The Tempest

The Tempest is the last theater play of William Shakespeare (collective with occult knowledge), about a sorcerer named Prospero, based on John Dee, who saw himself as an incarnation of the Atlantean magician Merlin. It was performed in 1611 for King James at Whitehall Palace, and at the rosicrucian wedding of Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart. It was used as a template in the Wizard of Oz, a movie used in multi-generational abuse and mind control of children, to learn to go to a dissociative state.

Prospero and his daughter Miranda are at a ship at sea when a tempest breaks loose, caused by Prospero's magic and spirit Ariel (in magic, rapid pacing around the magic circle to create a vortex, a cone of power, and bring the victim in a hypnotic trance, summoning Typhon, the Egyptian god of storms and chaos).

Afterwards they find themselves on a deserted island (metaphor for the inner world, the subconscious). The storm is the Kabbalistic lightning flash sodomy, while victim is in dissociative trance.

The circle of rosicrucian philosophers like Francis Bacon, controlled by the Cecils, was a cult of spear holding Athena, the celestial pole, the wand in magic, symbol of mastery of Kundalini energy.

Prospero/Dee represents Mercury the Magician, ruling Virgo (virgin Miranda the Hermit) and Gemini (the Lovers). They find the monstruous Caliban (the animal part of the soul, the Beast, that has to be integrated with the pure part of the soul).

Miranda is a moon of Uranus, the planet that rules strong winds.

Like Adam and Eve in Eden had 3 sons (Cain, Abel and Seth), Caliban, Stephano and Trinquilo represent the carnal, rational and spiritual part of the soul, desire, reason and spirit.

In Act 4, to celebrate the wedding of Miranda and Ferdinand (Mercury ruling the twins of Gemini), Prospero invents a masque, a play within a play, with Jupiter, Juno (marriage), Ceres (agriculture) and Iris (goddess of sea rainbows, in Wizard of Oz mind control, going over the rainbow=going to dissociative state). In renaissance theatre, the masque usually was preceeded by a chaotic antimasque with Satyrs (in this case, the tempest), after which the masque represented the saviour of civilization.

The monster Caliban was based on description of cannibals in Robinson Crusoé. In the era of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the concept of noble savage and corrupt civilization this contrast changes. After Darwinism, most Europeans intellectuals saw non-Europeans as lower steps of evolution. In Heart of Darkness (1899) of Joseph Conrad the theme is mixed with European colonization of Africa. In Freudian context Caliban, Stephano and Trinquilo becomes Id, Ego and Superego.

The Tempest in popular culture

1928 The Tempest Erich von Stroheim John Barrymore Camilla Horn.

1932 Rich and Strange Alfred Hitchock, phrase from The Tempest. Aldous Huxley Brave New World, phrase from The Tempest.

1939 Wizard of Oz Judy Garland Frank Morgan.

1940 The Mortal Storm Frank Morgan (Wizard of Oz)

1956 Forbidden Planet, alien planet instead of desert island.

1960 Hallmark Hall of Fame version Lee Remick (Antichrist movie the Omen) as Miranda, Richard Burton as Caliban, Roddy McDowell (Planet of the Apes=Caliban) as Ariel.

1964 My Fair Lady Audrey Hepburn Rex Harrison based on play of George Bernard Shaw (Fabian Society).

1965 The Collector (Monarch butterfly programming, novel of John Fowles, used in the programming of serial killers Leonard Lake, Christopher Wilder, Robert Bordella) as Freddie Clegg Samantha Eggar (Fantasy Island, The Light at the End of the World) as Miranda Grey (mirror alter) announcing Roman Polanski's Samantha Geimer rape in 1977 scene with JD Salinger's Catcher in The Rye (used in the programming of Lennon's assassin Mark David Chapman, John Hinkley Jr and Robert John Bardo) directed by William Wyler (Willard White in Diamonds Are Forever) Columbia Pictures

1966 the Truman Capote masque ball for Katharine Graham with Mia Farrow, Frank Sinatra, Candice Bergen, Andy Warhol,..

1968 Planet of the Apes, Caliban rebelling against his master. Rosemary's Baby, John Cassavetes typhoon/storm before she drifts off to sleep. The Magus (John Fowles) Anthony Quinn Michael Caine.

1969 Star Trek episode, alien planet instead of island.

1972 masque parties of Guy and Hélène Rothschild, Alice Miranda Rothschild, Salvador Dali, Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly.

1979 The Tempest John Dee's Monas Hieroglyphica Mercury symbol, tempest as sodomy ritual, Heathcote Williams, cinematographer Peter Middleton (William and Catherine).

1980 Brave New World with Keir Dullea.

1982 Tempest John Cassavetes Geena Rowlands Susan Sarandon Molly Ringwald (in movie with River Phoenix), moves to Greek island like Jackie Kennedy to Greek island Skorpios with Aristotle Onassis. Jesuit Raul Julia as Kalibanos.

The Blue Lagoon Brooke Shields.

1985 Labyrinth masque ball Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie.

1991 Prospero's Books Peter Greenaway. Jane Goodall (chimpanzee research) Visions of Caliban.

1994 Death and the Maiden Sigourney Weaver Ben Kingsley as Roberto Miranda.

1998 The Tempest Peter Fonda Harold Perinneau Katherine Heigl (in Suits with Meghan Markle) as Miranda.

1999 Alice in Wonderland Ben Kingsley Christopher Lloyd Miranda Richardson. Eyes Wide Shut masque ball.

2000 The Beach Danny Boyle Leonardo di Caprio Virginie Ledoyen.

2001 Snow White with Miranda Richardson. the 911 Twin Towers ritual Taliban=Caliban.

2004 War of the Worlds Tom Cruise Miranda Otto.

2005 Lost series on deserted island. King Kong Jack Black and Naomi Watts, King Kong=Caliban, breaks loose in theatre. sex slave-model Miranda Kerr, wife of Disney actor Orlando Bloom (Shakespeare character).

War of the Worlds Miranda Otto.

2010 The Tempest Disney 9/11 Helen Mirren as Prospero, Felicity Jones as Miranda, Djimoun Hounsou (The Island, Blood Diamond) as Caliban, Ben Whishaw as Ariel, David Russell Strathairn as Alonso, Alan Cumming as Sebastian, Russell Brand as Trinculo, Alfred Molina as Stephano, Reeve Carney as Ferdinand. Helen Mirren played Morgane le Faye, Alan Cumming played in Eyes Wide Shut with the party, based on the Truman Capote ball and the parties of Guy and Alice Miranda Rothschild, Djimon Hounsou played in the Island with Ewan McGregor. Felicity Jones played the wife of Stephen Hawking who presented Brave New World series on Channel 4.

2011 wedding William and Catherine, 4/29 (William Shakespeare). Anders Breivik Utoya island media ritual 7/22 date William's son George.

2012 The Dark Knight Rises Anne Hathaway (name wife William Shakespeare) Marion Cotillard (9/30 like Truman Capote, on deck of ship in Inception) as Miranda Tate (Sharon Tate). Premiere in Denver: the James Holmes Phoenix ritual. London Olympics Shakespeare actor Kenneth Brannagh as Prospero/Dee in Isle of Wonders ceremony of Danny Boyle.

2020 masque ball of the Corona ritual, marriage of black and white, Brave New World of transhumanism.

Brave New World series society ruled by AI, where family, money, privacy and history is abolished.

Truman Capote

Eyes Wide Shut