Rosemary's Baby 1968

Rosemary's Baby is a Hollywood movie of Paramount Pictures, directed by Roman Polanski, released on 6/12/1968 (year 20 Aeon, the rebirth of Osiris as child Horus) based on a novel of Ira Levin, 6 days after the assassination ritual of Robert Kennedy on 6/6 at the Ambassador Hotel. It announced the 911 Sharon Tate ritual and the birth of an Antichrist child (Diana Spencer giving birth to Antichrist figure king William V, born 6/21).

1968 was the era of Pluto (Shadow, biggest fear) in Virgo, with virgin Mary archetypes Mia Farrow, Janet Leigh, Jackie Kennedy, Sharon Tate, Candice Bergen in fairy tales of national trauma. The movie revolves around OTO rituals of creating a Moonchild, explained in Crowley's novel, 2 years after founding Church of Satan by Anton LaVey in San Francisco. The date 6/12 was chosen because 216 is the nr of sphere Geburah (Judgement, Mars), Genesis 21:6, William was born 6/21, the movie is 2h 16min, Obama was born on the 216th day, George HW Bush on 6/12.

- Poster
- Satanic coven at the Dakota
- Dream sequence
- Whore of Pan
- Birth of Antichrist
- References to Rosemary's Baby

Poster 1 sphere Malkuth (Earth) is the virgin, the furrow, the grave is also her womb, earth also called gate of prayer (Pray for Rosemary's Baby). The crib is the Chariot of sign Cancer, ruled by the moon, associated with birth and family.

Poster 2 snake circling a red dot, the Dragon of Draco circling the North Star, the Heart, Hadit (male) in union with Nuit (female) like the poster of Kubrick's 2001 ASO, that also announced the coming of a christlike Moonchild.

The story is based on a novel by Ira Levin (The Stepford Wives, The Boys from Brazil, about the child of Antichrist Adolf Hitler), who died 11/12, date of antichrist Charles Manson. The movie was produced by Robert Evans (Rosemary's Baby, The Godfather, Chinatown) of Paramount Pictures, born june 29 like Jayne Mansfield (who died a year earlier), brother of Charles Evans (name father Antichrist William). He married Ali MacGraw, who made a yoga video with Eric Schiffman, married to the daughter of Lauren Bacall and who worked for Harper's Bazaar of Hearst. She later married Steve McQueen, also used in Harper's Bazaar and in the 911 Sharon Tate ritual.

Polanski was the husband of Sharon Tate, born 1/24 nr of Jupiter-Osiris in 1943. Sharon means 'rose of the valley'). She was murdered in the 911 Sharon Tate ritual by Charles Manson nov 12 1943. The Manson Family consisted of Leslie Van Houten, Patricia Krenwinkel, Susan Atkins, Tex Watson and Bobby Beausoleil, friend of Crowley-follower Kenneth Anger. Donyale Luna (8/31, date death Diana) was at the premiere.

Satanic coven in the Dakota

The movie was filmed at the Dakota Hotel in New York at 72nd street. (6 times 12=72 nr of Chesed love, mercy, Jupiter reborn as Mars Geburah 216=3x72). 666, the nr of Beast carries the formula of Shemhamforash (6+6x6=72, nr secret name of God and 72 demons in Goetic magic). DK=411, the Curse of Cain. Dakota=darota, Dorothea, the a and o, the Alpha and Omega, like the Moonchild in 2001 ASO. Crowley performed the Amalantrah Workings near Central Park. The masque ball of Truman Capote for Katherine Graham was near Central Park. Frank Baum, who wrote the Wizard of Oz, lived in South Dakota and based his descriptions of Kansas, on Dakota.

The same day the movie 'Speedway' was released with Elvis Presley and Nancy Sinatra, the daughter of Farrow's partner, Knight of Malta Frank Sinatra. In the movie blonde Nancy Sinatra wears the same white dress as Rosemary in the first scene, plays a character Susan Jacks (Jacqueline Susann, Susan Atkins- Jack Parsons). The set of Speedway was later rebuilt as Jack Rabbit Slim's in movie Pulp Fiction.

