William Blake

William Blake was a British freemason, poet and artist, used in the art scene for program Romanticism. He was a friend of Thomas Paine who played a role in the American Revolution. He was educated at the Royal Academy of Arts under Joshua Reynolds (knighted by George III Hanover). Like Benjamin Franklin and his friend Nicolaus Zinzendorf (Moravian Church), he was influenced by the kabbalistic sexual practices of Emanuel Swedenborg. He made a poem about the French Revolution.

His publisher Joseph Johnson was a friend of Joseph Priestley (electricity experiments with Franklin) and John Fuseli.

He illustrated a book of early feminist Mary Wollstonecraft, partner of anarchist William Godwin and mother of Mary Shelly who wrote Frankenstein the Modern Prometheus.

He lived in London and married Catherine Boucher (Antichrist William and Catherine).

He claimed to be in contact with Archangels (the God matrix).

He made The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, a reference to Swedenborg's Heaven and Hell, published 33 years earlier, describing the descent into Hell like Dante Alighieri in Divine Comedy and John Milton in Paradise Lost. It contained a drawing of Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar, as described in the Book of Daniel and the phrase 'Doors of Perception', used by Aldous Huxley and CIA band The Doors with Jim Morrison.

He made a drawing of Lucifer, Cain slaying Abel, Hecate with owl, Urizen-God as Ancient of Days with compass and of Isaac Newton as the Great Architect with masonic compass.

He illustrated the William Shakespeare's A Midsummer's Night Dream, Book of Job and Book of Revelation (The Whore of Babylon, The Great Red Dragon= William V) of the bible and John Stedman's Narrative (first depictions of black slavery and colonialism.

His biography was written by Alexander Gilchrist (friend of Thomas Carlyle) and Dante Rosetti (influence on rosicrucian Symbolists).

Aleister Crowley incorporated the symbols of the Book of Revelation in his Thelema religion.

He influenced Edward Carpenter (gay agenda), friend of Theosophist Annie Besant, Isadora Duncan (friend of Crowley), WB Yeats (HOGD), Aldous Huxley and the CIA controlled Beatniks (Allen Ginsberg) and hippie counterculture (Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan).

In 1993 British Marxist historian EP Thompson wrote Witness Against the Beast: William Blake and Moral Law.

Johnny Depp played a character named William Blake in Dead Man (1995).

His drawing of the Red Dragon played a role in movie Red Dragon (2002) with Anthony Hopkins and Edward Norton as Will Graham.

He was promoted by the Ashmolean Museum.

Astrological chart

born 11/28/1757, date Ed Harris, Anna Nicole Smith, Casey Affleck.

Dom: Cancer (the Chariot), Sagittarius, Leo - Moon, Jupiter, Mars.

died 8/12/1827 date Helena Blavatsky, Klara Hitler, wedding crowleyGeorge Soros.

Emanuel Swedenborg

Aldous Huxley