Taxi Driver 1976

Taxi Driver is a movie directed by Martin Scorcese, released on 2/8/1976 , with Robert de Niro (Cancer, the Chariot), Cybill Shepherd, Albert Brooks, Jodie Foster and Harvey Keitel, about a Harvey Oswald type lone wolf assassin.

It announced the fake assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan (killer obsessed with Jodie Foster, born 5/29 like JFK).

The movie was produced by Columbia Pictures of the Colonna's, filmed in Hell's Kitchen (Clinton) near Central Park NY (like the Dakota building of Rosemary's Baby, location of Crowley's Alamantra Working). 2/8/1976 Aquarius ruled by Saturn/Uranus, before equinox year 5 the Hierophant (Vav: man standing), after equinox year 6 the Lovers (vice or virtue) year of the Omen. Jupiter in Aries ruled by Mars (birthdate Terry Melcher, who lived in the house of Sharon Tate, the 911 Sharon Tate ritual).
1976 was the era of Uranus in Scorpio, deviant, intense and secretive, dark secrets, sex, death.

Uranus in Scorpio is a thinker that appears to be somewhat detached, but is extremely emotional and sexual, that tends to hide these emotions and urges. unconventional in the way of showing them. making drastic and sudden changes through discovering and eliminating deep and passionate emotions, helping and transforming others with this skill.
directed by
Martin Scorsese = Sirus the scorcher, born 11/17/1942, Scorpio Prince of Cups, introvert unstable like Charles Manson. Dominants: Scorpio, Leo, Pisces- Sun (christ), Venus, Mercury.

Screenwriter Paul Schrader (born 7/22 like William's son prince George) also wrote Raging Bull, Last Temptation of Christ with Willem Dafoe (also 7/22), directed Patty Hearst (1988) about media ritual with Patty Hearst and MK Ultra doctors, with actress Miranda Richardson (family Redgrave of Information Research Department).

Travis Bickle played by
Robert de Niro (Nero bloodline Roman emperors, Orion) born August 17, 1943 Leo ruled by the sun (lion heart corleone) year 17 the Star. He married Diahnne Abbott.

Through his name Robert, de Niro's characters have links to Crowley's Scarlett Woman Jeanne Robert Foster, Howard Robard Hughes, Robert Kennedy, Robert Bobby Beausoleil, Robert Thorne, Robert Redford, Robert Kennedy Runcie (priest wedding Charles and Diana), Robert Duvall, Robert Downey jr, Robert Pattinson, Robert Zemeckis, Robert Bob Marley, Robert Kardashian, Robert Heinlein, Robert Rocky Balbao, Robert Langdon, Robert Neville,.. The same year Antichrist movie The Omen was released on 6/6, date murder Robert Kennedy by Sirhan Sirhan, with Gregory Peck as Robert Thorne (played with de Niro in Cape Fear) and Harvey Stephens (Harvey Lee born 11/12 like Manson).

The poster calls Travis a Nobody, in King of Comedy 'Nobody remembers his name', process of going through the Abyss, becoming a Nemo or Saint.

Travis is a 26 year old who works and lives in the neighborhood near Times Square, 42nd street (Scorsese born in 1942, Robert Kennedy died age 42). 42 is the nr of rainbow, used in Wizard of Oz programming, the rabbit hole, Duat underworld (de Niro's next movie with Liza Minelli, the daughter of Judy Garland). Times Square represents the tower of Babel of Nimrod, son of Cush first mason, Times Square bought by Jared Kush-ner, Robert de Niro was also in Limitless about Times Square. TS=39 nr of Baal, Taxi Driver was released on the 39th day.

He is the sun god Horus (2 months before death Howard Hughes, subject of Scorcese's The Aviator), drives a yellow taxi with masonic checkerboard pattern (2nd veil York Rite, set in New York), Wizard of Oz symbolism used in mind control, of walking the Yellow Brick Road laid out by his handlers (Travis=mind control institute Tavistock).

Like Scorcese's Temptation of the Christ, Travis at first glance is a Christ figure sun god, vengeance against Set. Gradually he transforms from Apollo (order) to Dionysus (chaos), in a morality play where the killer embodies Justice.
The character Travis Bickle was based on Arthur Bremer and his assassination of George Wallace (born august 21), who was running against John Lindsay (John F Kennedy archetype, killing of king Arthur, Robert de Niro in Joker with Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur). Travis is a former US marine like Harvey Lee Oswald.

