Patrick Magee

Patrick Magee is a Northern Irish mind controlled actor of the Saturn cult, used in the British film industry and the Hollywood film industry to normalize violence, rape, mind control and the Luciferian sodomy religion, to announce Antichrist William and the James Holmes ritual and the Covid19-ritual. He played in movies of Roger Corman (MK Ultra) and Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange with Malcolm McDowell.

Astrological chart

born 3/31/1922, date d Brandon Lee, Ewan McGregor, Christopher Walken, René Descartes, Al Gore, John McCloy.

Dom: Aries (the Emperor), Libra, Taurus - Sun (orange), Mars, Moon.

Sun and Venus in Aries, Moon in Taurus, Pluto in Cancer, Neptune in Leo, Saturn and Jupiter in Libra, Uranus, Mercury and Lilith in Pisces, Mars in Sagittarius. moon square Neptune like Beethoven.

died 8/14/1982, d Gerald Heard, Mila Kunis, Halle Berry, Magic Johnson, d Gale Sondergaard, Rocky Horror Picture Show, 2 months after Antichrist William, 2 days after John Cassavetes' The Tempest, month before car crash Grace Kelly.


1960 The Criminal Barrows aka Concrete Jungle
1961 Rag Doll Flynn Kenneth Griffith
1961 Never Back Losers Ben Black
1962 The Boys Mr Lee Ian Fleming (James Bond)
1962 A Prize of Arms RSM Hicks
1963 Ricochet Inspector Cummins jesuit Alex Scott (Danger Man and The Saint of ITC)
1963 The Young Racers Sir William Dragonet Roger Corman Mark Damon (married to Margaret Markov who played in movies with Pam Grier) Luana Anders (Curtis Harrington's Night Tide)
1963 The Very Edge Simmonds
1963 The Servant Bishop Harold Pinter Dirk Bogarde Sarah Miles (Blowup) James Fox (Performance)
1963 Dementia 13 Justin Caleb Francis Ford Coppola produced by Roger Corman William Campbell Luana Anders Eithne Dune (Abbey Theatre)
1963 Operacija Ticijan Dr. Morisijus aka Operation Titian
1964 Zulu Jack Hawkins Michael Caine Stanley Baker
1964 Séance on a Wet Afternoon Walsh Richard Attenborough Bryan Forbes (The Stepford Wives of Ira Levin)
1964 The Masque of the Red Death Alfredo Vincent Price as Prospero (The Tempest) Roger Corman Hazel Court Jane Asher (girlfriend of Paul McCartney) Nicolas Roeg story of Edgar Allan Poe
1965 The Skull Police Surgeon Peter Cushing Christopher Lee Jill Bennett (suicide in 1990) produced by Max Rosenberg
1965 Die, Monster, Die! Dr Henderson Boris Karloff Nick Adams (drug overdose) Suzan Farmer based on The Color Out of Space by HP Lovecraft AIP of Samuel Arkoff
1965 Portrait in Terror Mauricio Zaroni
1967 Marat/Sade Marquis de Sade (role also played by Keir Dullea and Geoffrey Rush) Ian Richardson Michael Williams (Judi Dench) UA
1968 Anzio General Starkey Robert Mitchum Mark Damon
1968 Decline and Fall... of a Birdwatcher Maniac Kenneth Griffith
1968 The Birthday Party Shamus McCann Robert Shaw produced by Max Rosenberg
1969 Hard Contract Alexi Lee Remick Lili Palmer Karen Black (Easy Rider)
1970 Cromwell Richard Harris Alec Guinness Timothy Dalton Charles Gray Robin Stewart as Charles II
1970 You Can't Win 'Em All The General – Atatürk Tony Curtis Charles Bronson produced by Gene Corman Columbia Pictures
1971 King Lear (Shakespeare) Cornwall Jack McGowran
1971 The Trojan Women (Euripides) Menelaus Katharine Hepburn Vanessa Redgrave Irene Papas
1971 A Clockwork Orange (orange=33=sodomy) Mr Alexander (based on Hans Habe, who lived on Mulholland Drive) Stanley Kubrick Malcolm McDowell Adrienne Corri Warren Clarke Philip Stone Michael Bates
1972 Tales from the Crypt (one eye) George Carter (segment 5 "Blind Alleys") Joan Collins Peter Cushing
1972 The Fiend Minister aka Beware My Brethren
1972 Asylum Dr Rutherford (segment: "Mannikins of Horror") Robert Bloch (friend of HP Lovecraft) Peter Cushing Britt Ekland Charlotte Rampling Barbara Parkins (HHS) produced by Max Rosenberg
1972 Young Winston General Bindon Blood Robert Shaw Simon Ward as Winston Churchill Ian Holm Anthony Hopkins
1972 Pope Joan Elder monk Liv Ullman Franco Nero
1972 Demons of the Mind Falkenberg Hammer Film Productions
1973 And Now the Screaming Starts! Dr Whittle Peter Cushing Ian Ogilvy Stephanie Beacham
1973 Lady Ice Paul Booth Jennifer O'Neill Robert Duvall Donald Sutherland
1973 The Final Programme Dr Baxter Julie Ege
1974 Luther Hans (father of Luther) Stacey Keach as Martin Luther Julian Glover
1974 Simona Le père Laura Antonelli
1975 Galileo Cardinal Bellarmin John Gielgud Margaret Leighton
1975 Barry Lyndon The Chevalier du Balibari Ryan O'Neil Stanley Kubrick
1977 Telefon General Strelsky Charles Bronson Lee Remick Donald Pleasence Peter Hyams
1979 The Brontë Sisters Reverend Bronte Isabelle Adjani Isabelle Huppert
1980 Rough Cut Ernst Mueller Burt Reynolds David Niven Julian Holloway (Sophie Dahl)
1980 The Sleep of Death Marquis Curd Jürgens
1980 Hawk the Slayer Priest Jack Palance John Terry Harry Andrews Patricia Quinn (Rocky Horror Picture Show) Warren Clarke ITC
1980 Sir Henry at Rawlinson End Reverend Slodden Trevor Howard Ian McDarmid
1981 Chariots of Fire Lord Cadogan John Gielgud Ian Holm Ruby Wax Stephen Fry produced by Diana's lover Dodi Fayed
1981 The Monster Club Innkeeper – Luna's Father Vincent Price John Carradine Donald Pleasance Britt Ekland ITC
1981 The Black Cat Professor Robert Miles Mimsi Farmer story of Edgar Allen Poe
1981 Blood of Dr. Jekyll Udo Kier


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