Rosicrucianism is a school of abstract kabbalistic symbolism and wisdom of the Saturn cult, a precessor to modern freemasonry.

It has its origin in Egyptian religion, Buddhism, Persian mysticism, Knights Templar and is an attempt of Luciferian bloodlines (elite families) to conquer and to chain the feminine energy of planet earth through the gay-transgender-pedophilia and transhumanism religion of the Left Wing Church.

History of Rosicrucianism

The rose represents Venus, planet of beauty, sexuality, music, art, fashion, that makes a rose pattern. It symbolizes the Lightbringer Lucifer, the invaders that took over the human experiment and became the new gods. The rose and cross represents the union of male and female, in the interpretation of the Saturn cult, phallus and anus. The rose pattern is also found in a toroidal field (electromagnetism).

The cross is an ancient Aryan symbol of the sun.

In alchemy (developed by the Persians), the human material body must be crucified/quartered, broken down in its impure 4 elements. One must conquer the four magical creatures (slay the bull of Taurus, defeat the lion of Leo=strength), the 4 cardinal signs celebrated in the pagan calendar. The rose is a symbol of the perfection of soul that no longer needs a human body, similar to the transformation of Venus the evening star to Venus the morning star.

The 3 Egyptian pyramids of Gizeh were aligned with the belt of Orion, were called the house of the ros tau. Taurus= the bull (Aleph) in the sky. representation of the Duat, realm of the dead on the ground. In their belief Akh used tombs to travel back and forth from Duat. The Egyptians used the Ankh symbol as key of life (word th-anks, bank), which became the circle-cross symbol of Venus. Thutmose III founded the Great White Brotherhood, a priesthood dedicating to producing monoatomic gold powder.

1400bc Aten cult of Akhenaten, which becomes the monotheistic cult Judaism of Moses with the Ark of the Covenant.

46 According to myths Egyptian sage Ormus creates the first order of the rose cross (Orm French for Elm, Babylonian for worm or serpent, sons of the serpent as 'holy grail' bloodline).

The rose is a symbol of the Mysteries of Isis in Rome. The Latin phrase sub rosa or beneath the rose means secrecy and comes from the time when Romans placed roses in their banquet chambers to symbolize the secrecy of what was said there and roses were carved on confessionals. It has also been used as a term in intelligence and espionage.

In medieval Rome, the Vatican owned bordello's on streets with
the word ‘rose’ in their name, a word which acted as code for prostitution during this period, just as the phrase ‘to pluck a rose’ was a common slang term for the act of procuring a prostitute. By the time of the Reformation it was estimated that there were more than 100.000 prostitutes in London, mainly supported by ecclesiastics.

The rose also symbolized the monaoatomic gold as a mystic substance, a specific sort of dew, in Hebrew tal. dew as ice: frost (goddes Ersa, daughter of Zeus and Selena-moon). There are many Midrashim that refer to dew as being the tool for ultimate resurrection. Deuteronomy 32:2: "My doctrine shall drop as the rain, my speech shall distill as the dew".

Dew signifies Mercury. Dew of the Philosophers is the matter of the stone, the philosophical egg. Lux is called the seed or menstruum of the red dragon, the corporeal light, which digested and modified, produces gold.

The White and Celestial Dew of the Wise is the philosophical stone perfected to the White light coagulated and rendered corporeal. Dew of the month of May,  philosophic Spring, mercurial water rising from putrefaction. dew in german: thau=> tau cross. In classical tradition the Red Rose sprang from the blood of Adonis, but Pegasus (associated with Enki) was a winged horse which sprang from the blood of Medusa, and the fountain of Hippocrene (horse's fountain) on Mt Helicon was produced by a stroke of the hoof of Pegasus.
In rosicrucian imagery the Cross sprinkled with the rosy blood of Christ, although its origin is in the Far East. The rose= the heart, the soul. There is a Silver Rose, called Tamara Pua, in the Paradise of the Brahmans. in the centre of the rose, god resides. Buddha is said to have been crucified for robbing a garden of a flower. The divine Avatar of the Indians is identified with the object for which he suffered, and be becomes himself a flower, a Rose, a Padma, Lotus, or Lily thus he is the Rose crucified. The rose is mentioned in the Song of Solomon ("I am the rose of Sharon, the lily of the valley").
In classical fable, the garden of Midas, the King of the Phrygians, was situated at the foot of Mount Bermion, and was glorified by the presence of roses with sixty petals, which exhaled an extraordinary fragrance. The rose was sacred to Dionysius, or Bacchus, and Bacchus endowed Midas with the power of transmuting everything into gold (alchemy of rosicrucians).