The house represents the Tree of Life ruled by the Magician.

Mia Farrow, mia=I Am (sodomy spirits), the Furrow the virgin Virgo. She is the daughter of John Farrow, the Villiers family=Order of St John (the Baptist). The Fool stepping off the ledge, Alice falls into Wonderland. Mia Farrow played in movie Alice (Alice in Wonderland programming). John Farrow died 1/27/1963, year of the John F Kennedy ritual.

John Cassavetes as Guy (Gaia= Pan, soldiers raping women in Vietnam were called G.I.'s, the G-eye, All Seeing Eye of Gnosis). John: the heart. Guy is an actor who played in 'Luther' (liberator Dionysus-Martin Luther King, who died months before release RB, Black Liberation as Dionysian), 'Nobody Likes an Albatross' (white dove holy spirit). He was born 12/9 (Revelation 12:9 'and the great Dragon was cast out, that old serpent called the devil and Satan which deceiveth the whole world'). He played in 1963 The Killers with Knight of Malta Ronald Reagan.

Elisha Cook jr born 12/26/1903 in San Francisco. He played in Hellzapoppin 1941 (entering the screen world like Sherlock jr and Mia Farrow movie Purple Rose of Cairo), and played George in Stanley Kubrick's the Killing, One Eyed Jacks with Marlon Brando (Death Valley of Jack Parsons Babalon Workings), the Black bird (prophecy of Manson) and Messiah of Evil. He was born a few months after marriage Aleister Crowley and Rose Edith Kelly in 1903. He is the guardian who lets Rosemary and Guy enter.

Rosemary initiates sex on the couple’s first night in their dark, empty, cavern-like, new apartment: Pan was worshipped by lovers in caves and grotto's. Guy instills a moment of panic while they begin making love, by referring to a pair of cannibalistic sisters who’d lived in the building. She represents Apollo in the Dionysian tragedy, heading towards an unescapable fate. Nietzsche's concept of Apollo and Dionysus became 'introvert' and 'extravert' of Carl Jung, 'Harpocrates' and 'Ra Hoor Khuit' in Thelema.

They meet an old couple, the Castevets.

Ruth Gordon as Minnie Castevet (like Minnie Mouse, sign of Disney mind control).

Sydney Blackmer Roman Castevet 7/13/1895 (7/13 like Roman Emperor Julius Caesar - Colonna bloodline, John Dee of the rosicrucian Brunswick-Stuart wedding, Harrison Ford, movie Great Gatsby with Mia Farrow) cancer 3d decan Jupiter. He played Austin 'Spencer' in Beyond a Reasonable Doubt and with Farrow's husband Frank Sinatra and Grace Kelly (car crash 15y before Diana) in High Society. He died 10/6/1973. The names Roman and Castevet, like Roman Polanski and John Cassavetes, insinuate the director and actors are the coven who orchestrate the alchemical wedding, trapping the audience in their dream.

In the basement, doing laundry as the Hermit, she meets Victoria Vetri (Angela Dorian), born 9/26/1944 (44 Mass of the Phoenix Diana reborn as Catherine). She plays Theresa/Terry (born 9/26 Libra ruled by Venus), her dark counterpart Black Isis of the Moon card (her picture was used in the Apollo 12 moon mission ritual). The date in Ira Levin's book of the meeting of her twin is 9/11/1965. Vetri went to Hollywood High School and was a close friend of Sharon Tate. The sign in the basement says 'Danger' (Elvis in Speedway, Live Dangerously, Marilyn Monroe's first movie, before she dyed her hair blond, was 'Dangerous Years').

Theresa wears a shirt with purple flowers (purple used for dissociation, Mia Farrow played in Purple Rose of Cairo). Rosemary makes a remark she looks like Victoria Vetri (lost in dreamworld, blurring between reality and fiction). Angela Dorian was the Playboy mate of the year 1968 (rabbit logo Alice in Wonderland programming).

