Warner Bros

Warner Bros is a Hollywood film studio, founded in 1923 by jewish masons, the Polish Warner brothers (Harry, Albert Sam and Jack Warner, member of Zionist fraternity Zeta Beta Tau).

It owns Warner Bros Television Entertainment, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Turner Classic Movies, New Line Cinema, Castle Rock Entertainment. Like Disney, it has its headquarter in Burbank California.

It is affiliated with AT&T, Time Inc of Knight of Malta Henry Luce, AOL (America Online of Hoechst family) and Warner Music Group, that controls the music industry (Haight-Ashbury act The Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Knight of Malta Miles Davis..).

History of Warner Bros

1924 the studio is funded by Goldman Sachs.

1926 Don Juan John Barrymore Mary Astor.

1927 The Jazz Singer with Al Jolson and Yossele Rosenblatt, produced by Darryl Zanuck.

1928 The Warner brothers acquire First National Pictures. The Singing Fool (=Tarot card the Fool). Lights of New York. Noah's Ark.

1929 the Warner theatres are managed by Knight of Malta Spyros Skouros. On With the Show (first color and sound film). The Show of Shows with Mary Astor and Douglas Fairbanks Jr (Order of St John). Disraeli, George Arliss as Benjamin Disraeli (Rothschild).

1930 Golden Dawn (=Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn). Warner buys Brunswick Records and signs Bing Crosby.

1931 Little Ceasar (child Horus, glorification of crime) Edward G Robinson Douglas Fairbanks Jr Sidney Blackmer. The Public Enemy James Cagney Jean Harlow. The Maltese Falcon, story by Dashiel Hammett (Communist Party). Merrie Melodies (mm=33) cartoon studio with Disney animators (Chuck Jones Hollywood High School).

1932 The Man Who Played God Bette Davis.

1933 Mystery of the Wax Museum (mm=33, doll programming) Fay Wray. 42nd Street Dick Powell Una Merkel Ginger Rogers.

1936 Jack Warner and Samuel Goldwyn (MGM) join the Hollywood Anti-Nazi League of Otto Katz and Willi Münzenberg, with jesuit John Joseph Cantwell, Hubertus zu Loewenstein-Wertheim, Fredric March, Fritz Lang and Dorothy Parker Rothschild (Algonquin Round Table).

The Man with Two Faces (twin alters, Multiple Personality Disorder) Edward G Robinson Mary Astor Mae Clarke written by George Kaufman (Algonquin Round Table).

Warner starts a collaboration with Knight of Malta William Hearst and mistress Marion Davies (Cosmopolitan pictures 1924 Yolanda in the Hapocrates Aeon pose, in her last movie named Elizabeth like Black Dahlia actress Elizabeth Short). Darryl Zanuck works with 20th Century Fox and produces the House of Rothschild. He is replaced by Aaron Blum Wolowicz (Hal B Wallis).

1936 The Story of Louis Pasteur Paul Muni. In the late 30's Tex Avery who worked for Disney, produces Bugs Bunny cartoons (rabbit Alice in Wonderland programming). The Life of Emile Zola with Paul Muni.

1938 Sergeant Murphy Knight of Malta Ronald Reagan (US president in the 80's) and Mary Maguire (friend of Mia Farrow's father John Farrow, married to Robert Gordon-Canning, present at the wedding of Oswald Mosley and Diana Mitford with Adolf Hitler and MI5 agent Bill Allen). Jezebel Richard Cromwell (married Angela Lansbury) Betty Davis Henry Fonda.

1940 Santa Fe Trail Errol Flynn Ronald Reagan produced by Hal Wallis.

1941 The Maltese Falcon remake by John Huston Humpfrey Bogart Mary Astor (first film noir).

Film noir movies with Humpfrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.

1942 Casablanca Humpfrey Bogart Ingrid Bergman (few weeks after the US invasion of North Africa). The Big Shot (film noir)  Susan Peters (Hollywood High School).

1943 Mission to Moscow (mm=33, propaganda of Office for War Information to glorify Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin) Walter Huston Oscar Hamilka, who was married to Florence Meyer. Florence Meyer was the daughter of Eugene Meyer of Washington Post, Federal Reserve and World Bank, sister of Katharine Graham.

