V for Vendetta 2005

V for Vendetta is a Hollywood movie by James McTeigue, written by the Wachowskis (part of the gay-transgender agenda) with Natalie Portman, John Hurt, Stephen Fry and Hugo Weaving, released on 12/11/2005, about the Jesuit plot of Guy Fawkes, that announced controlled opposition Anonymous and the Covid19-ritual.

Aside from Contagion, V for Vendetta is the most blatant predictive programming of the Covid19-ritual : worldwide virus, which results in a prison society with masks, a 1984 totalitarian regime with censorship and curfew, that doesn't allow social contact and only allows fake opposition, controlled by jesuits. Like The Matrix, it was used as a blueprint for fake opposition like mask wearing hackers of Anonymous, Wikileaks, Zero Hedge, V-day of Beppe Grillo,.. The rising up against oppressor in the interpretation of cultural marxist Herbert Marcuse 'Eros and Civilisation', the rise of the Dark Knight of dark, repressed desires ('black power').

The movie is based on a story of Alan Moore, illustrated by David Lloyd for DC Comics, division of Hollywood studio Warner Bros. The character V is based on jesuit Guy Fawkes and rosicrucian king Frederick V. Alan Moore was influenced by Kenneth Grant of the OTO and referenced Crowley and the law of Do What Thou Willt (Book of the Law) in his comic Promethea and Frederick in his comic From Hell (in the 2001 movie From Hell about Jack the Ripper, Frederick is played by Johnny Depp= Frederick V).

V for Vendetta is a Warner Bros movie, directed by Australian director James McTeigue (assistent director on 'Dark City', 'the Matrix' trilogy, 'Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones', director of 'Ninja Assassin', 'the Raven'), produced by Joel Silver (Columbia High School of the Colonna's, like Alfred Kinsey, Frank Langella and SZA) and the Wachowskys, pawns in the transgender agenda.

The movie tells a story about a saviour type anarchist, 'rebelling' against a racist, homophobic totalitarian fascist regime, an inversion of reality where a totalitarian fascist regime censors all resistance as racist, islamophobic, alt right or homophobic. It contains a lot of V symbolism, in Hebrew the Vav is the 6th letter, the announement of the new Luciferian king William V (announced on 11/5/1981, date of the Jesuit plot). The VIAOV formula of Crowley is used in movies of the Saturn cult where Saturn, the 6 is the beginning and end of everything. V is also the Roman nr 5 the Hierophant, that shows a figure with sinister smile and the scarlett woman, Taurus ruled by Venus, surrounded by 4 masks.

The X sign is the rebirth sign of the LVX signs in magic (life-death-rebirth): Osiris risen, rebirth of Saturn (the 666). The London Plague of 1665-1666 was a rehearsal for the Covid 19-ritual, introduced health passports. The Skull and Bones symbol is used by fake opposition the Pirate Bay, the Pirate Party. The X is the cross of ecliptic and galactic equator 1 may and 1 november (5 nov Fawkes night).

The opening scene features the 1812 ouverture of Pyotr Tchaikovsky (Swan Lake in Portman's Black Swan).

V is played by Hugo Weaving 4/4/1960, Aries. Dom: Pisces (Queen of Cups), Cancer, Capricorn- Moon (played in 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon), Saturn, Mars. He played agent Smith in The Matrix (fighting Neo, wearing the black robe of the jesuit black pope, compared humans to a disease/virus), Elrond in the Lord of the Rings (father of Liv Tyler as a Queen of Cups figure). Pisces means looking beyond one's face, associated with masks. In 2011 the Neptune (illusion, next evolutionary step) in Pisces era (wearing masks) started.

It contains a lot of references to mind control, references to 1968 tv series The Prisoner, which was based on the OSS experiments at Inverlair Lodge, also briefly shown in the Matrix.

John Hurt plays authoritarian figure Adam Suttler, clearly based on Big Brother in George Orwell's '1984', Hurt plays Winston in the movie '1984'. In leftist media jesuit Donald Trump is portrayed as a Hitler type right wing villain, in contrast with good guy jesuit Joe Biden. John Hurt ('knighted' by fascist Queen Elizabeth) died age 77 after Donald Trump was inaugurated, age 70, 7 months and 7 days (in kabbalism, the 777 lightning flash). Adam Suttler's fascist emblem is the Lorraine's cross, used by Marilyn Manson in shows with nazi symbolism.

