Shelley Winters

Shelley Winters was a mind controlled actress, used in the Hollywood film industry to normalize pedophilia. She was educated at The New School and the Actors Studio. She married Vittorio Gassman. She was a friend of Sally Kirkland (Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness) and Janis Joplin (Haight-Ashbury scene, Chelsea Hotel). She was programmed with kitten programming.

Astrological chart

born 8/18/1920, date Roman Polanski, Edward Norton, Robert Redford, Patrick Swayze, Frances Cobain, Christian Slater.

Asc: Gemini, mc: Aquarius. Dom: Leo (Lust), Gemini, Virgo - Sun, Uranus, Jupiter.

Houses 4, 3, 10. 4: Sun and Jupiter in Leo, Saturn and Venus in Virgo, 3: Neptune and Mercury in Leo, 10: Uranus in Pisces. 5: Moon in Libra. 1: Pluto in Cancer, 6: Mars in Scorpio, 7: Lilith in Capricorn.

died 1/14/2006, date d Elizabeth Short (Black Dahlia), Faye Dunaway, Carl Weathers, Dave Grohl, d Lewis Carroll, Jason Bateman.


1943 There's Something About a Soldier Norma
1943 What a Woman! Secretary Rosalind Russell
1944 Sailor's Holiday Gloria Flynn Ann Miller
1944 Knickerbocker Holiday Ulda Tienhoven written by Kurt Weill (Group Theatre with Will Geer)
1944 Cover Girl Chorus Girl Charles Vidor Rita Hayworth
1944 She's a Soldier Too 'Silver' Rankin Lloyd Bridges
1944 Dancing in Manhattan Margie
1944 Together Again Young Woman Fleeing Nightclub Raid Charles Boyer
1945 Tonight and Every Night Bubbles Rita Hayworth
1945 Escape in the Fog Taxi Driver
1945 A Thousand and One Nights Handmaiden
1946 The Fighting Guardsman Nanette
1946 Two Smart People Princess Lucille Ball Elisha Cook Jr
1946 Susie Steps Out Female Singer Margaret Dumont (Marx brothers movies)
1946 Abie's Irish Rose Bridesmaid Michael Chekhov
1947 New Orleans Billie Holiday Louis Armstrong
1947 Living in a Big Way Junior League Girl Gene Kelley Spring Byington (The Blue Bird)
1947 The Gangster Hazel – Cashier Elisha Cook Jr
1947 Killer McCoy Waitress / Autograph Hound Mickey Rooney
1947 A Double Life George Cukor screenplay by Ruth Gordon Edmond O'Brien
1948 Red River Dance Hall Girl in Wagon Train Howard Hawks John Wayne Montgomery Clift United Artists
1948 Larceny Tory
1948 Cry of the City (film noir) Debra Paget
1949 Take One False Step Catherine Sykes William Powell (William and Catherine) Tony Curtis
1949 The Great Gatsby (F Scott Fitzgerald) Alan Ladd Howard Da Silva Elisha Cook Jr
1949 Johnny Stool Pigeon Howard Duff Tony Curtis produced by Aaron Rosenberg
1950 Winchester '73 Lola Manners James Stewart Will Geer (gay-pedophilia agenda) John Saxon Tony Curtis
1950 South Sea Sinner Liberace
1950 Frenchie Frenchie Fontaine Joel McCrea John Russell
1951 A Place in the Sun Alice Tripp Elizabeth Taylor Raymond Burr Ann Revere George Stevens
1951 He Ran All the Way Peggy Dobbs John Garfield (Group Theatre) UA
1951 Behave Yourself! Kate Denny Elisha Cook Jr
1951 The Raging Tide produced by Aaron Rosenberg
1952 Phone Call from a Stranger Binky Gay Michael Rennie
1952 Meet Danny Wilson Frank Sinatra Raymond Burr Tony Curtis
1952 Untamed Frontier Lee van Cleef
1952 My Man and I Nancy Claire Trevor Ricardo Montalban Charles Bronson
1954 Tennessee Champ Sarah Wurble
1954 Saskatchewan Grace Markey Raoul Walsh Alan Ladd
