Superman is a cartoon character used in pop culture, created by jewish writer Jerome Jerry Siegel (17/10 1914 - 28/1/1996) and  jewish artist Joseph Shuster (10/7/1914- 30/7/1992), that represents the solar hero Horus (Apollo, Mitras, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Fool) in the Aeon of Horus.

 Friedrich Nietzsche wrote about the Uebermensch in Also Sprach Zarathustra. Moses (Akhenaten) as a baby was sent away by his parents in a reed basket to escape death and adopted by a foreign culture.

The Superman franchise of Hollywood movies served to announce Christ (Antichrist) figure William V (son of Diana Spencer). Like Iron Man and Suicide Squad, it contains a lot of references to Antichrist figure Jack Parsons.

The solar hero represents the will to live, male, electric, phallic, creative life force (in contrast with the moon, female, passive, reflective). The sun also represents the ego, the adult that censors our inner child, hides the spiritual sun Sirius. The sun is the redeemer (in kabbalism, Tiferet, Beauty, the Heart), the truth, the light.

The Superman saga is set in Metropolis (movie Metropolis of Fritz Lang about Endtimes prophecy, announcing robots). Lois Lane represent Malkuth (the Unredeemed Virgin). Like Jesus he wears the colors blue and red (union of water and fire, female and masculine). Clark Kent works at the Daily Planet (the World, beginning and end of the Great Work).

Segel and Shuster worked for National Allied Publications of Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson, friend of Theodor Roosevelt and Rudyard Kipling. They also created character Doctor Occult. They were influenced by Edgar Rice Burroughs (Philips Academy, scientific racism, Hollow earth theories).

1938 Superman appears in Action Comics (AC, Antichrist like Aleister Crowley) of DC Comics on april 18, start of Golden Age of action superhero comics (Parsons Liber 418, date death Einstein's atom bomb).

1939 superman clone Captain Marvel, name of Jack Parsons, antichrist Horus archetype, villain Lex Luthor introduced in Action Comics 23. First appearance of Batman (Bob Kane and Bill Finger) in Detective Comics.

1941 Superman animation shorts. character Captain America.

1948 movie serial with Kirk Allyn.

1951 Superman and the Mole Men (Greys) George Reeves.

1960 JFK as solar hero.

1971 Julius Schwartz as editor of DC.

1978 Superman movie of Columbia-Warner with Marlon Brando (d 7/1 like Diana), Susanna York (1/9 like Catherine)

Terence Stamp, Christopher Reeves, Margot Kidder, Glenn Ford (shriner), Gene Hackman (Pasadena Playhouse), Eve Teschmacher (Playboy) directed by jewish Richard Donner (Antichrist movie The Omen, married to Diane Schuler), screenplay by Mario Puzo (The New School, The Godfather). The holographic projection in the Fortress of Solitude represents the Emerald City in Wizard of Oz.

scene at Hover Dam.

1980 Superman 2 (911 Twin Towers symbolism) Richard Lester.

1983 Superman 3 Richard Pryor.

1987 Superman 4 Quest for Peace, written by Mark Rosenthal, Jackie Cooper Gene Hackman Mariel Hemingway (granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway),  speech at the UN  produced by Menahem Golan.

1989 DC becomes a subsidiary of Time-Warner.

1993 Lois and Clark Teri Hatcher.

2006 Superman Returns on summer solstice, birthday of William. Brandon Routh, Kevin Spacey (American Beauty with Metropolis' Whore of Babylon symbolism) as Lex Luthor (baldhead Crowley) Parker Posey Catherine Bosworth (Catherine Middleton) James Marsden.

2007 Superman Doomsday Adam Baldwin Ray Wise.

2009 Disney buys Marvel Comics.

2013 Man of Steel Henry Cavill Amy Adams Michael Shannon Diane Lane (Diana Spencer) Kevin Costner Laurence Fishburne (Apocalypse Now with Brando) Russell Crowe Ayelet Zurer, story of Christopher Nolan (Batman trilogy)

2016 Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (=Adjustment) Ben Affleck Gal Gadot as Diana Prince (=princess Diana) Jeremy Irons Jesse Eisenberg.

Friedrich Nietzsche