Robert the Bruce

Robert the Bruce was a political puppet who became King of Scotland, after the Scottish Wars of Independence with William Wallace. He was a descendant of king David I (biblical King David, Holy Grail bloodline, protected by Baphomet worshipping Knights Templar and Scottish Rite masonry) with Walter Fitz Alan (ancestor of the Stuarts) as freemason. He fought with the Templars, army of the Catholic Church, in the Battle of Bannockburn on 6/24 (day of St John the Baptist)/1314 (year of burning Jacques de Molay).

The House of Bruce claimed descent of Akhenaten (Moses) and his daughter Scota (legends of Goidel Glas sailing to the north, Scottish Rite freemasonry uses jewish symbols like the Temple of Solomon).

He married Isabella Del Mar and Elizabeth de Burg. He was supported by Christopher Seton who married his sister Christina Bruce and killed John and Robert Comyn at Greyfriars Church (Franciscans).

Like Martin Luther, he was excommunicated, became an outlaw king (biblical Endtimes battle between Lucifer and Christ).

His daughter was Marjorie Bruce.

In 1495 Walter Sinclair of Scotland (descendant of Merovingians and Robert the Bruce) built the Rosslyn Chapel (history of freemasonry) with masonic pillars, depiction of green man (Orion in Aryan culture, Egyptian Osiris), cubes symbol of Saturn.

The Stuarts intermarried with the German Brunswicks (Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart wedding).

Marjorie Cameron was named Marjorie after Marjorie Bruce to become the Whore of Babylon (Babalon) archetype of Jack Parsons.

David Bruce (OSS, 1001 Club, Georgetown Set) married Alisa Mellon (CIA family).

His descendants of the Hambro family like Charles Hambro led the Special Operations Executive (mind control experiments at Inverlair Lodge, inspiration for The Prisoner) and cooperated with William Donavan of OSS and helped to plan Manhattan Project with Robert Oppenheimer.

Robert Kennedy's son David Kennedy (girlfriend Rachel Ward) died in 1984, year of birth Harry Battenberg (son of Diana of Merovingian bloodline).

David Irving of Robert the Bruce blodline participated in the Holocaust denial trial of Ernst Zündel in 1985.

Meghan Rachel Markle (mm=33, biblical name Rachel) is a mind controlled media actress, used in the media industry, to marry Harry Mountbatten, brother of King William V, play the role of the new Diana Spencer (modern moon-mother goddess the Whore of Babylon like Marjorie Cameron and Marilyn Monroe), and to give birth to an Antichrist figure. Her father is Thomas Wayne. She is a descendant of Lord Hussey and the Robert the Bruce bloodline.

born 7/11/1274, date d Robert Kennedy Runcie (priest of Diana's wedding), Yul Brynner.

died 6/7/1329, date d Alan Turing, Karl Urban, Prince, Liam Neeson, d Christopher Lee.

Robert the Bruce in pop culture

1962 David Bruce Banner Hulk character.

1995 Braveheart Angus Macfayden Mel Gibson (Passion of the Christ) as William Wallace  Catherine McCormack (William and Catherine) Brendan Gleeson Patrick McGoohan (The Prisoner).

1996 The Bruce Oliver Reed

2000 Marshall Bruce Mathers (mm=masonic nr 33) the Joker archetype.

2003 Bruce Almighty Jim Carry (JC like Jesus Christ) as Bruce Nolan (like Christopher Nolan) Jennifer Aniston (Rachel in Friends).

2005 Batman Begins Christopher Nolan Christian Bale (played Moses in Exodus) as Bruce Katie Holmes as Rachel, filmed at Rothschild mansion of EWS

2006 The Da Vinci Code 5/19 (date wedding Harry and Meghan)  Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon scene at Rosslyn Chapel

2008 The Dark Knight Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel in love with Harvey Dent (Harry) played by Aaron Eckhart (with Jennifer Aniston in Love Happens) role based on Robert Kennedy Heath Ledger as the Joker (Christ, references to Bruce Lee's son Brandon Lee).

Bruce Jenner Robert Kardashian.

2018 Outlaw King Netflix Chris(t) Pine (Star Trek) Anonymous Content (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)

2019 Robert the Bruce Angus Macfayden Jared Harris. wedding of Harry and Meghan.

Meghan Markle