He visits the porn theatres of 42nd street (nr of rabbit hole constellation Lepus, seen as portal to underworld) with concession girl Diahnne Abbot, next to a Venus statue the Empress (no fertility or love, Diana's Antichrist child William).

The movie shows a lot of close ups of his eyes in his rear mirror (Ayin the Devil, like eyes in dream of Rosemary's Baby). In the movie theatre, he makes the cutting eye hand sign, of Set taking the Eye of Horus. Like Clockwork Orange and The Godfather, it is the movie theatre where mind control, the programming, the inception of the thought takes place (Apollo Theatre-later Hilton theate Apollo-Dionysus tragedy, fake murder ritual with Reagan happened in front of Hilton). The dream becomes real theme was used in the John Dillinger (shot at Biograph theatre) and the JFK Harvey Lee Oswald ritual.
The audience in the movie theatre identifies with Travis, the assassin.

He meets the high priestess Betsy played by
Cybil Shepherd,

(born date John Travolta). She is introduced as a moon goddess, with a cameo of Martin Scorcese (Scorcher Sirius), as the director manipulatng the subconscious, world of imagination, creating a false Eve. She is part of the political campaign of the Hierophant figure Charles Palantine (Jupiter= tin man, Diana and prince Charles, Charlie the Joker the Fool Christ) with
Tom: Albert Brooks (born 7/22 like prince George, also in Drive about Charles Manson type killer). Brooks played in Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive.

Travis asks her out on a date, the Two of Cups, creative love, Cybil as venus the Star hope guiding light, the Scarlett Woman of the Hierophant (Taurus, ruled by Venus).

Travis takes Betsy to porn theatre at 42nd street, to see porn movie Sometimes Sweet Susan, the rabbit hole of isis, 42 window between material and physical world (year 76 , 7 times 6=42, Chet of the Lovers card: the wedding between vav and zayin, 6 and 7).
She is offended and takes a cab the Chariot card of Cancer, ruled by the moon.
Tom is Travis' twin aspect who has strength, control of his animal desires but is mundane.

The logo on his jacket is a monkey King Kong the beast (also assoc with Times Square 42nd street, King Kong movie same year with Jeff Bridges), associated in Taxi Driver with blacks, the apocalyptic race war of Charles Manson. He has a conversation with his friend Wizard (the Magician, Wizard of Oz programming), played by Peter Boyle. Boyle (Robert Kennedy's Boiler Room) was born 10/18/1935 date Harvey Lee Oswald shooter in the JFK ritual.

He played in TR Baskin with Candice Bergen who lived at the house of Sharon Tate and The Shadow with Ian McKellen cab driver as Moses (poster with eyes like Rosemarys Baby, released on 7/1/1994, date Diana). He also played in Steelyard Blues with Jane Fonda (also Actors Studio) as Iris. He died 12/12/2006.

Than he meets the Empress venus, a prostitute named Iris played by
Jodie Foster (Alicia Christian ) born 11/19/1962 date Charles Manson would die, Scorpio. Asc: Sagitt, mc: Libra. Dom: Scorpio (death), Virgo (the hermit) Sagitt (art)- Jupiter (like Tate), Moon, Pluto. Foster is a Yale graduate so all her movies contain references to Skull and Bones (Silence of the Lambs, S&B family Bundy, S&B controlled Johns Hopkins).

The Lovers=Indecision, choice between the virgin and the whore. Scorcese is a Scorpio, all his movies are related to sex or death. Her nickname Easy=isis.

Iris is the goddess of rainbow, connected to the 42 angle, Sagittarius is considered as the rainbow bridge to the heart, to the Higher Self. De Niro played in Stanley & Iris with Jane Fonda as Iris. She wears red shoes like Dorothy (Wizard of Oz mind control). goddess of sky and sea also character in Shakespeare's The Tempest. The rainbow=alchemical stage after Nigredo (blackening), stage of many colors symbolized by peacock or rainbow, before Albedo (whitening).
She represents female Mercury/Hermes, initiator, to lead souls into a symbolic underworld, the Holy Guardian Angel that will help him find his true will. red door, isis, daleth of the empress, red light of Hadit burning desire.