This Is the Army (war propaganda) Ronald Reagan Irving Berlin Michael Curtiz.

1944 Mr Skeffington with Bette Davis, based on novel of Elizabeth von Arnim, married to Fabian Frank Russell (brother of Bertrand Russell), who who had an affair with Fabian HG Wells.

1945 Mildred Pierce Joan Crawford (Christian Science).

1946 The Big Sleep Humpfrey Bogart Lauren Bacall Dorothy Malone, novel of Raymond Chandler, screenplay by Leigh Brackett (Mañana Society of Robert Heinlein with Jack Parsons).

1947 That Hagen Girl Ronald Reagan Shirley Temple.

1948 Romance on the High Seas Janet Paige, first movie of Doris Day (Christian Science, mother of Laurel Canyon producer Terry Melcher).

1949 It's a Great Feeling Doris Day Joan Crawford (also Christian Science) Edward G Robinson Knight of Malta Ronald Reagan (Rockefeller Commission that 'investigated' MK Ultra). White Heat Virginia Mayo jesuit Edmond O'Brien.

Under Capricorn jesuit Alfred Hitchcock Ingrid Bergman Michael Wilding Margaret Leighton (married to Max Reinhardt, publisher of GB Shaw of Fabian Society and Laurence Harvey) jesuit Edmond O'Brien.

1950 Young Man With a Horn Kirk Douglas Doris Day Lauren Bacall

1951 A Streetcar Named Desire Marlon Brando, Elia Kazan (ACCF), based on play of Tennessee Williams (CCF). Along the Great Divide Kirk Douglas John Agar (ex-husband of Shirley Temple) Virginia Mayo Raoul Walsh.

CIA mind control projects Bluebird, Artichoke and MK Ultra provide actors, prorgammed with Multiple Personality Disorder.

Operation Pacific John Wayne (JBS) Patricia Neil (wife of MI6 agent Roald Dahl) Scott Forbes Martin Milner.

1954 A Star Is Born Judy Garland (Dorothy) screenplay by Dorothy Parker Rothschild. Dial M for Murder Alfred Hitchcock Grace Kelly Ray Milland Robert Cummings.

1955 East of Eden Elia Kazan (American Committee for Cultural Freedom) James Dean Burl Ives (Order of Demolay). Founding of Warner Bros Television Studios.

Steve Ross of Kinney Parking Company (underworld figure Manny Kimmel, like Marjorie Kimmel Cameron), married to Carol Rosenthal, buys Warner Bros.

1956 Giant James Dean Elizabeth Taylor Rod Taylor Dennis Hopper Rock Hudson.

1957 A Face in the Crowd Elia Kazan Andy Griffith Patricia Neil Walter Matthau Lee Remick.

1958 Warner founds Warner Records.

1963 Warner Records buys Frank Sinatra's Reprise Records. Harry Warner's daughter Betty Warner marries Stanley Sheinbaum (so-called Malibu Maffia with Norman Lear).

Critic's Choice (cc=33) Bob Hope Lucille Ball Rip Torn Rhoda Williams (Hollywood High School) produced by Frank Rosenberg based on play of Ira Levin (Rosemary's Baby)

1967 Warner releases debut album of CIA band Grateful Dead. Doreen Tracy, Frank Zappa's publicist at Warner Bros Records was trained as a Mousketeer of the Mickey Mouse Club (Disney MK Ultra programming).

Robert Shaye (Columbia University) founds subcompany New Line Cinema. Bonnie and Clyde Warren Beatty Faye Dunaway.

1969 Ted Ashley, the founder of Ashley-Famous talent agency is chairman until 1980. He worked for his uncle Nat Lefkowitz (CCNY) at William Morris Agency, which later became Endeavor.

1970 Fred Weintraub (owner of The Bitter End in the Greenwich Village folk scene) becomes executive vice-president of Warner. Performance Nicholas Roeg Mick Jagger Anita Pallenberg, directed by Laurel Canyon director Donald Cammell (Kenneth Anger's Lucifer Rising), son of Charles Cammell, biographer of Aleister Crowley.

Woodstock movie CIA propaganda about the hippie movement of the Woodstock festival.