She shows her pendant, the devil's pepper she received from the Castavets. Farrow= the furrow, constellation Virgo. Rosemary is not a virgin, a qualification required from Minnie Castevet in the novel, but she is naive and unexperienced with the Shadow.

Theresa dies near a Volkswagen Beetle, announcing the death of John Lennon of The Beatles at the Dakota (symbol of Kepri).
Art -Temperance letter samekh (helper), Ruth Gordon tries to help contact her 'Holy Guardian Angel'. The Lovers is an alchemical process of solving and diffusing, one victim is sacrificed, the other one is caught in their butterfly net.

Ralph Bellamy born 6/17/1904, (date of death Jack Parsons, also in 1941 the Wolf Man and 1990 Pretty Woman) Gemini saturn as doctor Abraham Sapirstein, Sapphire stone of Saturn nigredo (blackening process). Phil Leeds as dentist mr Shand.

Rosemary gets thinner. Guy says 'You look like Miss Concentration Camp of 1966' (reference to Operation Paperclip Josef Mengele -Manson had a swastika on his forehead).

She suspects the old couple is part of a coven of Stephen Marcato (marcato marked, Mars = roman emperor Geburah). She starts wearing red (blood sacrifice of the Scarlett Woman, the Lady in Red).

Maurice Evans 6/3 gemini the lovers, 1901- d 3/12/1989) Hutch 6/3 d Williams head wound, date Diana attends the performance of Tchaikovsky's 'Swan lake'.


Dream sequence

She falls asleep, reaches ero-comatose lucidity (regulated by the thalamus, Alice going to Wonderland), after eating the chocolate mouse (ego) of Minnie Castavet (Babe Paley was present at the Truman Capote ball, sister of Minnie Cushing).
Rosemary’s friend Hutch tries to dissuade her from impending doom, prophetically appearing in her narcotically induced dream to warn her of 'Typhoon !' a reference to the Devil as Typhon, the twister from Wizard of Oz.

She falls asleep, takes a nap (pan). Neptune (dreams, stage illusion, sea) in Scorpio (dark secrets, death, sex) era: dream sequence where Rosemary sits on deck of a boat with glass (cup of Mary Magdalene). A girdled woman stands near an American flag (zayin bride, jet set life of Sharon Tate). The captain is the archetype of president John F Kennedy of the Apollo missions, the man on the moon -idea of optimism 69 Apollonian science (John Cassavetes played in movie produced by Burt Topper who made War is Hell, used in the JFK ritual).

He is reading a map and puts on his cap. He turns into older man cap, points at Rosemary in front of a hook, symbolizing the Hanged Man ritual. John unties her dress (on a ladder, symbol of the Hanged Man, also used in Sharon Tate's house), the knot of Isis to take her lunar blood (starfire, symbolized by the red dress/rug). Astrologically, during winter Venus the rose betrays the Sun, becomes the Whore of Saturn.

The dream sequence is intercut with scenes that show she is in a dreamworld and she is undressed in her own room. She finds herself naked on the boat, (Adam and Eve in the garden see their nakedness) covers herself, Osiris Risen-the Puella pose in NOX signs- birth of Venus. green bikini (Venus sphere Netsach, atom bombs tested at Bikini islands). Hutch stands on the pier, he not allowed supposedly because he's not catholic (the Seven of Wands).
John removes her wedding ring, crossing outside the boundaries of morally accepted Apollonian consciousness (=crossing the Abbey Road to the Abbey of Thelema, zebra rug in Sharon Tate's house).

Crowley performed rites of the Eleusinian Mysteries in the Abbey of Thelema, to Elysium ('Ode to joy' Elysium 9th sympony of Beethoven in the Beatles movie 'Help!'). Like an inverted cross, it indicates a reversal of what is considered acceptable, a law being transgressed. The goodhearted but doubtful Catholic Rosemary, traverses the Abyss- passes from her sunny, white and yellow apartment (egg colors: fertility), through the secret passage at the back of the closet, where hidden things are secreted or suppressed=Persephone abducted and taken to the underworld.

