Roman Empire

The Roman Empire was an empire (top-down organized society ruled by elite families), influenced by Greek culture, that dominated Europe from 100 bc from the Italian city Rome and later became the Holy Roman Empire.

It was a continuation of the Draco-Orion Empire. Like the Anunnaki gods in Sumerian civilization, its symbol was the eagle, as birds are related to reptilian dinosaurs.

The Draco-Orion (giant, Aryan, redheaded Rh-) bloodline spread from the Northern Atlantis civilization, to Western Europe, to Ireland, Scotland, southern France (Basque Country). They worshiped the North Star (the point around which everything revolves, origin of the swastika symbol). Roman emperors were conquerors without empathy, acting from their reptilian brain under the rule of the Draco Empire, synonymous with the axis, the pole, the M, the 13 at the center of the 12 signs of the Zodiac, corrupting and conquering the feminine energy of earth. 

Like the Egyptians they built obelisks as a conductor for energy. Pax Romana represented the world axis as equilibrium (PX symbol of Christianity).

The Etruscans were influenced by Greek civilization.

The city of Rome was built on 7 hills, Capitoline Hill (Mons Saturnius, dedicated to Saturn), Palatine Hill, Esquilline Hill, Caelian Hill, Aventine Hill, Quirinal Hill, Viminal Hill, and the Vatican Hill at the northwest of the Tiber.

The Romans practiced a religion of polytheism (the God matrix, Roman versions of the Greek Gods, that represented Atlantean ancestors), with the cult of Mithras as Sol Invictus (depicted as slaying a bull) and phallic worship (obelisks and cult of Mutunus Titunus). Society was divided into a Patrician class and plebeians.

The Aventine triad, trinity of Sin was installed for the materialistic ordinary plebs, of Liber, Libera (Isis/Ishtar, Demeter, female fertility, sign of Libra, holding a torch) and Ceres (the waxing moon). Mayday was celebrated with naked dancing and release of hares and goats at Floralia.

Poets like Virgilius developed a mythology of birthright, based on Greek mythology and art but had no knowledge of sacred geometry, had a more left brain hedonistic and materialistic mindset (Epicurian philosophy) and glorified war, power, slavery and trade.

Using the same tactics of Divide and Conquer/ Bread and entertainment, they built the Colosseum for the giant Colossus for the same underworld gladiator games, sometimes flooding the arena in with a trident, a net, helmet of invisibility, 10 days in december, sponsored by the treasury of Saturn. Roman soldiers wore the lion skin, a golden eagle conquering a snake and holding a pine cone and lightning bolts, or the golden fleece and rooster combs.

510 bc Lucretia, a housewife raped by the Tyran Tarquinius Superbus commits suicide. Her body is paraded in the Roman Forum, causing the rebellion that overthrows the monarchy and installs a republic.

493 The Vestal virgins (vestire, clothed) provide the amrita, menstrual blood for the elite. Their abstinence as form of sacrifice is called 'pieta', their prudeness and female prostate (guarding)=> prostitutes. The effect of libation, pouring of the blood is than celebrated as the phallic deity Liber, the concept of Libertas and his festival Liberalia. Rituals of Ceres (wax) of candle wax during waxing moon, festivals like Cerealis. Eventually as part of the bread and games tactic, a new plebeian triad is installed of Ceres, Liber and Libera.

300 bc writing of the Old Testament, based on Sumerian mythology.

216 bc Hannibal (cult of Baal) crosses the Alps and defeats the Romans at the Battle of Cannae. Consul Fabius Maximus proposes the controversial scorched earth tactic to avoid confrontation.

200 bc the Romans conquer Greece.

149-146 Third Punic War between Rome and Carthage. The Romans destroy Carthago, impose a 'Carthagian peace', conquer Tunisia, Libya and Greece (Athens and Sparta). Spartacus leads a slave revolt.

63 bc Cicero as consul. Julius Caesar conquers Asia minor (Turkey).

60 bc Julius Caesar is a member of the first Triumvirate with Pompey and Crassus.

58 bc Gallic Wars, Caesar conquers Gaul (France and Belgium).

44 bc assassination of Caesar by Brutus, end of the Roman Republic.

30 bc Egypt is incorporated in the Roman Empire.

27 bc Augustus is made first Roman Emperor (Julio-Claudian dynasty with Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, Nero).

At Palatine Hill, the Circus Maximus and temple for Apollo is built. Pax Romana represents the Px pole of Draco.

14 death of Augustus. Emperor Caligula forces Patrician families to prostitute their boys at his Imperial Palace. He brings the Lateran obelisk to Rome. He is assassinated by the Roman senate.

47 in Britain the Roman Empire founds Londinium on the Greenwich meridian.
54 Emperor Claudius dies. Rise of the Saturn cult Christianity. Emperor Nero burns the first Christians, that live in the catacombs of Rome and starts the great fire of Rome.
66 Jewish revolt in Jerusalem.

106 the Roman Empire reaches its peak under Emperor Trajan after conquering Romania, Iraq and Armenia. Outbreak of the plague. Rise of the Germans.

