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Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is an album of The Beatles with Aleister Crowley on its cover, released in 1967 as an icon in the cultural marxist program 'Pop culture', a masonic mystery religion. It played a role in the MI6/CIA controlled hippie 'counterculture' of the 60's and the Paul is Dead psyop (Neptune in Scorpio era).

Pepper refers to the Devil's Pepper of Rosemary (Mia Farrow) in Rosemary's Baby. It contained the song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (Lucifer, promotion of LSD with New Age guru Timothy Leary during the Summer of Love). Its cover was designed by Pop Art artist Peter Blake and his wife Jann Howarth and featured:

1st row

- Yukteswar Giri (theory of the Great Year) - Aleister Crowley - Mae West - Lenny Bruce (Laurel Canyon) - Karlheinz Stockhausen - WC Fields - Carl Jung - Edgar Allen Poe (the Raven,  crypotographic cypher story The Gold-Bug=beetle Khepri) - Fred Astaire - Richard Merkin - The Vargas Girl of Alberto Vargas - Huntz Halls - Simon Rodia - Bob Dylan

2nd row

- Aubrey Beardsley - Robert Peel - Aldous Huxley - Dylan Thomas - Terry Southern - Dion DiMucci - Tony Curtis - Wallace Berman - Tommy Handley - Marilyn Monroe - William Burroughs - Mahavatar Babaji - Stan Laurel - Richard Lidner - Oliver Hardy - Karl Marx - HG Wells - Paramahansa Yogananda - James Joyce

3d row

- Stuart Sutcliffe - Max Miller - Marlon Brando - Tom Mix - Oscar Wilde - Tyrone Power - Larry Bell - David Livingstone - Johnny Weismuller - Stephen Crane - Issy Bonn - Geoge Bernard Shaw (Fabian Society) - HC Westermann - Albert Stubbins - Lahiri Mahasaya - Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland) - TE Lawrence

Front row

- Sonny Liston - George Harrison - John Lennon - Shirley Temple (Order of Malta) - Ringo Starr - Paul McCartney - Albert Einstein - George Harrison - Bette Davis - Bobby Breen - Marlene Dietrich - Diana Dors

The cover was full of kabbalistic symbolism. Photographer Michael Cooper died of a heroin overdose in 1973.

6/1 =616 nr of antichrist, year of birth Obama, Diana, Diana Dors. John Lennon holds horns trumpets of last judgement, raising Osiris the judge at weighing of the heart ceremony, announcing robot Pepper, false Mary queen of hearts. song Fixing a hole, year the term 'black hole' is introduced. In Egypt the heart jb was believed to be formed from one drop of blood from the heart of the child's mother, taken at conception. Mummies were given a stone amulet heart scarab beetle Khepri. Lonely Heart=solitude, period of loneliness to contact the HGA Tiferet the Heart. Ringo Starr in pink would buy Jayne Mansfield's Pink Palace (Queen of Hearts). He was engaged with Maureen Cox, 8/4 like Obama (copy of Sgt Peppers on the Economist cover 2015). Paul=Apollo, the pole. Next to Crowley, Sri Yukteswar, who introduced the theory of the Great Year of cardinal signs. eidolon: the image, the twin the incarnate self.

The devil's pepper is explained in Rosemary's Baby. Mia Farrow is given a silver filigree talisman filled with 'Tannis Root', a spongy fungus, from a swampy region, that is part and parcel of making her baby 'more like her father, associated with evil, with Pan.

Sgt Pepper's in popular culture

1967 The Rolling Stones Their Satanic Majesties Request

1968 Mothers of Invention We're Only In It for the Money Frank Zappa

1978 Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band film the Bee Gees Keith Carradine (brother David Carradine) Steven Tyler (father Liv Tyler) Donald Pleasence Alice Cooper Steve Martin

1995 Take That (Robbie Williams) Nobody Else

2002 Common Electric Circus

2012 the James Holmes Phoenix ritual, London Olympics ceremony, directed by Danny Boyle.

2017 The Jaded Hearts Club Band with Matt Bellamy (Muse), Graham Coxon (Blur), Miles Kane.

Marriage Story Scarlett Johansson dressed as Sgt Pepper's band.

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