Old Mrs Gardenia’s  furniture was used to blockade the hall closet early in the story. The hidden closet stands for the kabbalistic hidden sphere of Da'ath. Rosemary passes into the shadowy, Dionysian, chthonic and infernal world of the Castevet’s; the nox/“Nightside”qlippoth of dreaming and erotic nightmare consciousness, Pluto (biggest fear) in Virgo, the furrow. looking through the blinds (moment in the Wizard of Oz where her family moves to the shelter/the shells, the Qlippoth, the inversions of the spheres of the kabbalistic Tree of Life.

She finds herself in the Sistine chapel, painted by Michelangelo (angel Michael the sun with pope Farnese as patron, who founded the Jesuits). Her iconic head pose (resh-black sun, path hod -yesod) is the Hanged Man, symbolizes John the Baptist-decapitation ego death, later copied in the Sharon Tate ritual with a rope around he neck and for John Lennon's 'Imagine' released on 9/9 (imitated on Drake's Nothing was the same, Mother! with Jennifer Lawrence). Michelangelo Adam touches finger of God. The image of Baphomet-Pan is shown. The phrase 'easy, easy, you've got her too high' (used in 'the Doors' Light My Fire) is a reference to Nephtys, lady of the horizon, associated with kites.

A man announces a hurricane yelling 'typhoon', carrying a butterfly net in the shape of a trident (Neptune), The Tempest of magician John Dee, the typhoon that takes Dorothy to Oz in the Wizard of Oz (Farrow played in 'Hurricane' with Jason Robards). The twister is the Magician, running around the magic circle, circle to create a cone of power, a bottomless pit black hole, evoking Typhon, serpent god of chaos, shown in Kenneth Anger's 'Lucifer Rising'.

She sees a black captain on the deck of the ship (Ra Hoor Khuit behind mask is a black terrible god) below above. wheel of fortune wheel Katrina, descends into room with masonic floor and altar and hearth (vestia). Her body is painted by Roman Castavet. Wind blows through the window (letter Hei of the Star). A Jackie Kennedy lookalike descends the stairs to reassure her.

She is raped by the Devil the goat, the horned god Pan, letter Ayin (eye), played by Clay Tanner. He was born 2/3/1931 (date Richard Nixon, John Cassavetes died on his birthday) and died 12/22/2002 (winter solstice). He also played in movie Seconds 1966 about mind control. According to legend, the Devil was played by Anton Lavey of the Church of Satan.

As the devilish dream begins with the removal of her wedding ring, it ends with Rosemary being offered a ring (as worn by the pope himself to kiss, the Hierophant), a ring in the form of the silver pendant given to her by the Castevets (silver is the metal of lunar consciousness and witchcraft).

The marriage vow is broken and a new sacrament is presented to Rosemary for the marriage with Pan (Beauty and the Beast), completion of a ring-like, full circle (Malkuth-Kether, 'Full Circle' name of her movie with Keir Dullea, end of the Space Odyssey).

The nightmare, brought on through witchcraft, is the Dionysian cultural experience of the Neptune in Scorpio era of the 60's, experimentation with psychedelic drugs, evoking visionary and spiritual revelations during the CIA controlled counter culture. The movie was aimed at a new generation young American consciousness with doubts about organized religion who, after getting caught up in the herbally enhanced spirit of the 1960’s ('Tannis roots', Kennedy and MLK playing the Apollo archetype, god of truth and light, JFK as captain), discovered their dark side Dionysus, the spiritual archetypal underworld of gods and monsters, angels and demons. The smoke and smell of the Tannis Root, a greenish vapor veiling Rosemary’s rapist= the smoke of the Great Oz in the Wizard of Oz.

