Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple was a mind controlled sex slave/actrice, used in the media industry and Hollywood film industry from age 3 to play the role of the child Harpo in the Aeon of Horus. She was a Dame of Malta. She married John Agar (school of Frank Morgan of Wizard of Oz, in show Death Valley Days, movie with jesuit Clint Eastwood and St Valentine Day Massacre of Roger Corman).

She went to Meglin's Dance School (like Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, Jane Withers, Ann Miller, Jackie Cooper), where she was selected by producers of Educational Pictures.

Salvador Dali made a painting of her as a sphinx.

Her 2nd husband was Charles Alden Black (name Charles like Diana's husband) educated at Hotchkiss School and Stanford. He worked as intelligence agent in the Korean War (era of Project Bluebird) and at SRI and jesuit university St Clara.

She was on the cover of the Sgt Pepper's album of The Beatles with Aleister Crowley.

She met with Richard Nixon and Brent Snowcroft (Mormon Church) in the White House in 1974.

From 1989 she was the US ambassador to Czechoslavakia.

Her daughter Lori Black played in grunge band Melvins.

Astrological chart

born 4/23/1928, St George Day, date Marjorie Cameron, Michael Moore, James Earl Ray, William Shakespeare, Roy Orbison, Anthony Quinn, Catherine's child Arthur Louis.

Dom: Aries (the Emperor), Sagittarius, Pisces - Jupiter, Mercury, Mars.

died 2/10/2014, date Laura Dern, Sheryl Crow.


1932 The Red-Haired Alibi Gloria Shelton Tower Productions Theodore von Eltz (father of Lori March BHHS)
1933 Out All Night Child Universal Pictures
1933 To the Last Man John Carradine (OTO) Paramount Productions
1934 Carolina Joan Connelly Fox Film (scenes cut)
1934 As the Earth Turns Child Warner Bros. (uncredited)
1934 Stand Up and Cheer! Shirley Dugan James Dunn Fox Film (later 20th Century Fox)
1934 Baby Take a Bow (6 hand sign) Claire Trevor
1934 Bright Eyes Shirley Blake James Dunn
1934 Change of Heart Shirley (girl on airplane) (uncredited) Janet Gaynor James Dunn
1934 Little Miss Marker (mm=33) Adolphe Menjou Dorothy Dell Paramount Productions
1934 Now I'll Tell Spencer Tracy Alice Fay Fox Film
1934 Now and Forever Penelope "Penny" Day Gary Cooper Carole Lombard Paramount Productions
1934 George White's Scandals Alice Fay Fox Film
1935 The Little Colonel Lionel Barrymore (great-uncle of Drew Barrymore) Bill Robinson
1935 Our Little Girl Molly Middleton (Catherine Middleton) Joel McCrae (Hollywood High School, Pasadena Playhouse) Jack Donohue (Babes in Toyland with Anette Funicello)
1935 Curly Top as Elizabeth Blair John Bole Rochelle Hudson (Disney)

1935 The Littlest Rebel Virginia "Virgie"' Cary 20th Century Fox Bill Robinson Karen Morley (Hollywood High School, Pasadena Playhouse)

1936 Captain January Helen "Star" Mason Buddy Ebsen
1936 Poor Little Rich Girl Jack Haley (Tin Man in Wizard of Oz) Alice Faye Gloria Stuart
1936 Dimples Sylvia "Dimples" Dolores Appleby Frank Morgan (Wizard of Oz) John Carradine (OTO)
1936 Stowaway Barbara "Ching-Ching" Stewart Ginger Rogers Fred Astaire Alice Faye
1937 Wee Willie Winkie Priscilla "Winkie" Williams (Winkies=Wizard of Oz) Cesar Romero book of Rudyard Kipling John Ford
1937 Heidi Sidney Blackmer (Rosemary's Baby)
1937 Ali Baba Goes to Town Eddie Cantor John Carradine (OTO) Douglas Fairbanks Cesar Romero Dolores Del Rio 20th Century Fox
1938 Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm Jack Haley Gloria Stuart
1938 Little Miss Broadway Betsy Brown Shea Dance partners: George Murphy and Jimmy Durante
1938 Just Around the Corner Charles Farrell Bert Lahr (Wizard of Oz)
1939 The Little Princess (rainbow) Walter Lang Cesar Romero
1939 Susannah of the Mounties Susannah "Sue" Sheldon
1940 The Blue Bird (dissociation techniques perfected in Project Bluebird) Mytyl Walter Lang (Montparnasse art scene) Gale Sondergaard (the Cat and the Canary with Bob Hope) Nigel Bruce Eddie Collins (Dopey in Disney's Snow White) based on play of jesuit Maurice Maeterlinck
1940 Young People Charlotte Greenwood Jack Oakie
1941 Kathleen MGM
1942 Miss Annie Rooney Dickey Moore Peggy Ryan (Meglin Dance School, Hollywood Professional School)
1944 Since You Went Away Jennifer Jones
1944 I'll Be Seeing You Ginger Rogers
1945 Kiss and Tell Corliss Archer Mary Philips (Humpfrey Bogart)
1947 Honeymoon Barbara Olmstead RKO Pictures
1947 The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer Cary Grant Myrna Loy
1947 That Hagen Girl Ronald Reagan Lois Maxwell Warner Bros.
1948 Fort Apache John Ford John Wayne Henry Fonda
1949 Mr. Belvedere Goes to College Clifton Webb 20th Century Fox
1949 Adventure in Baltimore John Agar RKO Pictures story of Christopher Isherwood
1949 The Story of Seabiscuit Margaret O'Hara Knowles Warner Bros.
1949 A Kiss for Corliss Corliss Archer David Niven Strand Productions United Artists
1976 America at the Movies Herself American Film Institute


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