1971 Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange (orange=33=sodomy) with Malcolm McDowell (mm=33), about writer based on Hans Habe, who lived on Mulholland Drive, government funded mind control projects. Dirty Harry Clint Eastwood.

1972 Pink Flamingos (Alice in Wonderland, gay-transgender agenda). Deliverance (gay agenda) Jon Voight.

Steve Ross (jewish, CNN, DC comics) becomes president of Warner Communications, with Carol's father Edward Rosenthal as vice chairman. Warner Communications becomes the parent company of Warner Bros Pictures, Warner Records, Warner Cable, DC Comics and Mad magazine (mm=33). It partnered with Mtv Networks, Atari Inc and Six Flags Theme Parks.

1973 The Exorcist Linda Blair jesuit Peter Blatty. Mean Streets Martin Scorcese Robert de Niro.

1974 Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (Alice in Wonderland programming) Martin Scorcese Ellen Burstyn (Actors Studio) Diane Ladd Kris Kristofferson Jodie Foster Harvey Keitel edited by Marcia Griffin (wife of George Lucas)

1975 Ted Ashley participates in EST training of Werner Erhard (Rosenberg). David Geffen (also EST trained) becomes vice-chairman.

1976 Sparkle sceenplay by Joel Schumacher (EST trained)

1978 Warner founds Orion Pictures. Mark Rosenberg, married to Lauren Diane Schuler (who later married Richard Donner of The Omen franchise), becomes vice-president of production.

1980 Robert Daly (CBS, chairman Save the Children owned by John Hearst) is made chairman. Kubrick's The Shining Jack Nicholson. Altered States Ken Russell (based on CIA research of John Lilly).

Excalibur, Under the Rainbow (Wizard of Oz programming).

1983 Risky Business with Tom Cruise, Prince movie Purple Rain (dissociation).

1984 Police Academy franchise. A Nightmare on Elm Street Wes Craven. Gremlins Zach Gillagan Corey Feldman Phoebe Cates (PCS) Joe Dante (student of Roger Corman) Amblin Entertainment of Steven Spielberg filmed at Universal Studios Lot.

1985 The Color Purple (novel of Alice Walker) Steven Spielberg Whoopi Goldberg as Celie Harris (Harry's mother Diana), Oprah Winfrey (mentored by Alpha Kappa Alpha member Maya Angelou), Danny Glover, Laurence Fishburne, Rae Dawn Chong (HHS, daughter of Tommy Chong).

1987 Full Metal Jacket Matthew Modine Vincent D'Onofrio.

1988 Frantic Roman Polanski. Moonwalker Michael Jackson. Bird Forest Whitaker as Charlie Parker.

1989 Warner merges with Time inc (Knight of Malta Henry Luce S&B). Warner turns into WarnerMedia, led by Steve Ross.

1990 Goodfellas Robert de Niro. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

1991 Robin Hood Prince of Thieves Kevin Costner Morgan Freeman Christian Slater. JFK (the JFK ritual) Oliver Stone Kevin Costner Gary Oldman, based on book of Jim Marrs.

opening of Warner Bros Theme Park in Australia with Clint Eastwood and Mel Gibson (sex slave Sophie Monk as Marilyn Monroe impersonator).

1992 The Bodyguard Whitney Houston Kevin Costner. Singles (grunge trend) Cameron Crowe Bridget Fonda Eddie Vedder Chris Cornell.

Malcolm X jesuit Denzel Washington as Malcolm X Spike Lee John Turturro Angela Bassett (Pasadena Playhouse) Christopher Plummer Diahann Carroll (married to BBC journalist David Frost) Peter Boyle Bobby Seale (Black Panther Party).

1993 True Romance Christian Slater Patricia Arquette Dennis Hopper. The Fugitive Harrison Ford.

1994 Jesuit Don Murphy produces Natural Born Killers, full of Crowleyan symbolism, Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis (6/21 like William). Jesuit Brian Helgeland writes LA Confidential (Black Dahlia ritual). Jesuit Bruce Berman is made CEO of Village Roadshow Pictures.

David Geffen (jewish, gay, CFR, vice-president of Warner Bros Pictures, Geffen Records) founds Dreamworks with Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg (Disney).