Whore of Pan/Saturn

Rosemary’s condition changes drastically after the rape and conception. Like a victim of an Incubus or nightmare daemon, she begins to appear and feel vampirized. She is in constant pain. She cuts her hair boyishly short in a 'pixie cut', short hair like pixie Tinker Bell in Peter Pan (she played Peter Pan in a 1978 movie). The losing of hair stands for losing chastity (wordplay losing hair-hare, the rabbit that took Alice to Wonderland): Samson has his hair cut by Selilah, the sungod loses power through temptation of the night, Diana cuts her hair short after divorcing Charles. This is the start of her transformation and the gradual appearance of a subtle 'masculine' aggression to her character. Clyde Geronomi director of Peter Pan, was born 6/12.

Rosemary begins to use powers of deception herself (an art of Pan’s father Hermes) as a survival mechanism (the phone call to tease some information from the actor blinded by witchcraft, the lie she tells to Dr. Sapirstein’s receptionist while escaping his office, the spilling of the contents of her purse as a distraction by the elevator, the secreting and hoarding of sleeping pills).

When Hutch is dead, in an ironic feat of necromancy, he manages to communicate the truth to her in an act of divination via a modern spelling game Scrabble, casting runes, so Rosemary discovers their names are anagrams.
Pan is a mantic god, a god of divination and prophecy. He was said to have taught the art to the god Apollo. Apollo (the Shining One) was worshiped at the Oracle of Delphi, until winter, when his dark, chthonic, mirror image Dionysus took his place (recreated with the San Francisco Oracle).

As a distraction from her excruciating pregnancy, she plans a party for her young friends (a service to Dionysos) which excludes the strange, elderly neighbors. The women who attend her breakdown in the kitchen during the party offer advice, insight and validation for her unusual circumstances. The kitchen as heart(h) of a home and traditional place of women’s power is the place of Olympian family goddess Hestia/Vesta.

After the party panic threatens to overwhelm,  the pain suddenly stops. The 'feminine', finding it’s inner 'masculine' strength, has found it’s voice and begins to take on it’s own instinctual power (separate from patriarchal conditioning) from then on in the story: a symptom of Incubus/Pan’s animal influence in her blood. The submissive and assertive qualities are balanced, and the violated nymph is transformed into the powerful and avenging Mother Goddess (Black Swan, the #Me Too movement of today).

In a black book about witchcraft she sees the image of Eliphas Levi's Baphomet (Master of the Temple in the OTO).

Rosemary’s suspicions increase after she attempts to protest when Guy bullies her into surrendering her book on witchcraft, hidden on shelf, next to Alfred Kinsey's book on sexuality. Kinsey was founded by Rockefeller, and a friend of Crowley-followers Harry Hay and Kenneth Anger. He visited Crowley's Abbey of Thelema.

Guy rehearses his new role with crutches (the Osiris spine the kundalini broken-JFK walked with crushes, Bruce Wayne in the Dark Knight Rises). A scene at Radio City (Rockefeller center) links her to David Rockefeller, who played an Antichrist role, born 6/12 like release RB (Radio City scene copied in Home Alone with Macaulkey Culkin).

She visits obstetian Charles Grodin (Charles alter, 4/21 like queen Elizabeth, knight of disks, also in Beethoven). In the waiting room, she reads Time magazine issue 'Is God Dead?' referring to Friedrich Nietzsche's 'God is Dead', the prophecy of Zarathustra (Althus Spoke Zarathustra in 2001 ASO).


Birth antichrist

She discovers the secret closet (the kabbalistic 11th sphere Da'ath), which gives access to the Castavet apartment. She finds the couple having a celebration party for the new child in a black crib. Susan Atkins=Natasja Kinski=Satan's kin. After the shock of seeing the child's (reptilian) eyes, she develops motherly feelings for the child. Roman Castavet yells out 'Hail Satan', making the sign of the Horns of Pan, the 2 arms are the 11, the twin pillars, the two towers at 911.


References to Rosemary's Baby

1967 Timothy Leary appeared in the media with his wife Rosemary Woodruff.

1968 Speedway on 6/12 Elvis Presley Nancy Sinatra.

1969 murder at The Rolling Stones free concert at Altamont Speedway on 12/6 =movie Speedway on 6/12.

