Tim Robbins

Timothy Francis Robbins is a mind controlled actor, used in the Hollywood movie industry, to promote the Luciferian sodomy religion, announce political puppet Barack Obama and the dystopian world of the Covid-19 ritual. He was married to actress Susan Sarandon. His most famous role is Andy Dusfresne in The Shawshank Redemption with Morgan Freeman.

Astrological chart

born 10/16/1958 Libra Adjustment 3d decan Mercury (trickster, the fool), date d Marie Antoinette, d Alfred Rosenberg, Angela Lansbury, Oscar Wilde, Nico, Flea (RHCP, at nightclub Johnny Depp night death River Phoenix). Francis like pope-emperor Jorge Francis.

Asc: Virgo (the Hermit) ruled by Mercury, mc: Gemini (the twins). Dominants: Virgo (the Hermit), Scorpio, Gemini- Pluto, Mars, Mercury.

Houses 3, 2, 10. 2: Sun, Venus in Libra, 3(mentality): Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune in Scorpio, 4: Moon, Saturn in Sagittarius, 6: Chiron (wounded healer) in Aquarius, 10: Mars in g-Gemini, 12: Uranus in Leo, Pluto in Virgo.


1984 No Small Affair, year birth prince Harry
1985 Fraternity Vacation theta pigs tate
1985 The Sure Thing
1986 Howard the Duck egg of the Lovers card
1986 Top Gun (Merlin) with Tom Cruise
1988 Bull Durham Susan Sarandon Kevin Costner
1988 Tapeheads twins Gemini, music video director, John Cusack Courtney Love
1989 Erik the Viking (Eric like Eric Draven in The Crow) Eartha Kitt Terry Jones (Monty Python) John Cleese Mickey Rooney Svenski Filmindustri
1989 Miss Firecracker (looking up virgo) Williams
1990 Cadillac Man Robin Williams (played Einstein in A.I., William Cancer)
1990 Jacobs Ladder nov 2 date Burt Lancaster (Birdman of Alcatraz), about trauma based mind control, remake in 2019 poster with broken glass=split mind
1991 Jungle Fever Lashawn Spike Lee Wesley Snipes Samuel Jackson Halle Berry Ruby Dee John Turturro Queen Latifah Michael Imperioli Anthony Quinn Universal Pictures
1992 The Player (pink sky, year 0 the Fool) film executive lost in movie, hanged man (griffin Apollo) cameo Sydney Pollack Cher Vincent D'Onofrio Susan Sarandon Anjelica Huston
1992 Bob Roberts the Fool

Harry Belafonte
1993 Short Cuts Robert Downey Jr
1994 IQ (the Devil, Einstein atom bomb, Project Manhattan), Meg Ryan (Harry's wife Meghan) as Catherine (William and Catherine) Walter Matthau (The New School, d 7/1 like Diana, date of dropping Gilda) as Albert Einstein Stephen Fry (gay agenda)

1994 Ready To Wear Robert Altman Julia Roberts Marcello Mastroianni Sophia Loren Kim Basinger Stephen Rea Lauren Bacall Tracy Ullman Jean Rochefort Danny Aiello Jean-Pierre Cassel Forest Whitaker Björk Sam Robards Harry Belafonte
1994 The Hudsucker Proxy 3/11 hula hoop hh 88 Hod= 8 (the Fool, the zero- the tower 911 Back to the Future clocktower, h octagon, Hilton logo) Norville Barnes- Charles Durning Paul Newman Jennifer Jason Leigh Anna Nicole Smith, jumping scene imitated by Eminem in the Way I Am with Marilyn Manson.
(3/18 Naked gun 33 1/3 with similar prison escape through tunnel Anna Nicole Smith and Raquel Welch)
1994 The Shawshank Redemption (novel of Stephen King) Morgan Freeman, lightning symbolism liberation through Luciferian sodomy (the rose Venus, Rita Hayworth, picture of Albert Einstein in his cell, sticking tongue out like Manson), 9/10, year of wedding Anna Nicole Smith with Howard Marshall (son Daniel Smith d 9/10/2006) date first wedding Meghan Markle. Columbia
1995 Dead Man Walking (director) pluto in sagittarius, scorpio=death, Sean Penn as Manson archetype Susan Sarandon
1997 Nothing To Lose Martin Lawrence
1999 Austin Powers the Spy Who Shagged Me as Richard Nixon Mike Myers Heather Graham Elizabeth Hurley Will Ferrell Seth Green Jerry Springer Elvis Costello
1999 Arlington Road Jeff Bridges Joan Cusack
2000 High Fidelity Jack Black John Cusack
2000 Mission to Mars (mm=33)
2001 Antitrust
2001 Human Nature, Patricia Arquette Miranda Otto (name The Tempest)

Michel Gondry script by Charlie Kaufman
2002 Truth About Charlie Mark Wahlberg Thandiwe Newton remake of movie with Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn
2003 The Party's Over documentary Philip Seymour Hoffman Robert Downey Jr
2003 Mystic River David Boyle db 42 raped as a boy Clint Eastwood Sean Penn Kevin Bacon Laurence Fishburne Laura Linney
2003 Code 46 announcing the Covid19 ritual, strict division between classes, health passports because of virus
2005 War of the Worlds Tom Cruise Morgan Freeman Dakota Fanning Steven Spielberg (novel of HG Wells, media stunt of Orson Welles, married to Rita Hayworth)
2005 Zathura A Space Adventure
2006 Tenacious D in the pick of Destiny Jack Black
2006 Catch a Fire
2007 Noise
2008 The Lucky Ones Rachel McAdams
2008 City of Ember (orange, lightning symbol) Saoirse Ronan
2011 Green Lantern Ryan Reynolds Peter Sarsgaard Angela Bassett Mark Strong
2012 Back to 1942 Adrien Brody
2012 Thanks for Sharing Mark Ruffalo Gwyneth Paltrow
2013 Life of Crime novel jesuit Elmore Leonard Jennifer Aniston Mos Def
2015 A Perfect Day (trunk shot, coffin rebirth)
2015 The Brink
2017 Marjorie Prime
2018 Here and Now
2019 VHYes
2019 Dark Waters


Mind control