Tony Curtis

Tony Curtis (Bernard Schwartz) was a mind controlled Hollywood movie actor of jewish Hungarian descent. He was educated at City College NY and The New School. He married Janet Leigh (Psycho, The Manchurian Candidate with Frank Sinatra) and Christine Kaufmann (Mädchen in Uniform with Romy Schneider and Lily Palmer). He is the father of Jamie Lee Curtis (Beverly Hills High School). He was a member of the BSA.

His manager Alan Carr worked for Playboy, was a screenwriter (Can't Stop the Music with Village People) and also the manager of Mark Hamill, Cass Elliott (Laurel Canyon) and Michelle Pfeiffer.

His psychiatrist was Ralph Greenson, who was a friend of Anna Freud, Freud's student Wilhelm Stekel, Frances Deri and jesuit Margaret Mead (Tavistock) and who also treated Frank Sinatra, Vivien Leigh and Marilyn Monroe.

He appeared on the Sgt Pepper's cover of The Beatles with Aleister Crowley.

He was treated for alcoholism at Betty Ford Clinic.

In 1994 his son Nichols (like Albert DeSalvo's victim Nina Norma Nichols) died of a heroin overdose age 23 like River Phoenix (also of Hungarian descent).

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Kirk Kerkorian (like Kirk Douglas) were at his funeral.

Astrological chart

born 6/3/1925, date Allen Ginsberg, Raul Castro, Maurice Evans, Jill Biden, d David Carradine, d Muhammad Ali.

Asc: Cancer, mc: Aries. Dom: Cancer (the Chariot), Gemini, Libra - Moon, Jupiter, Mars.

Houses 11, 4, 12. 11: Sun and Venus in Gemini, Mercury in Taurus, 4: Moon in Libra, Saturn in Scorpio, 12: Pluto, Mars conj Lilith in Cancer. 2: Neptune in Leo, 6: Jupiter in Capricorn.

died 9/29/2010, date Silvio Berlusconi, Michelangelo Antonioni, Erika Eleniak, d Hans Habe, Nicolas Winding Refn, Anita Ekberg, Natasha Wagner.


1949 Criss Cross Gigolo Burt Lancaster
1949 City Across the River Thelma Ritter
1949 Johnny Stool Pigeon Howard Duff Shelley Winters (also The New School) produced by Aaron Rosenberg
1949 The Lady Gambles Barbara Stanwyck
1949 Take One False Step Hot Rod Driver William Powell Shelley Winters
1949 How to Smuggle a Hernia Across the Border Unknown Short Jerry Lewis Janet Leigh
1950 Francis Captain Jones ZaSu Pitts
1950 Woman in Hiding Dave Shaw Voice
1950 I Was a Shoplifter Pepe
1950 Sierra Audie Murphy
1950 Winchester '73 Doan Shelley Winters Will Geer (gay-pedophilia agenda)
1950 Kansas Raiders Kit Dalton Audie Murphy
1951 The Prince Who Was a Thief Piper Laurie
1952 Flesh and Fury Paul Callan
1952 No Room for the Groom Piper Laurie
1952 Son of Ali Baba Piper Laurie
1952 Meet Danny Wilson Himself, Nightclub Patron Frank Sinatra Shelley Winters
1953 Houdini Harry Houdini (died 10/31 like River Phoenix) Janet Leigh George Marshall Paramount Pictures
1953 All American Nick Bonnelli
1953 Forbidden Eddie
1954 Beachhead Burke
1954 Johnny Dark Piper Laurie
1954 The Black Shield of Falworth Myles Janet Leigh
1954 So This Is Paris Joe Maxwell
1955 Six Bridges to Cross Jerry Florea
1955 The Purple Mask Rene de Traviere / Purple Mask
1955 The Square Jungle Eddie Quaid / Packy Glennon Ernest Borgnine Pat Crowley
1956 Trapeze Tino Orsini Burt Lancaster
1956 The Rawhide Years Arthur Kennedy
1957 Mister Cory Cory
1957 The Midnight Story Joe Martini
1957 Sweet Smell of Success Burt Lancaster Martin Milner
1958 The Vikings Eric Kirk Douglas Janet Leigh Richard Fleischer
1958 Kings Go Forth Frank Sinatra Natalie Wood
1958 The Defiant Ones John "Joker" Jackson Sidney Poitier Lon Chaney UA
1958 The Perfect Furlough Janet Leigh
1959 Some Like It Hot Joe / Josephine / Shell Oil Junior Marilyn Monroe Jack Lemmon UA
1959 Operation Petticoat Cary Grant Dina Merrill
1960 Who Was That Lady? (red shoes) Dean Martin Janet Leigh
1960 The Rat Race Debbie Reynolds
1960 Spartacus Antoninus Stanley Kubrick Kirk Douglas Jean Simmons Laurence Olivier Peter Ustinov I Am march of the fake Civil Rights Movement (Black Church) and Charlie Hebdo ritual
1960 Pepe Himself Uncredited Sammy Davis Jr Zsa Zsa Gabor
1960 The Great Imposter Ferdinand Waldo Demara Jr. / Martin Donner / Dr. Gilbert Karl Malden
1961 The Outsider Ira Hamilton Hayes
1962 Taras Bulba Yul Brynner Christine Kaufmann John Lee Thompson
1962 40 Pounds of Trouble Kevin McCarthy
1963 The List of Adrian Messenger Organ Grinder Cameo Kirk Douglas George C Scott Philip McDonald (grandson of George McDonald, mentor of Lewis Carroll) John Huston Burt Lancaster Robert Mitchum Frank Sinatra
1963 Captain Newman, M.D. Corporal Jackson "Jake" Leibowitz Gregory Peck as Ralph Greenson Robert Duvall Angie Dickinson
1964 Paris When It Sizzles Maurice / Philippe – 2nd Policeman Uncredited William Holden Audrey Hepburn
1964 Wild and Wonderful Christine Kaufmann
1964 Goodbye Charlie Debbie Reynolds
1964 Sex and the Single Girl Bob Weston Natalie Wood Henry Fonda Lauren Bacall Mel Ferrer Warner Bros
1965 The Great Race Leslie Gallant III (The Great Leslie) Jack Lemmon Natalie Wood
1965 Boeing, Boeing Bernard Lawrence Jerry Lewis Thelma Ritter Christiane Schmidtmer
1966 Chamber of Horrors Mr. Julian Uncredited
1966 Not with My Wife, You Don't! George C Scott
1966 Arrivederci, Baby! Zsa Zsa Gabor Lionel Jeffries Nancy Kwan
1967 Don't Make Waves Carlo Cofield Sharon Tate Dave Draper Claudia Cardinale Alexander Mackendrick (British Ministry of Information) MGM
1967 On My Way to the Crusades, I Met a Girl Who (Cancer the Chariot)... Guerrando da Montone Monica Vitti