Police Academy Mission to Moscow (mm=33) Lonnie Burr (MMC). The Mask (New Line) Jim Carrey Cameron Diaz.

1995 Outbreak. Batman Forever.

1996 Space Jam Michael Jordan.

1997 Conspiracy Theory Mel Gibson. The Devil's Advocate Al Pacino Keanu Reeves.

1998 You've Got Mail Tom Hanks Meg Ryan, produced by Lauren Diana Donner.

1999 Warner (DC, New Line, Spyglass) is led by Alan Horn and Barry Meyer (jewish), producing movies The Matrix, Eyes Wide Shut with Tom Cruise, filmed at Mentmore Towers of the Rothschilds.

2000 Time Warner merges with AOL. Richard Parsons (CFR), Gerald Levn (American Museum of Jewish Heritage), Carla Hills (CSIS, CFR, TC) and Ted Turner. Warner signs a licensing deal with Mattel (Barbie dolls) for the Harry Potter franchise. Romeo Must Die Jet Li Aaliyah.

2001 A.I. (transhumanist A.I. agenda), Ocean's Eleven George Clooney.

Lord of The Rings (New Line Cinema) Elijah Wood Ian McKellen Viggo Mortensen Christopher Lee Andy Serkis Hugo Weaving Liv Tyler Sean Bean

Harry Potter movies (the child of the Aeon of Horus). Training Day Denzel Washington Ethan Hawke.

2003 Mystic River Sean Penn Mark Wahlberg Tim Robbins Kevin Bacon Laurence Fishburne

2004 Troy. The Aviator with Leonardo di Caprio as Howard Hughes.

The Butterfly Effect (Monarch butterfly mind control, New Line) Ashton Kutcher Logan Lerman (Beverly Hills High School) Ethan Supplee (Scientology). Catwoman (kitten programming) Halle Berry.

2005 DC entertainment produces the Batman trilogy of Christopher Nolan (writer jesuit Jonathan Nolan, production designer Nathan Crowley, descendant of Aleister Crowley) with Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne with mirror alter Batman (the James Holmes Phoenix ritual).

The Dukes of Hazard Jessica Simpson Johnny Knoxville (Mtv show Jackass) Sean William Scott Burt Reynolds Willie Nelson, directed by jesuit Jay Chandrasekhar.

V for Vendetta, based on the jesuit plot, announces the Covid19 ritual. pedophile movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (story of CIA agent Roald Dahl) with Johnny Depp, produced by Richard Zanuck, son of Darryl Zanuck of 20th Century Fox.

2007 Jeff Bewkes (Deerfield Academy, Yale, Stanford) is CEO of Time Warner. The Number 23 (9+11+2001=23) Jim Carrey Virginia Madsen Danny Huston as Dr Sirius Lynn Collins Rhona Mitra  Logan Lerman Joel Schumacher Mark Pellegrino

2008 Sex and the City (HBO series) Sarah Jessica Parker. The Dark Knight Heath Ledger.

2009 Sherlock Holmes Robert Downey Jr.

2010 Inception Leonardo di Caprio Ellen Page (transgender agenda)

2012 The Dark Knight Rises (the James Holmes Phoenix ritual). Argo. Gangster Squad (movie becoming real theme) Ryan Gosling.

2013 Her Joaquin Phoenix Amy Adams Scarlett Johansson Rooney Mara Spike Jonze.

2014 Transcendence (transhumanist agenda). Interstellar (black sun symbolism) Matthew McConaughey.

2015 jesuit John Stankey leads Warner Media.

2016 Legendary entertainment with shareholder Fidelity Investments, led by Abigail Johnson (daughter of Ned Johnson), is sold to the Chinese Wanda Group. The Legend of Tarzan.

2017 Kong: Skull Island.

2018 WarnerMedia is bought by Texas based AT&T (CFR member Randall Stephenson). In 2019 jesuit Ann Sarnoff is made CEO (Toby Emmerich as chairman, brother of Noah Emmerich of The Truman Show).

2021 The Matrix Resurrections  Neil Patrick Harris Priyanka Chopra. Dune Jason Momoa Oscar Isaacs.

2024 Dune Part Two.