Tony Blair

Charles Lynton Anthony 'Tony' Blair is a British mind controlled political puppet of the Left Wing Church (the Fabian Society of the Massimo family of Roman Emperors), pm of the UK from 1997 to 2007, used to play a role in the Diana car crash ritual, the 911 Twin Towers ritual, the war in Iraq with George W Bush (jesuit controlled Saddam Hussein as villain), the fake London attack and the James Holmes Phoenix ritual.

He was born in may 1953, a month after the first appearance of James Bond (based on John Dee), a month before the coronation of Elizabeth II (mother of Charles, Elizabeth I affiliated with John Dee), and the birth of Liam Neeson. His father Leo Blair was born 8/4 like Barack Obama and Meghan Rachel Markle.

Linda Blair (Bilar=Satan) played in the Exorcist. Abraham Lincoln archetype of the Emperor was assisted by Francis Preston Blair and shot by John Wilkes Booth in a theatre. Cherie Booth-Blair was born 9/23 like Alex Proyas. Selma Blair played in Hellboy (Satan).

He is married to Cherie Booth 9/23/1954, educated at the London School of Economics of the Fabian Society (her sister Lauren Blair wrote for the New Statesmen of the Fabian Society). She is the daughter of actor Tony Booth, widower of Pat Phoenix/Patricia Manfield (=Jayne Mansfield who died in a car crash) an actress in the soap opera Coronation Street, who died on 9/17/1986, 2 days before David Lynch movie Blue Velvet with Dennis Hopper as Frank Booth, 3 months after The Smiths single the Queen Is Dead. She was born in Manchester, home of John Dee. Her father was also involved in a car accident. She was a redhaired sex symbol like Marjorie Cameron (Blair was succeeded by David Cameron).

Anthony Booth played in Suspect with Donald Pleasence (on cover of The Beatles album like Crowley, with Jayne Mansfield) and Peter Cushing (Star Wars). He also played in Priest with Linus Roache (played RFK and father Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins), Treasure Island (also a movie with Christian Bale- Bruce Wayne). 9/17, the date Pat Phoenix died, is Batman Day.

Pat Phoenix campaigned for Tony Blair in 1983 to be elected as member of Parliament.

The Smiths (Johnny Mar and Morrisey also from Manchester) released the single Shakespeare's Sister on 3/18/1985 with Pat Phoenix as the child Harpocrates on its cover.

In 1994 Labour leader John Smith died of a heart attack on 5/12, day of release Pulp Fiction in which John Travolta who danced with Diana in a velvet dress, revives Mia Wallace through a shot in the heart.

He was promoted by Oasis (Creation records of Crowley-follower Alan McGee).

In 1997, year V the Hierophant (Taurus, ruled by Venus, the rose) he played the role of the Hierophant like Charles's son William V. Gordon Brown.

He was made PM on 5/2 date birth David Beckham (torchbearer in the London Olympics), death Osama (nemisis of Bush and Blair) and birth Catherine's daughter Charlotte in 2017. He replaced John Major, born 3/29, date of Diana's father John Spencer, the new style of slavery, the wolf in sheep's clothing tactic of the Fabian Society.

Patricia Hewitt of his cabinet was a member of the NCCL, founded by Fabian HG Wells. Secretary of State Ruth Kelly was trained at LSE of the Fabians and member of Opus Dei.

He gave a speech at the funeral of Diana Spencer with Antichrist figures William and Harry (jesuit Lyndon Johnson in the JFK ritual).

1997 was also the year of death Anton LaVey of the Church of Satan (Bilar).

1999 The Blair Witch Project, names referring to John Dee and Edward Kelley.

His Chief of Staff Jonathan Powell worked for propaganda outlet BBC is the brother of Charles Powell (ECFR with LSE trained Romani Prodi, Andrew Puddephat, George Papandreou and George Soros).

After the 911 Twin Towers ritual and war in Afghanistan, he played the role of twin brother of George W Bush.

After the announcing of the London Olympics, the fake London bombing Blair gave a speech at the G8 with George W Bush, jesuit Jacques Chirac, Vladimir Putin, Silvio Berlusconi, jesuit Manuel Barroso.

2002 media ritual Cheriegate about her advisor Carole Caplin's ties to criminal Peter Foster (the rose, Luciferian sodomy is seen in Thelema as a gateway).

2003 The Deal director Stephen Frears (Mars: fear) David Morrisey (=Morrisey of the Smiths) as Gordon Brown and Michael Sheen as Tony Blair. Michael Sheen (Shin: Judgement Aeon, angel Michael) was born 2/5/1969, day of release The Wrecking Crew with Sharon Tate. Michael Sheen had relationships with Kate Beckingsale, Rachel McAdams, Sarah Silverman and Anna Lundberg. He aso played Fabian HG Wells and David Frost in Frost/Nixon with Frank Langella as Richard Nixon.

Cherie Blair's sister Lauren Booth (born 7/22 like prince George) played a role in the anti-war movement (thesis-antithesis-synthesis).

2006 Stephen Frears The Queen Helen Mirren (also John Dee/Prospero in The Tempest) as Queen Elizabeth II, Michael Sheen as Tony Blair, Helen McRory as Cherie Blair, Alex Jennings as Charles Mountbatten, Michael Gay as Dodi Fayed (death-rebirth through sodomy).

2007 Blair was a member of the Africa Progress Panel with Bob Geldof and Michael Chemdessos of the IMF.

2009 Heath Ledger in his last posthumous film the Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus played a character Tony Liar, which in the imaginarium is played by Johnny Depp, Jude Law (Sherlock Holmes with Rachel McAdams, wife of Michael Sheen) and Colin Farrell (played in Phone Booth).

2010 5/29, bday of JFK, day of death Dennis Hopper (Frank Booth), The Special relationship Dennis Quaid as jesuit Bill Clinton, Michael Sheen as Blair.

He was present at the 2012 Summer Olympics ceremony (rebirth of Diana as Catherine, Brandon Lee/Heath Ledger as James Holmes, prince George as the Moonchild of the alchemical marriage, unity of opposites).

Astrological chart

born 5/6/1953, date George Clooney, Sigmund Freud, Orson Welles (HG Wells stunt), Rudolph Valentino, Meek Mill, Victor Neuburg, Andreas Baader, death Frank Baum (Wizard of Oz), Archie Harrison (Harry and Meghan).

Asc: Gemini mc: Capricorn. Dom: Gemini (the Lovers), Taurus, Aries - Mars (war), Jupiter, Mercury.

Houses 12, 6, 1. 12: Venus (rose) and Mercury in Aries, Sun and Jupiter in Taurus, Mars in Gemini, 6: Saturn conj Neptune and Lilith in Libra, 1: Gemini. 3: Uranus in Cancer, 9: mc in Capricorn, 10: Moon in Aquarius,

Fabian Society

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