Robert De Niro

Robert Anthony De Niro jr is a mind controlled actor in the Hollywood film industry, used to glorify crime and violence, normalize trauma based mind control and Luciferian sodomy and pedophilia. He plays the role of the Joker- Mercury who performs the alchemical marriage (Robert like Robert Kennedy and the priest Robert Kennedy at wedding Charles and Diana). His name de Niro refers to the bloodline of Nero (considered by Christians as the Antichrist), the Roman Empire, the Draco-Orion Empire.

He played a role in the media industry, as a member of the Left Wing Church to villify Donald Trump in the left-right political game.

He was a resident of Greenwich Village.

His father Robert de Niro Sr pushed the gay agenda with Robert Duncan, studied at Black Mountain College of John Dewey, who founded The New School in Greenwich Village. He was a friend of Henry Miller, Anais Nin (friend of Kenneth Anger) and Tennessee Williams (Actors Studio, CCF). His teacher was Josef Albers, who also taught at Bauhaus and Yale.

Like Marlon Brando and Harvey Keitel, he was trained by Stella Adler (The New School -Columbia University) and the Actors Studio to be signed to Columbia Pictures.

His movies were produced by Jane Rosenthal (rosicrucian Luciferian family Rosenthal, de Niro played Frank Rosenthal in Casino).

He endorsed Robert Kennedy Jr and Andrew Wakefield and his Vaxxed movement in anticipation of the Covid19-ritual.

Astrological chart

born 8/17/1943, date Mae West, Sean Penn, Austin Butler, Leo ruled by the sun (lion heart cor-leone) year 17 the Star.

Asc: Cancer (the Chariot Queen of cups), mc: Pisces (the moon). Dom: Pisces (the Moon, imaginative dreamer, knight of cups), Virgo (the hermit, prince of disks), Leo (Lust, Strength, Prince of Wands) - Moon, Mercury (the fool-magician), Neptune.

House 3, 2, 9. 1: Cancer (Queen of Cups-Diana), 2: Pluto, Jupiter, Sun and Lilith in Leo, 3: Mercury and Venus in Virgo, 4: Neptune in Libra, 7: Capricorn, 8: Aquarius, 9: Moon in Pisces, 10: Aries, 11: Mars in Taurus, 12: Saturn in Gemini.


1969 The Wedding Party (alchemical wedding the Lovers)
1970 Bloody Mama Shelley Winters Bruce Dern Pat Hingle Roger Corman produced by Samuel Arkoff
1970 Hi Mom (puer eternal boy)
1970 Jennifer On My Mind (Sharon Tate played Jennifer North)
1971 Born to Win Karen Black
1973 Mean Streets, smoking gun lightning flash, Johnny Boy, Martin Scorsese, Harvey Keitel David Carradine as drunk Robert Carradine
1973 The Godfather part 2, father of Al Pacino, orange=33=sodomy symbolism.

