the JFK ritual

The JFK ritual was a media ritual on 11/22/1963 in Dallas Texas, where Knight of Columbus  John F Kennedy was shot in a Lincoln car, based on masonic symbolism of killing of the king (the mystery of the death of Osiris/Hiram Abiff, 11+22=33), filmed by mason Abraham Zapruder.

- Neptune in Scorpio era
- Predictive programming
- the Dealy Plaza shooting ritual
- Main actors
- References to the Lincoln shooting ritual
- the Zapruder film
- Symbolic meaning
- Aftermath
- Misleading books on the JFK ritual

Neptune in Scorpio era

From the moment the population was being programmed by mass media, Hollywood movies, radio and tv, the cult of Saturn created rituals to initiate them in the modern version of the Saturnian one eye mystery religion. The first big tests were the Lincoln assassination (assassin David Herold was trained by jesuits), the Titanic ritual, the two world wars, the Lindbergh baby kidnapping and the Black Dahlia media rituals. The audience believes the media and is trapped in Wonderland, in a false reality like Plato's cave.

The Neptune (idealism) in Scorpio (dark secrets) era is closed with the Apollo moon missions and the Sharon Tate murders, inspired by Revelation 911, about Apollyon and the key to the bottomless pit.

In the Thelemic calendar 1948-1969 was the docesade of the High Priestess. The Mia Farrow-Sharon Tate mystery contained a lot of references to the Marilyn Monroe-Jackie Kennedy ritual as the split into mirror alters in mind control.

Neptune (idealism, dreams, stage illusion) in Scorpio, all characters in the 60's represented the idealism of the American Dream and were affiliated with actors, directors. The whole ritual became part of the collective subconscious as an iconic Hollywood scene. Elm Street became an iconic dream place (movies like Nightmare on Elm street).


Predictive programming

- 1951 8/17 MGM movie The Tall Target with character John Kennedy, played by actor who died earlier same year, about murder of Lincoln with character Ruby Dee (gem alter, ruby slippers Wizard of Oz). Paula Raymond (=Raymond in The Manchurian Candidate) and Will Greer (JFK's driver was named Bill Greer) as Homer Crowley (ref to Aleister Crowley).

- 1954 10/7 Suddenly Knight of Malta Frank Sinatra, a friend of JFK and supposed lover of Jackie Kennedy, plays character John who tries to assassinate the president, also featuring CIA agent Sterling Hayden who played Jack D Ripper in Dr Strangelove, originally planned to be released on nov 22. Sinatra's song High Hopes from the movie A Hole in the Head (JFK's headshot), was used in JFK's campaign.

- 1962 10/24 The Manchurian Candidate (MC=Mind Control) of John Frankenheimer (=John F, friend of RFK) about a planned murder with a mind controlled assassins, with Frank Sinatra, Angela Lansbury and Laurence Harvey (=Lee Harvey, later married Paulene Stone of Swinging London project).

Laurence Harvey kills on a black and white masonic floor and makes the 2nd veil sign of the York Rite. Laurence Harvey later acted in William Shakespeare's the Winter's Tale about Winter King Frederick V (John Dee's rosicrucian Frederick and Elizabeth wedding). Angela Lansbury played in The Harvey Girls with Judy Garland (Wizard of Oz) and movie with JFK's brother-in-law Peter Lawford, member of Sinatra's Rat Pack. The MC was released on 10/24 like Melvin Purvis who shot John Dillinger at the Biograph movie theatre.


The Dealy Plaza shooting ritual

Dallas is close to the 33d parallel (like the dropping of nuclear bombs in 1945, highest degree in the Scottish rite). 11/22 (11+22=33). The Dealy Plaza was deliberately designed as the Kabbalistic Tree of Life pattern with Elm Street as card 20/ path 31 Judgement/Aeon (letter Shin= value 300, the nr on the license plate of JFK's car).

JFK was shot, sitting next to Jackie Kennedy, wearing pink (=dissociation, Alice in Wonderland programming). The three suspects that were arrested are the 3 ruffians in the killing of Hiram Abiff ritual in masonry. Like Howard Hughes, John F Kennedy played the archetype of Horus in the Aeon of Horus.

A mysterious lady in the background played the role of Lady in Red. Her name Norma Jean Lollis Hill refers to Norma Jean, the real name of Marilyn Monroe (mm=33) before she dyed her hair blonde. The lady next to her, taking a picture (the lens Mercury), Mary Ann Moorman (mm=33) was born 8/5/1932, the date of death Marilyn Monroe 8/5/1962.

