Vanilla Sky 2001

Vanilla Sky is a Hollywood movie of Paramount Pictures about mind control by Cameron Crowe, with Tom Cruise, Kurt Russell, Penelope Cruz and Cameron Diaz, used in the 911 ritual and to announce the Covid19-ritual (deserted streets of NY, masks), released on 12/14/2001, 16 days after death George Harrison of The Beatles. It was directed by Cameron Bruce Crowe who made Jerry McGuire and Almost Famous (Kate Hudson related to Kurt Russell, poster like The Aviator and Strange Angel about Jack Parsons).

After 'Eyes Wide Shut', Tom Cruise appears in a remake of Spanish movie 'Open Your Eyes'. Abre Los Oyos (Open Your Eyes) was filmed in Madrid, announcing the fake attack 3/11 after the 9/11 ritual. Vanilla=Nine Eleven.

The movie was produced by Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner, who worked as talent agent at Creative Artists Agency of Michael Ovitz (Disney, CFR). She is a member of the board of Carnegie Mellon University of the CIA family Mellon part of mind control research (her first husband was David Wagner of Columbia University). She also produced 'War of the Worlds', based on Hadley Cantril and Orson Welles experiments with media psyops and 'the Eye' with more one eye symbolism.

The Spanish film 'Open Your Eyes', released 12/19/1997 (date release Titanic and death Sara Northrup Hollister, the wife of Ron Hubbard, friend of Jack Parsons and founder of Dianetics and Scientology cult), a few months after the car crash of Diana and Dodi, the fall of Sophia in dreamworld, distorted as fallen angel Lucifer.

12-14 is the nr of the verse about fallen angel Lucifer in book of Isiah. The One Eye is also on the Tower card, all seeing eye symbolism also in Eyes Wide Shut and next movie Minority Report. The 911 masonic initiation ritual was the start of controlled opposition movement of people supposedly 'waking up', opening their eyes, while actually fallen asleep with their eyes shut, lost in dreamworld (pink sky=dissociation of Alice in Wonderland programming).

Cameron Crowe (cc=33) also made Say Anything with John Cusack and Chynna Philips, the daughter of John Philips.

Tom Cruise july 3 1960, dom: Leo, Scorpio (death , prince of cups), Cancer (the chariot)- Saturn, Moon, Neptune (confusion, illusion).

Cruise plays David Aames, who wakes up age 33 (opening Eye of Horus) in the Dakota Hotel, used for Roman Polanski's 'Rosemary's Baby' antichrist movie and the John Lennon Assassination ritual (Eyes Wide Shut had a nearly identical scene to Polanski's the Ninth Gate). His father in Magnolia was Jason Robards, whose wife Lauren Bacall lived at the Dakota and was present at the Truman Capote ball. He played with Dakota Fanning in War of the Worlds. The first image he sees is a movie of Audrey Hepburn.

Rosemary's Baby announced the 911 Sharon Tate ritual inspired by 'Revolution 9' of John Lennon and John Lennon released Imagine, imitating the Rosemary's Baby cover on 9/9. To make this reference clear, an actor passes by in a scene, wearing a Revolution 9 T-shirt.

The scene announce the quarantine and desolate emptiness of the Covid19 ritual, after which he is forced to wear a mask (symbol of mind control) as part of a death-rebirth process waking up in a purely digital Brave New World, where everything is fake.

There is a gnostic theme in all Tom Cruise movies, tom=the twin who is reborn after death on the cross. Masons worship Sirius as the goddess Isis and John the Baptist, the twin of Jesus (Cruise was born july 3, the aphelion of Sirius). Sophia (the pure part of our soul) falls asleep and is killed when she identifies with the Eidolon the incarnate self, represented in Gnostic myths by Jesus his 'twin brother' Thomas =the image (the famous cover of Sgt Pepper with Gnostic antichtist figure Aleister Crowley). We have to awaken from that false-self (twin thomas) in order to realise our true-Self.

Times Square is on 42nd street, nr associated with rainbows, with NBC rainbow logo (Wizard of Oz programming), so associated with going over the rainbow dissociation.

He is interrogated by Disney actor Kurt Russell, the story of the Fool meeting the Magician, the playboy in conversation with psychologist. Russell played with Dakota Fanning in the Dreamer (first dom: Pisces, ruled by Neptune, planet of dreams). He wore a one eye patch in Escape From NY like Cruise in Valkyrie. He was born in 1951, year of Catcher in the Rye, used in mind control of Lennon's assassin. A book of Carl Jung is seen on the table, known for this theory of Persona's.

David Aames steps in the car of Cameron Diaz (1st dom: Cancer, the Chariot) and she crashes the car off a bridge, the car crash of Diana and Dodi.

He meets Penelope Cruz (Sophia, Penelope in the Odyssey, the 911 ritual as 2001 A Space Odyssey). She played a John Lennon fan named Diane in 'Love Can Damage Your Health'.

He wakes up with his face disfigured and receives a mask to cover up his face (used in trauma based mind control to create a new personality).

Like the audience gets lost in the Hollywood mirror palace of similar actresses and scenes, David gets lost in the mirror images of Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz. Cameron Diaz played with Jim Carrey in The Mask, underwent a personality swap in Being John Malkovich. Penelope Cruz played Augustin Diaz in 'Sin Noticia', played with Cameron Diaz in 'the Counselor', both in Marilyn Monroe pose, with Nicole Kidman -Tom's wife in 'Eyes Wide Shut', in 'Nine'.

He no longer sees a difference between Mary and the false Mary (Marilyn and Jackie).

He realizes he is part of a mind game (references to John Lennon's Imagine with John the Baptist cover, based on poster of Rosemary's Baby).

He takes an elevator with Noah Taylor (elevator scene in Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), the symbolic rise of the Kundalini energy.

At the end of the movie (scene with pink sky: dissociation) he choses to jump of a tower to wake up, as the Tower represents the spine column with the pineal gland, the one eye.


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