1976 1900 Donald Sutherland
1976 Taxi Driver (the Chariot) Martin Scorcese, yellow cab=following the Yellow Brick Road (Wizard of Oz programming) Cybill Shepherd, Jodie Foster playing role of Dorothy with Harvey Keitel as pimp, killing on coach with orange pillow (orange=33=sodomy).
1976 The Last Tycoon Elia Kazan (Actors Studio) Jack Nicholson Theresa Russell Donald Pleasence Tony Curtis Jeanne Moreau Anjelica Huston novel of F Scott Fitzgerald
1977 New York New York Liza Minelli, daughter of Judy Garland (share a taxi, the Chariot) 6/21 date William V.
1978 The Deer Hunter (Orion the Hunter) Vietnam war John Cazale Meryl Streep Christopher Walken
1979 The Swap point finger lightning flash, film editor
1980 Raging Bull (Ra, the bull of Taurus) Martin Scorcese Joe Pesci Cathy Moriarty based on Jake Lamotta Vicky Lamotta like Jayne Mansfield, 11/14 bday Charles
1981 True Confessions (black dahlia)
1982 The King of Comedy (year William) red veil of Taurus mercury the Magician ruling Gemini the Lovers Jerry Lewis
1984 Once Upon A Time In America, Jennifer Connelly as Virgo, Coney=rabbit island, looking glass of Alice in Wonderland programming, lens mercury, Sergio Leone (Leone=Massimo) James Woods Tuesday Weld Elizabeth McGovern
1984 Falling in love Meryl Streep
1984 Brazil archibald 'Harry' (Harry) Terry Gilliam Elizabeth Spender (daughter of Stephen Spender, married to Barry Humphries) Jonathan Pryce Ian Holm Michael Palin Bob Hoskins filmed at Mentmore Towers of Rothschilds
1986 The Mission jesuit Jeremy Irons, the tower, knight of swords gemini
1986 Angel Heart Louis Cyphre (Lucifer)
1987 The Untouchables (Al Capone beast, Chicago mafia controlled by Colonna) Sean Connery Andy Garcia Kevin Costner
1988 Midnight Run cuffs silence sign (hunter prey)
1989 Jacknife the lovers Ed Harris
1989 We're No Angels the Hierophant Sean Penn (also 8/17)
1990 Stanley & Iris (name Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver) Jane Fonda Martha Plimpton (niece of David Carradine)
1990 Goodfellas
(007) Martin Scorcese Ray Liotta Joe Pesci
1990 Awakenings (year 20 Judgement) based on book of Oliver Sacks Robin Williams Julie Kavner (Marge in The Simpsons) Alice Drummond (Alice in Ghostbusters, Synecdoche NY) Max von Sydow (Shutter Island) Anne Meara
1991 Backdraft Donald Shadow Rimgale (Ron Howard) fireman Prince of Wands Kurt Russell William Baldwin Donald Sutherland Ron Howard
1991 Cape Fear (eyes Rosemarys Baby, ayin) pedophile Max Cady seducing Juliette Lewis, Nick Nolte Gregory Peck (Robert Thorne father Antichrist in the Omen)
1991 Guilty By Suspicion Anette Benning Martin Scorcese Chris Cooper
1992 Night and the City as Harry Fabian Jessica Lange
1993 Mad Dog and Glory dog star Sirius, Uma Thurman Bill Murray
1993 This Boy's Life father Leonardo di Caprio Chris Cooper
1993 A Bronx Tale (face to face) Chaz Palminteri son in love with girl Jane (black and white Romeo and Juliet story)
1993 Mary Shelley's Frankenstein the creature=the beast, Kenneth Branagh (John Dee in the London Olympics ritual)
1995 Casino (Jupiter= luck, Virgo= the Knight of Disks) Martin Scorcese, Sharon Stone as Sharon Tate reborn, princess-queen of disks, Sam 'Ace' Rothstein (Frank Rosenthal born 6/12 like Rosemary's Baby) Joe Pesci Frank Vincent (4/15 like Dodi fayed) James Woods, announces divorce Charles and Diana and car crash, 11/22 date JFK ritual
1995 Heat (dog days sirius), Robert robber thief mercury like Heath Ledger in the Dark Knight, Al Pacino Val Kilmer Natalie Portman
1995 One Hundred and One Nights the Lovers Alain Delon Marcello Mastroianni Catherine Deneuve, amnesia
1996 The Fan (fear, Pluto in Sagittarius) Wesley Snipes John Leguizamo
1996 Sleepers priest Hierophant father Bobby (RFK) Brad Pitt Dustin Hoffman Billy Crudup (in Jackie)
1996 Marvin's Room (vesica pisces like Moonchild) Leonardo di Caprio Meryl Streep Diane Keaton Dan Hedaya
1996 Cop Land (the moon) Sylvester Stallone Harvey Keitel Ray Liotta Robert Patrick Debbie Harry
1997 Jackie Brown Quentin Tarantino Samuel Jackson Michael Keaton Pam Grier Bridget Fonda Michael Bowen Jr Robert Foster
1997 Wag the Dog (sirius) Bill Clinton sex scandal Dustin Hoffman Drena de Niro Kirsten Dunst
1999 Analyze This (anal sex, sign Mark Master with Billy Crystal)