1954 Executive Suite William Holden Barbara Stanwyck Fredric March Tim Considine (The Shaggy Dog with Anette Funicello)
1954 Playgirl Fran Davis
1954 Mambo Toni Salermo Carlo Ponti Sylvana Mangano
1954 To Dorothy a Son Myrtle La Mar
1955 I Am a Camera Natalia Landauer book of Christopher Isherwood Henry Cornelius (worked with Max Reinhardt) Laurence Harvey (The Manchurian Candidate) Patrick McGoohan (The Prisoner) Ron Randell Remus Films of Woolf brothers (gay agenda)
1955 The Night of the Hunter Robert Mitchum
1955 The Big Knife Dixie Evans Jack Palance Rod Steiger Ida Lupino
1955 The Treasure of Pancho Villa Ruth Harris
1955 I Died a Thousand Times Marie Garson
1959 The Diary of Anne Frank Mrs. Petronella Van Daan Millie Perkins as Anne Frank (child Horus)  Diane Baker Ed Wynn (Alice in Wonderland) George Stevens
1958 Odds Against Tomorrow Lorry Harry Belafonte Gloria Grahame (Methodist Church, HHS) Cicely Tyson
1960 Let No Man Write My Epitaph Burl Yves
1961 The Young Savages John Frankenheimer Burt Lancaster Dina Merill Telly Salavas UA
1962 Lolita Charlotte Haze Sue Lyon James Mason Peter Sellers Lois Maxwell Stanley Kubrick MGM
1962 The Chapman Report George Cukor Jane Fonda Cloris Leachman play of Tennessee Williams (CCF)
1963 The Balcony Lee Grant Leonard Nimoy  Ruby Dee (Delta Sigma Theta)
1963 Wives and Lovers Janet Leigh
1964 A House Is Not a Home Cesar Romero (Joker) Raquel Welch
1964 Time of Indifference Lisa Claudia Cardinale Paulette Godard Rod Steiger
1965 Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre NBC
1965 The Greatest Story Ever Told Healed Woman
1965 A Patch of Blue Rose Sidney Poitier Elizabeth Hartman music by Jerry Goldsmith MGM
1966 Batman Adam West
1966 Harper Julie Harris Janet Leigh Paul Newman Robert Wagner Lauren Bacall Warner Bros
1966 Alfie Ruby Michael Caine Jane Asher (girlfriend of Paul McCartney) Eleanor Bron Lewis Gilbert (James Bond movies) Paramount Pictures
1966 The Three Sisters Natalya Kevin McCarthy (brother of Mary McCarthy ACCF) Robert Loggia Actors Studio
1967 Enter Laughing Richard Deacon Jose Ferrer
1968 The Scalphunters Kate Sydney Pollack Burt Lancaster Telly Savalas
1968 Wild in the Streets (CIA controlled hippie counterculture) Christopher Jones Millie Perkins Richard Pryor Diane Varsi written by Robert Thorn produced by Samuel Arkoff and James Nicholson of AIP
1968 Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell Shirley Newman Gina Lollobrigida Peter Lawford Telly Savalas Lee Grant UA
1969 The Mad Room Stella Stevens Beverly Garland written by Reginald Denham (Moyna McGill of Theosophical Society, mother of Angela Lansbury) Columbia Pictures
1969 Arthur? Arthur! Donald Pleasence Tammy Grimes Michael Bates (A Clockwork Orange)
1970 Bloody Mama "Ma" Kate Barker Roger Corman Bruce Dern Robert De Niro (Actors Studio) Diane Varsi produced by Samuel Arkoff and James Nicholson AIP
1970 How Do I Love Thee? Jackie Gleeson Maureen O'Hara
1970 Flap Dorothy Bluebell (Wizard of Oz) Anthony Quinn
1971 What's the Matter with Helen? Helen Curtis Harrington Debbie Reynolds Agnes Moorehead (Bewitched) Harry Dean Stanton (Pasadena Playhouse)
1972 Something to Hide Gabriella Peter Finch Linda Hayden
1972 Whoever Slew Auntie Roo? Mrs. Forrest Curtis Harrington Samuel Arkoff Lionel Jeffries