132 Simon Bahr Kokhba (son of a star) leads another Jewish revolt, is seen by the Jews as a Messiah. He takes the title of Nasi (prince, Nazir, Na-Sirius). Near Har Megiddo, the 6th Ferrata legion of the Roman emperor Hadrian, with the bull as its sign, commits a genocide of half a million Judeans. Hadrian calls it Syria-Palestina to erase the memory of Judea. The Jews are expelled from Jerusalem and are only allowed to mourn their defeat at the Weeping Wall.

134 Emperor Hadrian conquers Britain and builds a wall that divides Britain from Scotland.
200 Sadducees of Judea introduce Atenism to Rome, to conquer the west. Rituals are performed in the catacombs of Rome, with Jesus replacing Orpheus, depicting fishes and mushrooms. Marcus Aurelius, high priest at Emesa (Homs, Syria), calls himself Heliogabalus, building a temple in front of the Colosseum, with the holy black stone meteorite from Syria, in worship of El Gabal (cult of Baal, Saturn) with sacrifice of children.

300 Recovery Roman empire.
312-337 Constantine.
325 1st Council of Nicaea Church and state unite, the masonic symbol of a two headed eagle (priest-king elite of the cult of Baal, two faced God Janus) becomes the emblem of most nation states. Arianism, denying the idea of a Holy Trinity is considered heresy.

331 After failure to suppress Christianity, Romans decide to merge it with their religion: Constantine declares himself as the new anointed one, turns the Roman Empire into a Christian Holy Roman Empire, with its arch/ark bishops (start of the Catholic Church). The Pagan sun festival of 25 december becomes Christ Mass day. The entire ancient Babylonian religion is reinstalled and updated with Jesus imagery but priests still wear the same costume and fish/pineapple symbols with the snake/Satan as embodiment of evil.

410 The Visigoths sack Rome.

440 Atilla and the Huns attack the Roman Empire from the east. Other tribes like the Angles and Saxons, Vandals and Franks also threaten the Empire.

455 The Vandals sack Rome.

550 Odoacer, leader of the Ostrogoths, defeats Romulus Augustus. The Leonid dynasty rules the eastern part of the Roman Empire.

Holy Roman Empire

The Julio-Claudian dynasty became the Colonna bloodline.

The Merovingians ruled the south of France (beast from the sea, Poseidon-Neptunes, the kings of Atlantis). In Christianity goddess Arya became M-aria/Virgin Mary. Draco's North Star on the Great Bear (Arcturus) became King Arthur. His father was Pendragon, the dragon of Draco. Charlemagne and Godefroid of Bouillon organised a crusade to Jerusalem.

Rudolf I (Frederick II Hohenstaufen as godfather) Habsburg became Roman Emperor, ruled Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The Habsburgs, Order of the Golden Fleece (based on the myth of the Argonauts who moved north), the Order of the Dragon, Catholic Church with the dragon as an emblem, ruled the (Holy) Roman Empire for 900 years with the red dragon symbol and two headed eagle (priest-kings).

Constantinople (also built on 7 hills), the capital of the Byzantine Empire was conquered by the Ottomon Empire.

In the Book of Revelation the Whore of Babylon, who sits on a beast with 7 heads, represents the Church of Rome built on 7 hills.

The House of Hanover (descendants of Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart) took over the British throne. Prussia, Bavaria and Saxony acted as independent states. Maria Theresa fought Frederick II the Great Hohenzollern in the Austrian War of Succession.

In the US the jesuits (Colonna, Georgetown University) built Capitol Hill in Washington as the new Rome and invented capitalism.

Jesuit trained historian Edward Gibbon wrote History of the Decline of the Roman Empire.

The Roman statue of Libertas became the Statue of Liberty in New York. The fascist doctrine glorified the Empire. The Roman Empire became the European Union and United Nations.


Julio-Claudian dynasty (Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, Nero, Galba, Otho, Vitelius),
Flavian dynasty (Vespasian, Titus, Domitian)
Nerva-Antonine dynasty (Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, Antoninus Pius, Marcus Aurelius, Lucius Verus, Commodus), Perinax, Didius Julianus,
Severan dynasty (Septimius Severus, Caracalla, Geta, Macrinus, Elegabalus, Severus Alexander), Maximinus, Gordian I and II, Pupinus, Balbinus, Gordian III, Philip I and II, Decius, Trebonianus, Volusianus, Valerian, Tacitus, Probus, Carinus, Diocletian, Maximian, Constantius, Galerius, Maxentius,
Constantinian dynasty (Constantine I and II, Constans I)
Valentinianic dynasty (Valentinian I, Gratian, Valentinian II)
Theodosian dynasty (Theodosius I, Arcadius, Honorius, Theodosius II, Constantius III), Romulus Augustus
Leonid dynasty (Leo I, Leo II, Anastasius)
Justinian dynasty (Justin I, Justinian I, Justin II)
Heraclian dynasty (Heraclius, Heraklonas, Justinian II) Isaurian dynasty, Nikephorian dynasty, Amorian dynasty, Macedonian dynasty, Doukas dynasty, Komnenos dynasty, Angelos dynasty, Laskaris dynasty, Palaiologos dynasty (ended after fall of Constantinople)


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