The same day Aldous Huxley died, the writer of 'The Doors of Perception', utopian 'Island' and dystopian 'Brave New World'. Brave New World is a phrase from a play within a play from The Tempest, based on John Dee and his rosicrucian Frederick and Elizabeth wedding.

Main actors

- JFK was a Knight of Columbus, his father a Knight of Malta. The media reported he had an affair with Monarch mind controlled slave Marilyn Monroe.
- Jackie Kennedy was trained by jesuits, JFK and Jackie frequently visited the jesuit church in Hyannis (the 'Kennedy Church'). Kennedy's son Christopher was jesuit trained, Stephen Smith, the husband of JFK's sister was jesuit trained. Jackie gave birth to JFK jr in jesuit Georgetown University Hospital. John's brother-in-law Steven Smith was a jesuit. RFK jr was at his Georgetown jesuit prepatory school when he heard about the death of his father. Jackie wore a pink dress with pillbox hat (Alice in Wonderland mind control).

- Robert Kennedy as evil twin brother played the Jungian Shadow of JFK, he was assassinated in a similar media ritual 5 years later.

- FBI director Edgar Hoover was a Shriner and Knight of Malta, Allen Dulles, assistent director Cartha DeLoach also was a Knight of Malta.

- Lee Harvey Oswald was invited to jesuit college Spring Hill, 2 weeks before assassination. Marina Oswald (=Marilyn).

He was arrested in the Texas Theatre (owned by Howard Hughes), watching the movie 'War is Hell' from 1961, year of birth JFK, with actor Baynes Barron born 5/29 like JFK (Sinatra's character in 'Suddenly': John Baron). Mercury=element air, the lens through which we see reality. The Texas Theatre was the first air conditioned theatre, like the Biograph Theatre of John Dillinger had a big sign of being 'cool refrigerated'.

- Jesuit Lyndon B Johnson

- Jack Ruby (Rubinstein)

References to the Lincoln shooting ritual

The ritual contained many references and similarities to murder of Abraham Lincoln in a theater (Harvey Lee was arrested in a movie theatre), inaugurated 100 years earlier.

- Lincoln died in 1865, JFK in 1963. In the midpoint of that period, Franz Ferdinand was shot in a car, starting WW1.
- 11/22 the cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius is the Golden Gate, the Lincoln Way is in Golden Gate park in San Francisco.
- Lincoln was married to Sara Todd (Colonna), JFK was a Knight of Columbus (Colonna).
- MLK (JFK's Dionysian counterpart) famous speech at the Lincoln memorial.
- actor playing Lincoln in the Manchurian Candidate. The term 'brainwashing' was first introduced in the Lincoln Star newspaper.
- JFK met with Kruschev 4/15 like death Lincoln, Claudia Cardinale in 8 1/2 also 4/15.
- JFK was shot in a Lincoln car by Oswald, one of Lincoln conspirators was named Oswell Swann.
- Lincoln died in a theatre, Oswald was arrested at a theatre, like John Dillinger in a movie theatre at Lincoln Avenue (Lincoln has Neptune, planet of stage illusion as 1st dominant like JFK and Harvey Lee).
- names A. Lincoln and John Kennedy in movie the Tall Target.
- Lincoln appears in The Misfits, last movie of Marilyn Monroe. She posed in pink (dissociation, like Jackie) in a car with a picture of Lincoln.
- Like Lincoln was replaced by Andrew Johnson, JFK was replaced by Georgetown jesuit Lyndon Baines Johnson.
- In the Lincoln ritual, one of the conspirators was Lewis Powell, year of Lewis Carroll's Alice in wonderland. CS Lewis born on 11/29 (333d day), day of Warren commission JFK 'investigation'.
- Lincoln played a role in the American Civil War, which represented an apocalyptic race war. JFK died during racial tensions of the fake Civil Rights Movement.

The Zapruder film

Abraham Zapruder (Abraham like Lincoln, born 5/15 like Frank Baum, the writer of the Wizard of Oz) made the famous movie, the Zapruder film, the lens through which the audience viewed the ritual and were 'zapped' to another world. The film was bought by Knight of Malta and Skull and Bones member Henry Luce and analyzed in his Time magazine (Saturn, father time).

The famous picture of JFK's head wound, frame 313= Book of Revelation 13:3 about the Beast (Roman Empire) 'One of its heads seemed to have a mortal wound, but its mortal wound was healed and the whole earth marveled as they followed the Beast'. On all pictures, Harvey Lee has a head wound.