1968 Rosemary's Baby Donald Baumgart Voice, Uncredited Roman Polanski
1968 The Boston Strangler as Albert DeSalvo Henry Fonda Sally Kellerman George Kennedy Murray Hamilton Richard Fleischer
1969 Monte-Carlo or Bust! Peter Cook Dudley Moore (Beyond the Fringe with Jonathan Miller)
1970 You Can't Win 'Em All Charles Bronson
1970 Suppose They Gave a War and Nobody Came Shannon Gambroni Don Ameche Ernest Borgnine
1971 The Persuaders ITV Roger Moore
1973 The Third Girl from the Left Kim Novak Playboy Films
1974 Lepke Louis “Lepke” Buchalter Vic Tayback as Charlie Luciano
1975 The Count of Monte Cristo Donald Pleasence
1976 The Last Tycoon Rodriguez Robert De Niro Donald Pleasence Jack Nicholson Jeanne Moreau Anjelica Huston John Carradine Theresa Russell Elia Kazan screenplay of Harold Pinter based on novel F Scott Fitzgerald
1977 Some Like It Cool Giacomino / Casanova (role also played by Heath Ledger) Britt Ekland Umberto Orsini
1978 The Manitou Harry Erskine Susan Strasberg
1978 Sextette Mae West Timothy Dalton Ringo Starr Keith Moon Alice Cooper Dom DeLuise
1978 Vega$ ABC produced by Aaron Spelling
1978 The Bad News Bears Go to Japan Marvin Lazar Jackie Earle Haley
1979 Title Shot Frank Renzetti
1980 Little Miss Marker "Blackie" Walter Matthau Julie Andrews Lee Grant
1980 It Rained All Night the Day I Left Robert Talbot
1980 The Mirror Crack'd Martin N. Fenn Angela Lansbury Geraldine Chaplin Elizabeth Taylor Charles Gray Kim Novak Rock Hudson novel of Agatha Christie
1982 Black Commando Colonel Iago
1982 BrainWaves Dr. Clavius
1982 Sparky's Magic Piano TV Interviewer Voice
1983 Dexter the Dragon & Bumble the Bear Unknown Voice, English version
1983 Balboa Ernie Stoddard
1984 Where Is Parsifal? Parsifal Katzenellenbogen Peter Lawford Orson Welles Donald Pleasence
1985 Insignificance Senator Will Sampson Theresa Russell as Marilyn Monroe character based on Einstein (both on Sgt Pepper's cover) Nicholas Roeg
1986 Club Life Hector
1986 The Last of Philip Banter Charles Foster
1986 Murder in Three Acts Jonathan Cecil
1988 Welcome to Germany Mr. Cornfield
1989 Lobster Man from Mars J.P. Shelldrake Deborah Foreman Patrick Macnee
1989 Midnight Mr. B. Lynn Redgrave Tommy Lister
1989 Walter & Carlo i Amerika Willy La Rouge
1991 Prime Target Marietta Copella Direct-To-Video
1992 Center of the Web Stephen Moore
1993 Naked in New York Eric Stolz Mary-Louise Parker
1993 The Mummy Lives Aziru / Dr. Mohassid
1995 The Immortals Dominic Eric Roberts Tia Carrera Joe Pantoliano Chris Rock
1997 Bounty Hunters 2: Hardball Wald Direct-to-Video
1998 Louis & Frank Lenny Star Springer
1998 Stargames King Fendel
1999 Play It to the Bone Ringside Fan
2002 Reflections of Evil Host
2006 Where's Marty? Himself Direct-to-DVD
2007 The Blacksmith and the Carpenter God Voice, Short
2008 David & Fatima Martin Landau


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