1970 The Doors Morrison Hotel (Dakota Hotel) 2/9 bday of Mia Farrow (path 29 the Moon). When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth about 'pagan worship and virgin sacrifice' Victoria Vetri with blond wig
1971 (Diana Spencer born 7/1) John Lennon 'Imagine', pose John the Baptist, like Rosemary's Baby.

1976 Rosemary's Baby 2, Patty Duke who was in Valley of the Dolls with Sharon Tate, Antichrist Andy face painted white like the Joker, year of Antichrist movie The Omen.
1980 The Shining with Polanski's friend Jack Nicholson in the Overlook Hotel as the Dakota. John Lennon is killed by Mark David Chapman while leaving the Dakota hotel.
1981 Ronald Reagan whose last film was the Killers with John Cassavetes is inaugurated, the year of the wedding of Charles Mountbatten and Diana Spencer.
1982 the Incubus aug after birth William with William Shatner.

Diana presents her Antichrist child William V, in the blue dress of Rosemary.

Popeye (12/6, Disney) with Shelley Duvall, wearing Rosemary's dress
Thriller, girlfriend of Michael Jackson, wearing pendant like Rosemary. Michael Jackson turns into reptilian with slit eyes like the devil in Rosemary's dream.
1985 David Lynch Blue Velvet secret closet
1987 Harry and the Hendersons John Lithgow

1989 George HW Bush is inaugurated born 6/12 like RB, a month before John Cassavetes dies.
Friends: Jennifer Aniston as Sharon Tate in the Dakota Hotel (Ross=Rose), doing laundry in basement, Monica as Terry.
King Kong as Pan the Beast that rapes Rosemary.
1993 Jurassic Park reptilian eyes. Sliver (Ira Levin) Sharon Stone as the new Sharon Tate.
1994 Pulp Fiction John Travolta and Uma Thurman, Jack Rabbit Slim set a copy of Speedway, released the same day.
1999 Eyes Wide Shut, Under the Rainbow with secret closet
1999 actress in Man on the Moon (Diana) wears Rosemary's dress
2000 Meet the Parents Teri Polo, produced by Jane Rosenthal (rose valley=sharon)
2001 Vanilla Sky (also Paramount Pictures) Tom Cruise wakes up in the Dakota (with Dakota Fanning in War of the Worlds)
2002 Jodie Foster in Panic Room
2004 Birth Nicole Kidman in hotel at Central Park, Danny Huston son of John Huston who worked with Polanski Lauren Bacall who lived at Dakota
2005 King Kong scene with Naomi Watts in Central Park
secret closet in Chronicles of Narnia (CS Lewis).
secret closet in Hide and Seek with Dakota Fanning and Robert de Niro

2006 the Black Dahlia poster John the Baptist pose with Scarlett Johansson as Katherine produced by Mossad agent Avi Lerner

2009 Angels and Demons Ayelet Zurer as Victoria Vettra (Victoria Vetri).

2012 Nicki Minaj Roman (Zolanski/Polanski) Reloaded, imitating the rape of Rosemary with a priest at the Grammy Awards ceremony.

2014 remake 'Rosemary's Baby' set in Paris (death of Diana) with Zoe Saldana and Patrick J Adams who acted with Meghan Rachel Markle in Suits. Lauren Bacall (Truman Capote ball, in movies with Marilyn Monroe and Nicole Kidman) dies at the Dakota.
2015 50 Shades of Grey Dakota Johnson (mr Grey=Crowley Cyril Grey in Moonchild)

True Blood Susie Stackhouse (Rosemary Woodhouse)

2017 Mother! Darren Aronofsky Jennifer Lawrence Ed Harris Michelle Pfeiffer (born date wedding William and Catherine) Javier Bardem.

2019 Catherine presents George in blue dress and 2nd son Louis Arthur in red dress of Rosemary (on St George Day, april 23, day of birth Scarlett Woman Marjorie Cameron).

Roman Polanski

Diana Spencer

William V