist figure David Rockefeller. He was the chairman of Time Warner (The Vanguard Group as shareholder), which merged  in 2000 with America Online of jesuit Wilhelm Meister (nazi company Hoechst-IG Farben), becoming a $165-billion media conglomerate.

Alan Parsons was sound engineer of The Beatles' Abbey Road (Abbey of Thelema) and Let It Be and Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon (one eye pyramid cover). The Alan Parsons Project released  Eye in the Sky in may 1982 (month before birth Antichrist William) with instrumental piece Sirius, used by the WWE of McMahons and by the Chicago Bulls (bc: 23) in 1993 (closest approach of Sirius), year James Jordan, father of Michael Jordan (23) was sacrificed on july 23, start of the dog days.

William Parsons was director of the Kennedy Space Center of NASA (used as programming center) like nazi Kurt Debus.

Jim Parsons (Phi Kappa Alpha)  plays a nerd character in The Big Bang Theory and Hidden Figures about human computer Katherine Johnson.

Julia Stiles (The Omen) played Nicky Parsons in the Bourne franchise with Matt Damon.

Phil Parsons (played by Bernard Hill, captain in James Cameron's Titanic) and Rachel Parsons are characters in Gothika with Halle Berry and Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man based on Jack Parsons).

Jack Parsons

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