Pagan goddess Isis-Freya (Venus) becomes Christian virgin Mary (white rose symbol of purity) and Rose-mary (Mary Magdalene, red rose, Mary in earthly form, Binah and Malkuth).

1126 Knights Templar with red cross symbol.

1194 building of the Cathedral of Chartres with rose pattern (based on knowledge of sacred geometry of the Templars). The School of Chartes teaches the Trivium (logic, grammar, rethoric) and Platonism.

1250 building of the Notre Dame in Paris with rose windows.

Romance of the Rose (culture of the gnostic Cathars in Langue d'Oc). 
emblem of the virgin, white and red. goddess Holda, frau Rosa.  King Arthur mythology, depicted as red rose in the middle of a circle.

The red cross symbol is used by the Guelph faction in their war against the Ghibelines (white cross on red background). Dante Alighieri (White Guelph) uses the rose symbol in his Divine Comedy.
1348 Edward III founds the Order of the Garter with red cross symbol.

Marie de Medici (Hermeticism of the Renaissance) and Mary Tudor pose for paintings with red rose.

1406 the Luciferian bloodline fights an internal struggle, the  War of the Roses between House of Lancaster (Order of the Golden Fleece) and House of York.

1456 building of Rosslyn Chapel (bloodline of the rose) in Scotland.

Martin Luther, supported by John Frederick I of Saxony (House of Wettin) uses the rose symbol (the Thirty Years' War as apocalyptic battle between Lucifer against Christ).

Francis Bacon is initiated into a large number of secret occult societies (Knights of the Helmet, the cult of Athena Pallas with cap of invisibility symbolism) when he visits the continent of Europe. He learns kabbalistic magic, Egyptian mysticism, Arabian mysticism, and the customs of the German Steinmetzin.

1564 John Dee Monas Hieroglyphica, sign of Mercury end of great work. Rosicrucian Michael Maier (mm=33) is a physician and counselor in service to Rudolf II Habsburg, Holy Roman Emperor and in contact with Robert Fludd. Fludd is in contact with Johannes Kepler. Libavius accuses the rosicrucians of using black magic.

1583 Dominican Giordano Bruno visits England, meets with the circle of John Dee.

1592 first plays of William Shakespeare (War of the Roses, character Rosencrantz and Guildenstern).

1595 Heinrich Khunrath's Amphitheatre of Eternal Wisdom.

1600 Giordano Bruno is burned at the stake in Rome.

Modern Rosicrucianism

1613 wedding Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart (with performance of Shakespeare's The Tempest and wedding song composed by Michael Maier).

1614  publishing of 3 manifesto's as mysterious publicity stunt in Hesse-Kassel (House of Hesse, the Chatti, the cult of Baal that came from Turkey):

- Fama Fraternitatis Rosae Crucis

- Confessio Fraternitas.

- Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosencreutz, contains the Monas Hieroglyphica Mercury symbol of John Dee. Occultist Balthasar Walther travels to Israel, is a friend of Jacob Boehme. Robert Fludd defends the rosicrucians against accusations of Andreas Libavius and jesuit Marin Mersenne.

1617 Michael Maier's Atalanta Fugiens (mythology of golden apples). John Dee meets with Rudolf II and the Rosenbergs (Rosenthals, Rosenwalds) in Bohemia. The Rosenbergs are related to the Orsini family (Ursa=bear, Ursa Major near North Star-Draco, symbol of northern descent).