1972 The Poseidon Adventure Belle Rosen Gene Hackman Ernest Borgnine Stella Stevens Leslie Nielsen Roddy McDowall Carol Linley
1973 Blume in Love Kris Kristofferson
1973 Cleopatra Jones (blaxploitation) Max Julian Tamara Dobson Warner Bros
1973 The Devil's Daughter ABC Diane Ladd
1973 The Stone Killer Charles Bronson John Ritter
1975 Poor Pretty Eddie Bertha
1975 That Lucky Touch Diana Steedeman Roger Moore Susannah York Donald Sinden (Rank Organisation, friend of Oscar Wilde's lover)
1975 Journey Into Fear Mrs. Mathews Donald Pleasence Yvette Mimieux Vincent Price Ian McShane Jackie Cooper
1975 Diamonds Zelda Shapiro Richard Roundtree (Shaft) Barbara Hershey Robert Shaw
1976 La dahlia scarlatta Catrina
1976 The Tenant The Concierge Roman Polanski Isabelle Adjani Melvyn Douglas Albert Delpy
1976 Next Stop, Greenwich Village Faye Lapinsky Christopher Walken Jeff Goldblum Bill Murray Vincent Schiavelli Paul Mazursky 20th Century Fox
1976 Mimì Bluette... fiore del mio giardino Caterina Monica Vitti
1977 Tentacles Tillie Turner John Huston Bo Hopkins Henry Fonda
1977 An Average Little Man Amalia Vivaldi
1977 Pete's Dragon Lena Gogan Mickey Rooney Disney
1977 Black Journal Max von Sydow
1978 King of the Gypsies Queen Rachel Eric Roberts Sterling Hayden Brooke Shields Judd Hirsch Susan Sarandon Paramount Pictures
1978 The Initiation of Sarah (lightning, the Tower) Morgan Fairchild
1979 The French Atlantic Affair Helen Wabash Carolyn Jones José Ferrer John Houseman Donald Pleasence Stella Stevens Telly Savalas
1979 The Visitor John Huston Glenn Ford Lance Henriksen
1979 City on Fire Leslie Nielsen Ava Gardner Henry Fonda
1979 The Magician of Lublin Alan Arkin Louise Fletcher Valerie Perrine
1981 S.O.B. Julie Andrews William Holden Rosanna Arquette Paramount Pictures
1981 Looping Carmen
1983 Fanny Hill Mrs. Cole
1984 Over the Brooklyn Bridge Sarah Michelle Gellar
1984 Ellie Cora Jackson
1985 Déjà Vu
1985 Alice in Wonderland Sammy Davis Jr Ann Jillian (Disney film Babes in Toyland with Mickey Mouse Club member Anette Funicello) Telly Savalas Roddy McDowall Jayne Meadows Karl Malden
1986 The Delta Force (Delta programming) Chuck Norris Susan Strasberg Liam Neeson
1986 Witchfire Lydia
1986 Very Close Quarters Galina
1988 Purple People Eater Dustin Diamond Peggy Lipton Thora Birch Chubby Checker Little Richard Neil Patrick Harris
1989 An Unremarkable Life Evelyn McEllany
1990 Touch of a Stranger Ida
1991 Roseanne ABC Roseanne Barr John Goodman
1991 Stepping Out Liza Minelli
1992 Weep No More, My Lady Vivian Morgan
1993 The Pickle (pink sky) Paul Mazursky Clotilde Coureau (House of Savoy) Jerry Stiller Chris Penn Spalding Gray
1994 The Silence of the Hams Dom DeLuise Billy Zane Mel Brooks
1995 Heavy Liv Tyler Debbie Harry Evan Dando David Patrick Kelly
1995 Backfire! The Good Lieutenant
1995 Jury Duty Pauly Shore Tia Carrere Stanley Tucci
1995 Mrs. Munck Aunt Monica
1995 Raging Angels Grandma Ruth
1996 The Portrait of a Lady Viggo Mortensen Mary-Louise Parker Christian Bale John Malkovich Nicole Kidman Barbara Hershey Shelley Duvall
1998 Gideon Charlton Heston Michael Bowen Christopher McDonald
1999 La bomba Prof. Summers
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