Natalie Portman born 6/9/1981, Gemini (the Lovers) ruled by androgynous Mercury. Dominants: Libra (Adjustment), Gemini, Scorpio. Dominant planets: Pluto, Saturn, Mercury. Libra is the Queen of Swords, she is decapitated in the Other Boleyn Girl. In Black Swan she is the ballerina Harlequina, dancing on her toes=Adjustment of Maat.

Her dominant Pluto stands for the Shadow, biggest fear, repressed desires, viruses, dark secrets. In Black Swan she has to liberate her repressed sexual desires, have sex with a girl, succumb to her evil twin to become the Black Swan. Her name is Eve, in contrast with evil father figure Adam. Eve is associated with the serpent, HVH of YHVH, the lower worlds, dark feminine (Portman wrote and directed a movie 'Eve'). In 2018 she appeared in Annihilation, about a dangerous quarantined zone Area X, that mutates DNA.

She played in 'Planetarium' with Lily-Rose Depp, daughter of Johnny Depp.

V blows up Old Bailey's tower (the Tower) with statue of Maat (Libra Justice).

In his subterranean hideout, V watches the Count of Monte Cristo 'Count of the Mount of Christ' story about the Jesuit General getting revenge on all of the Order's enemies during its suppression. He decapitates a knight statue, showing he is Libra, the Queen of Swords.

The underground hideout is a reference to cryptic masonry, contains a lot of Monarch butterflies, associated with rebirth after mind control (in Black Swan her entire room was filled with butterflies).

V kills Lewis Prothero (lewis is a masonic lifting device to raise Osiris).

Gordon Dietrich is played by Stephen Frey, part of the gay agenda. The Quran is shown as subversive literature.

Creedy is played by Tim Piggotsmith, born in Warwickshire like Crowley and Shakespeare.

V tortures Eve and locks her up, to free her from fear (doll mannequin programming, losing grip on real/dream, also tortured and imprisoned in Goya's Ghosts). Her shaved head stands for the losing of chastity, like the girls of the Manson Family of Charles Manson, Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby when she slowly submits to the influence of Pan, Britney Spears after mental breakdown (who she auditioned with for Broadway musical). She is reborn as Monarch butterfly, making the V-sign with her arms, like Morpheus in Matrix reloaded.

The contrast of water of rain and fire of lucifer is the Star of David, the hexagram on the Hierophant card showing sexual union with the Scarlett Woman. Libra represents Adjustment, the Woman Satisfied, the fulfillment of the Fool, the ultimate illusion. Libra illustrates the Egyptian Maat, but it also means Karma. The Kabbalistic 777 lightning flash is also in the logo of band 'Natalie Portman's Shaven Head'. V breaks her mirror= splitting of the mind.

Eve becomes an accomplice of V. She seduces a pedophile priest (theme of Qanon psyop), as the child Horus/Harpocrates (pink=dissociation, Alice in Wonderland, Portman also plays jesuit Jackie Kennedy in her pink dress).

The men of Adam Suttler shoot a young girl (Arab spring), leading to anarchy and chaos (2020 riots of Black Lives Matter, riots caused by undercover police), the domino effect of the handler.

V kills Creedy and his men, but is mortally wounded, put in an underground train, with red roses on his chest to destroy parliament. The rose= Venus, Eros.

His followers march towards parliament (=the march of Selma), pass Trafalgar Square in London like the fake protest with David Icke in 2020 during the Covid19 ritual.

The rosicrucian wedding of Frederick V Brunswick-Luneburg and Elizabeth Stuart took place on Valentine's day 2/14/1613 at the palace of Whitehall, near the obelisk at Trafalgar Square.

The marching people represent Judgement, the rebirth of light and truth, people waking up and rising from their graves but it is inverted as the rise and rebirth of Saturn/Baal (TS in numerology=39, inversion of solar nr 93, TS like Times Square, the gate of Baal was placed on Trafalgar Square in 2016). They are reborn as clones of V, like all agents with herd mentality in The Matrix were clones of Smith, worshipping Luciferian king William V.

the Covid19-ritual

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