Terry Melcher

Terry Melcher was a mind controlled producer, used in the music industry to create the Laurel Canyon scene (with The Mama's and The Papa's of John Philips and Lou Adler and with Charles Manson) and to play a role in the 911 Sharon Tate ritual. His mother Doris Day was used in the music industry and Hollywood film industry, to play the archetype of the child Horus (mother Isis) and to announce the 911 Sharon Tate ritual. His father was producer Al Jorden, who was schizophrenic and committed suicide.

Doris Day was indoctrinated with Christian Science. She had a car accident in 1937.

He attended elite school Loomis Chaffee School in Connecticut.

He was adopted by Day's 3d husband Martin Melcher, who had a relationship with Patty Andrews of the Andrews Sisters (Capitol Records). He died 4/20/1968, 2 months before Rosemary's Baby in which Victoria Vetri played a mirror image of Mia Farrow, named Terry.

He formed the duo Bruce & Terry (2nd dom: Gemini) with Bruce Johnston (University High School, The Beach Boys, Columbia Records). They produced the Rip Chords, backed by studio musicians of Phil Spector's Wrecking Crew. He worked for Columbia Records.

He helped creating the California surf sound (surfing=orgasm control in sex magic). The blue album of The Byrds referred to Project Bluebird.

He lived at Cielo Drive 10050 with Mark Lindsay and Candice Bergen, which later became the home of Sharon Tate (daughter of Doris Tate) and Roman Polanski. He also produced Laurel Canyon acts The Beach Boys, The Rip Chords, The Byrds and Paul Revere & The Raiders. The Byrds made the soundtrack of Sharon Tate film Don't Make Waves.

Astrological chart

born 2/8/1942, date Taxi Driver, James Dean, Lana Turner, Nick Nolte, Jack Lemmon, Seth Green.

Asc: Gemini, mc: Aquarius. Dom: Aquarius (the Star), Gemini, Taurus - Mercury, Jupiter, Sun.

Houses 10, 12, 9. 10: Sun and Mercury in Aquarius, 12: Uranus, Saturn, Mars in Taurus, 9: Venus in Aquarius.

died 11/19/2004 (Revelation 911), date death Charles Manson (13 years later), Jodie Foster (Taxi Driver), OFOTCN, Larry King, Ted Turner, Charlie Kaufman.


Mind control