The Hierophant Palantine steps in his car.
Leonard Harris September 27, 1929 Virgo – August 28, 2011 Leo.
Palantine Hill is the hill where Rome was founded. Frederick V king of Bohemia, was Elector Palatine of the Rhine in the Holy Roman Empire (=senator Palpatine in Star Wars). Wallace was shot by Arthur Bremer on 5/15, date birth Frank Baum (Wizard of Oz) and date Revenge of the Sith was released about senator Palpatine. He made an assassination attempt in Laurel Maryland, laurel connected to Apollo, god of truth, unrequited love.

The pimp of Iris, named Charles (=prince Charles) 'Sport' is played by
Harvey Keitel

He is the Shadow that guards the anima, the Devil.

Iris as the Empress, makes the one eye sign of 4th degree Mark Master, in a purple room, used for dissociation in Alice in Wonderland programming, as the purple whore of Babylon, other side of Betsy (virgin and the whore).


He has breakfast with Iris (masonic floor with red tiles= the red degrees, York or Scottish Rite), with orange juice (orange=33=sodomy) and orange Monarch butterfly.

The Monarch butterfly was also an important element in Robert der Niro's Hide and Seek movie with Dakota Fanning= Dakota building of Polanski's Rosemarys Baby (Jodie Foster also in Polanski movie Carnage), where John Lennon was assasinated by lone wolf assassin Mark David Chapman (Cybill Shepherd born date of Yoko Ono).

He buys guns in front of the Twin Towers, pillars of the Justice card (Libra ruled by Venus, Jodie Foster has Lilith in Libra), from Easy Andy, played by Steven

Prince, the subject of Scorcese's documentary American Boy -story about overdose, Magic Marker (mm=33) used in Pulp Fiction scene with Mia Wallace. Travis chooses a gun (one Eye of Horus/anus symbolism, gun as phalllus).

He isolates himself like the Hermit (2nd dom: Virgo).


He starts talking to himself (moon subconscious) in the famous mirror scene (Alice in Wonderland mirror alter) in Baphomet pose as above, so below. TD was released on 2/8 date birth Eliphas Levi, de Niro's infatuation with guns also in Jackie Brown watching woman on tv in Baphomet pose.

He visits a supermarket (MK reference to MK Ultra, Ronald Reagan was a member of the Rockefeller commission to 'investigate' MK Ultra) with Victor Argo as supermarket owner, and shoots a black robber. Lamed: ox goad, controlling the bull, Adjustment-Justice. the Death card (first murder of Charles Manson was black drug dealer Bernard Crow). Victor Argo played apostle Peter in the Last Temptation of Christ.

Harvey Keitel keeps guarding Iris as the Devil, red light like in Mean Streets.
Travis shaves his head (transformation of Rosemary in Rosemary's Baby, cuts her hair under influence of Pan, Dakota named after indian tribe) into a mohawk (rooster golden dawn). contrast cowboy pimp- indian Travis, Christ -Antichrist.


He watches a Palantine speech (Osiris Slain pose) and has a conversation with Palantine's bodyguard Richard Higgs 7/15. He attempts to assassinate Palantine with hidden gun, sign of 2nd veil, but is nearly caught (=Manson Family attempt of killing Gerald Ford, programming the masses with fear of lone wolf killers threatening social order).
He transforms as Pluto the revealer, in the dark night of the soul, purging and releasing buried power, in pursuit of deepest longings. He goes through the symbolic Golden Gate, between Scorpio and Sagittarius (date 11/22).

He points gun at camera like John Frankenheimer's The Manchurian Candidate with Frank Sinatra and Lawrence Harvey that announced the JFK ritual, gesture also on Trainspotting poster. He goes through the Abyss as Apollyon of Revelation 911, the dark night of Pan, defeats the Shadow, releases the Anima, satisfaction of his death/sex drive, the Sharon Tate Revelation 911 murders, orange=33=sodomy. Travis as god of vengeance Ra Hoor Khuit, Iris as the child Harpocrates.

Final scene Betsy as the Egyptian goddess Maat (Libra balance) steps in his car, the Aeon card, nature is regenerated, the Sun goes its Way (the Dao).

The same year in may 1976 Adventures of a Taxi Driver was released with Judy Geeson (poster with girl bending over and red shoes=Wizard of Oz mind control) and Diana Dors (on Sgt Pepper's album cover as Monroe/Mansfield lookalike, on poster opening door, Babalon as gateway).

The theme of lone wolf taxi driver (the Chariot) is used in Conspiracy Theory with jesuit Mel Gibson, who plays the archetypal Hollywood conspiracy theorist with theories about the JFK murder.

Martin Scorcese

Robert de Niro