1650 Thomas Vaughan translates Fama Fraternitas in English. Charles II Stuart (Barbara Villiers as mistress) makes George Villiers a Knight in the Order of the Garter.

1660 Charles II (rosicrucian Order of the Garter, son of Henrietta Medici's) becomes King of Britain, the Invisible College (City of London bankers, Gresham College, Rosicrucians) becomes the Royal Society, consisting of alchemist John Wilkins, Elias Ashmole (influenced by George Wharton), Robert Moray (also the first masons - dedicated to restoration of the Stuarts), ‘Rosicrucian’ refugees from Germany, Samuel Hartlib, Theodore Haak and later Isaac Newton.

House of Hanover (Order of the Garter, Stuarts related to the) rules Britain.

1717 Grand Lodge of London with John Montagu (Order of the Garter) and John T Desaguliers (friend of Newton). Queen Charlotte, wife of George III poses with rose.

1740 the Jesuits infiltrate the rosicrucians, sudden appearance of Templar and Scottish-Jacobite-Stuart allegiance among Masonic aristocrats.

1747 Order of the Gold and Rose Cross in Berlin, 9 grades based on kabbalistic tree of life, Frederick William II and Wollner.

1760 the rosicrucian degree becomes the highest degree in Scottish Rite freemasonry. Johann von Goethe, who works for the House of Wettin is used to start the Romanticism movement.

1780 Knights of St. John the Evangelists for Asia in Europe- The Asiatic Brethren (Frater Lucis, Brotherhood of Light) is a schismatic Rosicrucian order, founded by then member of the Gold und Rosenkreutz order, Hans Heinrich von Ecker und Eckhoffen. It allows jews among its members at a time that antisemitism is rampant in Germany. Among its Jewish members figures prominent Qabalists from the heretical sect of Sabbatai Zevi such as Ephraim Hirschfeld and Thomas von Schonfeld (also named Moses Dobrucshka or Junius Frey, refers to the familiy of Brutus who slew the Roman emperor). His mother was first cousin of Jacob Frank and he became a Jacobin in the French revolution, who saw Napoleon as Apollyon the messiah of Revelation 9:11. The Asiatic Brethren fully developed the Qabalistic aspect of rosicrucianism, that would later influence the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Leopold Alois Hoffmann was trained by jesuits.

1781 Edward Bulwer-Lytton publishes Vril or the Power of the Coming Race.

1807 l'Aurore Naissante Edward Bulwer Lytton (Atheneum Club), connected to Charles Villiers (Order of St John).

1848 Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood Dante Gabriel Rosetti (painting Lady Lilith).

1861 Pascal Beverly Randolph (friend of Bulwer-Lytton) founds rosicrucian lodge Fraternitas Rosae Crucis  in San Francisco, practicing sex magic.

1866 Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia SRIA in England: Robert Little (also a founder of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Misraim in England) and Kenneth Mckenzie work for pm Benjamin Disraeli (Atheneum Club), meet Eliphas Levi, fuse Christian and Sabbataian kabbalah.

1877 Arthur Edward Waite The Real History of the Rosicrucians.

1886 The 18° degree of the Masonic Scottish Rite Knight of the Rose Croix is based on the Rosicrucians.  The Masonic German Order of the Golden and Rosy Cross inspired the SRIA. Members of the Rosicrucian Society of England found the Hermetic Order of the Golden DawnThe Magician Tarot card of AE Waite's Rider-Waite deck depicts the Magician surrounded by roses. The Empress wears a robe of red roses. The rider on the Death card carries a flag with white rose symbol.

1888 (88 nr of Mercury) jesuit Josephin Péladan founds the Ordre Kabbalistique de la Rose Croix in Paris with Papus (Hermetic Brotherhood of Light with Carl Kellner, physician of the Russian Romanovs), Antoine de la Rochefoucauld (patron of Emile Barnard, owner of Van Gogh paintings) and Stanislas de Guaita, influenced by Eliphas Lévi. He promotes Symbolism (early Modernism, Félicien Rops, Stephane Mallarmé, gay agenda of Paul Verlaine and Arthur Rimbaud), which influenced WB Yeats (HOGD).

Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis or l‘Ancient et Mystique Ordre de la Rose–Croix in French (AMORC) founded by Harvey Spencer Lewis.

1894 Philip Primrose, Earl of Rosebery, married to Hannah de Rothschild, becomes pm of the UK.

1895 Carl Kellner and Theodor Reuss found the Ordo Templo Orientis with rose-Vesica Pisces emblem.

The Fabian Society creates socialism, the Labour movement with rose symbol.

1897 Stanislas de Gauita publishes The Key to Black Magic with famous goat's head-inverted pentagram symbol (inscription Samael-Lilith).

1909 Theodore Roosevelt as US president.

1910 the Rosenbergs recreate the cult of Dionysus in Montparnasse (=Mount Parnassus) as the program Modernism.

1922 opening of the Rose Bowl in Pasadena (home of the OTO).

1928 Harvey Spencer Lewis presents the collection of the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose California.

1933 Franklin Roosevelt as president of the US. Communists and fascists (Alfred Rosenberg) all celebrate 1 may to celebrate Venus.

1941 Orson Welles' Citizen Kane with Rosebud symbolism.

1950 Samael Aun Weor member of Fraternitas Rosicruciana Antiqua of German Scottish Rite mason and spy Arnold Krum-Heller (Ordo Templi Orientis with Aleister Crowley) The Perfect Matrimony.

1951 red rose symbolism in Disney's Alice in Wonderland. Mafia boss John Roselli.

1955 Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield meet at the premiere of the Rose Tattoo (Burt Lancaster war of the roses).

1956 The son of Harvey Spencer Lewis founds the Grand Lodge of Brazil.

1965 sex slave Jean Rosemary Shrimpton.

1968  Sharon Tate (the rose of the Valley) at the premiere of Roman Polanski Rosemary's Baby. CIA band The Grateful Dead with rose symbol. Columbia University (=King's College of the rosicrucian House of Hanover) introduces the Left Wing Church doctrine in may.

1975 The Godfather with rose and cross symbol. Tommy (rose cross poster) The Who.

1979 The Rose Harry Dean Stanton.

1985 Purple Rose of Cairo Mia Farrow.

1987 Guns 'n' Roses Appetite for Destruction (cross with Axl Rose in the middle).

1991 Red Hot Chili Peppers Blood Sugar Sex Magick (red rose cover).

The dream of the Universal Reformation of the Whole Wide World, by order of the God Apollo, is accomplished by the development of the Internet (the Worldwide Web).

1995 Rambling Rose.

1996 Tupac Shakur as the Rose that Grew from the Concrete.

1997 victory of Tony Blair's Labour Party with red rose symbol, death of Diana (1st dom: Venus), Elton John's Candle in the Wind with white rose symbol. Titanic Leonardo Wilhelm di Caprio and Kate Winslet as Jack and Rose.

1999 Jay-z ROC (Order of the Rose Cross) symbolism. Paul Rosenberg as manager of Eminem (roses on cover of Curtain Call). American Beauty (normalization of pedophilia) Mena Suvari as red rose. Zeev Rosenstein plays a role in the XTC trade of the Israeli mafia.

2005 red rose symbolism in V for Vendetta. The Da Vinci Code about the Luciferian bloodline with reference to Rosslyn Chapel. Spiderman movies with character Emma Rose.

2010 sex slaves Rosario Dawson, Roseanne BarrRose McGowan, Rosanna Arquette, Lili Rose Depp, Rose Byrne, Amber Rose.

2012 William V becomes a member of the rosicrucian Order of the Garter. Game of Thrones about the War of the Roses.

Misleading books on rosicruciaism

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Christian Rebisse 'RC History and Mysteries'
Christopher Mcintosh 'The Rosicrucians: the History, Mythology and Rituals of an Esoteric Order'
Francis Yates (Dame of the British Empire) 'Rosicrucian Enlightenment'
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Paul Foster Case 'The True and Invisible Order of the Rose Cross'
Pierre Freeman 'AMORC Unmasked Rosicrucian Mind Control'
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John Dee