Rachel (Ra, El) is a biblical name-character the wife of Jacob. Jacob=Jack, associated with the Aryan Green Man of Spring (May Day is celebrated with Jack in the Green), which in Egypt became the green man Osiris, two-faced god Iacchus in Roman religion. Abraham's son Isaac was the father of Jacob and Esau (twins of Gemini red and blue, in freemasonry masonic pillars Boaz and Joachin, moon and sun, female and male). Rachel was the mother of Joseph (in Islam Yussef) and Benjamin (wolf symbol, Walter Benjamin, Benjamin Disraeli, Benjamin Franklin), two Tribes of Israel. Mordecai. Rachel means 'ewe' (female sheep, lamb-ram of Aries)= first wife Eve.

Esau was the red haired son. Jacob also had children with Leah and Zilpah. Antichrist figure Harry (red hair) married Meghan Rachel Markle.

Rachel in pop culture

1915 Benito Mussolini (the Emperor of Aries) marries Rachele Guidi.

1948 Rachel and the Stranger William Holden Robert Mitchum. Michael Redgrave marries Rachel Kempson, parents of Vanessa Redgrave.

1960 John Huston Audrey Hepburn as Rachel

1978 Halloween franchise John Carpenter character Rachel.

1982 6/25 (4 days after birth William) Harrison Ford (Harry) Sean Young as Rachael Rutger Hauer.

1984 death of David Kennedy Rachel Ward (Lady in Red in Against All Odds) as girlfriend. Diana gives birth to Harry Battenberg.

1991 NBC show Friends Jennifer Aniston (2/11 like Diana's sister Jane Spencer) as Rachel Green (spring) Courtney Cox as Monica David Schwimmer as Ross Matthew Perry Lisa Kudrow Central Park like Dakota of Rosemary's Baby. murder of Rachel McLean.

1994 Jacob Joker Matthew Modine as Jacob Lara Flynn Boyle (relationship with Joker Jack Nicholson) as Rachel

1998 Dawson's Creek Katie Holmes Michelle Williams Rachel Leigh Cook

1999 4/20 Columbine High School massacre 'victim' Rachel Scott (book Rachel's tears), born in Denver.

Racquel Welch. Rachel Zoe (stylist of Lindsay Lohan, Kate Beckingsale and Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz). Paul Mellon's wife Rachel Lambert.

2002 American Psycho 2 (sequel to movie with Christian Bale) Lionsgate Mila Kunis as Lady in Red Rachael.

2003 Bruce Almighty Jim Carrey Jennifer Aniston Morgan Freeman.

2004 Envy Jack Black Rachel Weisz.

2005 Batman Begins Gus Lewis born after Jack Schlossberg Kennedy young Rachel played by jesuit Emma Lockheart  Katie Holmes as Rachel Dawes  Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne Rutger Hauer Morgan Freeman Cillian (William) Murphy. Wayne Manor= Rothschild mansion of Jacob Rothschild, also used in Eyes Wide Shut with Tom Cruise (married to Katie Holmes).

Red Eye Rachel McAdams Cillian (William) Murphy hijacks plane. Down in the Valley Evan Rachel Wood Edward Norton as Harrison

2007 Transformers Rachael Taylor

2008 The Dark Knight (DK) Heath Ledger Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel Aaron Eckhart (Love Happens with Jennifer 'Rachel' Aniston).

Jumper Hayden Christensen as David Rachel Bilson chased by Samuel Jackson (Jack)  Kristen Stewart (played Diana).

2009 Sherlock Holmes (James Holmes)  Rachel McAdams (descendant of Adam). Beautiful Kate Rachel Ward.

The Lovely Bones Peter Jackson Mark Wahlberg as Jack Rachel Weisz Stanley Tucci (born 11/11).

2010 Shutter Island Leonardo di Caprio (11/11, on plane with Cillian Murphy in Inception) Michelle Williams (Heath Ledger, William) as Rachel Salando Mark Ruffalo (Brothers Bloom with Rachel Weisz) Emily Mortimer Patricia Clarkson Dennis Lehane (8/4 like Meghan Rachel Markle).

Morning Glory (son of the dawn-morning, remake of movie with Katherine Hepburn) Harrison Ford Diane Keaton (Harry, Diana, Kate, Rachel).

2011 Dream House Daniel Craig (James=Jack Bond) Rachel Weisz Naomi Watts (played Diana). Suits Meghan Rachel Markle as Rachel Zane Katherine Heigl Patrick J Adams (remake of Rosemary's Baby).

2012 James Holmes Phoenix ritual (Joker Heath Ledger reborn) in Denver, Catherine as the new Diana.

2013 Oz the Great James =Jack Franco Rachel Weisz Mila Kunis Michelle Williams (maiden-mother-crone concept of witchcraft).

2017 Legion Rachel Keller.

2018 Disobedience Rachel McAdams Rachel Weisz

2019 biracial (Rachel) wedding of Harry and Meghan Rachel Markle (House of Bruce, daughter of Thomas Wayne). Rachel Levine transgender agenda.


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