Weather Underground

The Weathermen (later Weather Underground Organisation) was a CIA front group, founded in 1969 as a branch of the Students for a Democratic Society named after a song of Greenwich Village resident Bob Dylan, used in the 60's and 70's (Pluto in Libra era of Manson Family trial) for fake terrorist attacks and to promote the Multiculti agenda (term 'white privelege', cultural relativism of the Left Wing Church). It was modeled on the Red Guards in China and linked to the CIA controlled Black Panther Party and hippie counterculture (social experiments in Greenwich Village, Youth International Party of Abbie Hoffman and Paul Krassner).

The Students for a Democratic Society was founded by jesuit Michael Harrington (advisor of jesuit Lyndon Johnson) at Swarthmore College, and based on an organisation founded by Walter Lippman. The WU had a logo with rainbow and lightning. It had affiliates in San Francisco, NY and the Midwest.

The Weathermen applauded the Sharon Tate murders of Charles Manson in a speech.

David Gilbert was educated at The New School and played a role in the fake student protests at Columbia University in may 1968. The Weathermen (Cathlyn Wilkerson, educated at Swarthmore, Judith Alice Clark) played a role in the staged Days of Rage riots in Chicago in october 1968. She met members of the Vietnamese Liberation Front in Cambodia.

Jeff Jones's father worked for Disney.

Eleanor Raskin was married to Jonah Raskin, who studied at Columbia under Lionel Trilling (NY Intellectuals) and promoted Allen Ginsberg and Abbie Hoffman. Raskin met  Timothy Leary and Black Panther Eldridge Cleaver in Algeria and interviewed for High Times. Eleanor's father was a member of the Communist Party USA.

Ted Gold, Terry Robbins and Diana Oughton died in the Greenwich Village townhouse explosion of march 1970. The bombs damaged the house of Dustin Hoffman, Mel Gussow (The NY Times) and Ann Byrne (played in Woody Allen's Manhattan). Oughton was related to William Boyce, founder of the BSA.

With the Black Panthers they participated in a fake liberation attempt of CIA agent Timothy Leary, condemned for marijuana possession, supposedly through a connection with LSD dealers of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love and Ronald Hadley Stark.

Edgar J Hoover of the FBI played the role of antagonist of the Panthers and the WU.

In 1976 Emile de Antonio (educated at Harvard with JFK) made documentary Underground with Haskell Wexler (worked on MK Ultra related One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest), promoted by Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson and Elia Kazan.

In 1978 WU members founded the May 19 Communist Organisation, named after the birthday of Malcolm X.

David Gilbert and Kathy Boudin participated in the deadly Brinks robbery of 1981 (year of wedding Charles and Diana) with members of the Black Liberation Army like Mutula Shakur Williams (related to Black Panthers and Tupac Shakur) and May 19 Communist Organisation. Gilbert was eventually released by jesuit Andrew Cuomo.

Boudin was related to marxist Louis Boudin, raised in Greenwich Village, educated at Columbia University and Bryn Mawr College.

Jane Alpert was a jewish feminist, educated at Swarthmore.

Mark Rudd was educated at Columbia University and visited Cuba in 1967.

Mark Naison was a member of Congress for Racial Equality and teaches at Fordham University of the jesuits.

Susan Rosenberg attended Barnard College like Margaret Mead and Jeane Kirkpatrick, and became director of the American Jewish World Service.

Naomi Jeffe was a student of CIA agent Herbert Marcuse (Frankfurt School), also the mentor of Black Panther provocateur agent Angela Davis.

Bill Ayers dedicated a book to Sirrhan Sirrhan, the assassin of RFK. Jesuit Michael Kazin of the Students for a Democratic Society promoted the Cuban Revolution to put jesuit Fidel Castro in place and edited Dissent magazine (jesuit Michael Harrington).

Bernardine Dohrn, married to Bill Ayers, was on the board of ACLU. Her mother was a Christian Scientist.

SDS member Ron Radosh later worked with David Horowitz as agents of the Right Wing Church (focuses on leftist villain George Soros and his funding of Black Lives Matter).

In 2002 the documentary Weather Underground was released.

In 2008 Barack Obama's ties to Bill Ayers was used in the election media ritual with John McCain.

In 2012 The Company You Keep of Sony Pictures was released with Susan Sarandon as WU member Sharon Solarz, Robert Redford, Anna Kendrick, Julie Christie, Shia LaBeouf, Stanley Tucci, Brit Marling, Nick Nolte.

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