1999 Great Expectations Gwyneth Paltrow Ethan Hawke Chris Cooper
1999 Ronin Eiffel tower Paris, place of death Diana, directed by John Frankenheimer (who drove Robert Kennedy to the Ambassador Hotel, made the Manchurian Candidate with Frank Sinatra and biopic of George Wallace, Taxi Driver was based on assassination attempt of George Wallace) Natascha McElhone (The Truman Show, Frank Sinatra present at the Truman Capote ball) Sean Bean
1999 Flawless Philip Seymour Hoffman transgender agenda
1999 Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle John Goodman
1999 Men of Honor as William ankh-or symbol neptune: marine Cuba Gooding Jr Charlize Theron George Tillman (biopic of the Notorious BIG)
2000 Meet the Parents Jack Byrnes (with breasts like Baphomet), Blythe Danner (mother of Gwyneth Kate Paltrow, Teri Polo (Mia Farrow's twin Terry in Rosemary's Baby) Ben Stiller as Gaylord Focker (gay agenda)
2000 15 Minutes gemini Edward Burns Charlize Theron
2001 The Score the Hanged Man Marlon Brando Edward Norton Angela Basset as Diane
2001 Showtime Eddie Murphy (Gemini Abel and Cain) William Shatner Drena de Niro Mos Def
2002 City by the Sea (the Omen) Frances McDormand
2002 Analyze That Lisa Kudrow Cathy Moriarty
2004 Godsend (antichrist the Omen poster child cloning) Greg Kinnear (played JFK) Rebecca Romijn (Roman)
2004 A Shark Tale (Pisces) like in Finding Nemo, shark metaphor for pedophile Will Smith Renée Zellweger Martin Scorcese Jack Black Angelina Jolie
2004 Meet the Fockers Dustin Hoffman Barbara Streisand
2004 Bridge of San Luis Rey F Murray Abraham Harvey Keitel
2005 Hide and Seek Dakota Fanning (Dakota Hotel of Rosemary's Baby), Charlie alter ego in trauma based mind control to create Monarch butterfly, door the Shining, shadow the Omen Famke Janssen as Katherine Elizabeth Shue Amy Irving
2006 The Good Shepherd as William Sullivan (based on Wiliam Donovan) eye of Horus CIA Matt Damon, based on Knight of Malta Jesus James Angleton, Alec Baldwin (impersonator of Donald Trump) Angelina Jolie Billy Crudup as Archibald (Archie child Harry and Meghan) Gabriel Macht (in Suits with Meghan Markle) Keir Dullea (2001 ASO)
2006 Arthur and the Invisibles Luc Besson (Milla Jovovich) Freddie Highmore (Charlie an the Chocolate Factory with Johnny Depp) Madonna Harvey Keitel Snoop Dogg
2007 Stardust Claire Catherine Danes Michelle Pfeiffer Ricky Gervais Ian McKellen
2008 A Righteous Kill Al Pacino 50 Cent produced by Avi Lerner
2008 What Just Happened (Harpo sign of silence, the fool) Catherine Keener Kristen Stewart Bruce Willis Sean Penn Stanley Tucci
2008 Everybody's Fine (Mercury: camera lens) Sam Rockwell Kate Beckingsale Drew Barrymore
2010 Machete the hierophant, Robert Rodriguez racist Trump like politician, antichrist Danny Trejo Jessica Alba Michelle Rodriguez Don Johnson Lindsay Lohan
2010 Stone as Jack Edward Norton Milla Jovovich
2010 Little Fockers (pedophilia) Ben Stiller Jessica Alba Kevin Hart
2011 Manual of Love 3 the Ages of Love Monica Bellucci
2011 Killer Elite (orange, Scorpio) Clive Owen Jason Statham
2011 Limitless, Neptune= omniscience jesuit Bradley Cooper (Times Square ts Baal like Taxi Driver and Lucy, AI agenda) Abbie Cornish
2011 New Years Eve Katherine Heigl (Suits with Meghan Markle) Sarah Jessica Parker Jessica Biel Ludacris Abigail Breslin Halle Berry Hilary Swank Michelle Pfeiffer Alyssa Milano
2012 Being Flynn Julianne Moore Paul Dano
2012 Red Lights (the Lovers psychic Simon Silver) Cillian Murphy Sigourney Weaver Toby Jones
2012 Freelancers 50 Cent
2012 Silver Linings Playbook Jennifer Lawrence Bradley Cooper
2013 The Big Wedding Diane Keaton 'don griffin' (wedding Catherine as new Diana) Katherine Heigl (Suits with Meghan Markle) Susan Sarandon Topher Grace Robin Williams
2013 Killing Season (archer) John Travolta
2013 The Family Luc Besson Michelle Pfeiffer Tommy Lee Jones Dianna Agron Paul Borghese
2013 Last Vegas Morgan Freeman (also mercury 'Archie') Michael Douglas
2013 Grudge Match gemini Sylvester Stallone (Raging Bull vs Rocky) Alan Arkin Kim Basinger Kevin Hart
2014 Bag Man John Cusack Crispin Glover
2015 The Intern Anne Hathaway lady in red Scorpio
the Audition
2015 Ellis
2015 Heist (mercury: thief) Kate Bosworth
2015 Joy (virgo) Jennifer Lawrence Bradley Cooper Isabella Rosselini Diane Ladd Virginia Madsen
2016 Dirty Grandpa (pedophilia) Zac Efron Dermot Mulrony
2016 Hands of Stone boxing trainer Ray Arcel Usher John Turturro
2016 The Comedian (Joker, Fool) Danny DeVito Harvey Keitel
2017 Wizard of Lies (the Wizard, the Emperor) Michelle Pfeiffer
2019 Joker (the Fool) Joaquin Phoenix, symbolism of the James Holmes ritual shot during talk show, similar to the King of Comedy (kc 311, 33 Christ) Justin Theroux
2019 The Irishman Martin Scorcese Al Pacino as Jimmy Hoffa (nemesis of RFK) Joe Pesci Harvey Keitel
2019 The Comeback Trail Tommy Lee Jones Morgan Freeman
2020 The War with Grandpa Uma Thurman Christopher Walken
2020 Killers of the Flower Moon Martin Scorcese Leonardo di Caprio


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