Symbolic meaning

The worldwide media story was so rich in detail, it became the modern version of the killing of the king on the 33d parallel as the modern version of the killing of the Christ, of Hiram Abiff in the 33 grades of Scottish rite freemasonry, the mystery of why humans seem to have lost their connection to the divine father, lost their innocence. The Colonna's are descendants of Julius Caesar. After is killing, the republic of Rome, turned into the Roman Empire. The ritual was a modern Greek tragedy with Apollo-Dionysus archetypes.

Lee Harvey Oswald was shot by Jack Ruby on 11/24/1963. Supposedly Jack Ruby's psychiatrist was MK Ultra doctor Jolyon West. His lawyer Melvin Belli was also the lawyer of Tony Curtis, Mae West, Muhammad Ali, Zsa Zsa Gabor,..

The names Os-wald and Jack Ruby refer to the ruby slippers in the Wizard of Oz, a movie used in mind control (Harvey Lee reported to be seen at Bluebird cafe, The Beatles song Bluebird, Blue Jay all referring to mind control Project Bluebird, creating Multiple Personality Disorder, to go into dissociative state). The CIA was formed through the transfer of nazi scientists with Operation Paperclip and controlled the media (rumors of Operation Mockingbird, movie To Kill a Mockingbird with Gregory Peck who also played nazi Mengele).

Oswald is also the name of Oswald Spengler, born may 29 like JFK, who predicted in 'the Decline of the West', that about the year 2000, Western civilization would enter the period of pre-death emergency, whose countering would necessitate Caesarism (extraconstitutional omnipotence of the executive branch of the central government).


Aftermath (web of distraction)

Since the JFK ritual in 1963, the term 'conspiracy theorist' was spread and the JFK murder was called the 'mother of all conspiracy theories' (Pluto in Virgo, mother goddes Isis).

The next jesuit puppet Lyndon B. Johnson was introduced as next president, counseled by jesuit Zbigniew Brzezinski, posing for the famous picture with jesuit Jack Valenti (MPAA of Hollywood), next to Jackie Kennedy in her famous pink dress (=dissociation, Alice in Wonderland programming).

Lyndon Johnson campaigned with the slogan 'All the Way' (the Way, the Dao) like the album of Frank Sinatra.

The Jesuit media turned the whole story into a complex murder mystery with jesuit trained 'suspects' like David Ferrie, Guy Bannister (John Birch Society), laying the groundwork of the fake conspiracy movement (Peter Dale Scott, Oliver Stone, Jerome Corsi, jesuit Gerald Posner, Jesse Ventura), endlessly analysing pictures and new angles, pretending they were 'real people', instead of actors.

In november 1963 the Warren commission was formed with CIA director Allen Dulles (Order of Malta, CFR), brother of jesuit cardinal Avery Dulles, John McCloy, Hale Boggs (married to Dame of Malta and US ambassador to the Vatican Lindy Boggs) and Gerald Ford (Shriner, Order of Malta). They focused on the testimony of George de Mohrenschildt (oil company of Knight of Malta William F Buckley's family) and Michael Paine of the S&B family Paine and Forbes (related to John Forbes Kerry, later presented as the new JFK, also S&B).

JFK ordered the Apollo missions, died on november 22, the date the White Album of The Beatles was released with the song Revolution 9 = Revelation 911 verse about Apollyon. They were managed by jesuit George Martin and arrived at JFK airport in 1964 as the mythical army of the east from Revelation 9, for the next media hype, the Sharon Tate 911 murders.

His mistress Mary Pinchot Meyer (mm=33), previously married to CIA agent Cord Meyer, died in a mysterious shooting on 10/12/1964, bday of Aleister Crowley, with Afro-American Ray Crump as suspect.

At Truman Capote's ball for Katharine Graham, a friend of Jackie Kennedy, Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow were present and the images of mysterious elite gatherings were brought into public consciousness. Andy Warhol was also present who recreated the JFK ritual in his film Since.

The tale of John and Robert Kennedy was told like the story of the brothers Abel and Cain. Ethel Kennedy's son David Kennedy nearly drowned in Malibu (the 4th of her 11 children, dk=4-11, the bible verse about the curse of Cain = the curse of Kennedies) at the house of John Frankenheimer, director of The Manchurian Candidate, the movie with Jackie Kennedy's lover Frank Sinatra, that predicted the JFK murder. The name James Earl Ray, the shooter of MLK, also refers to Ray Crump and Raymond in the Manchurian Candidate. RFK was shot at the Ambassador Hotel, where Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra had performed.

Robert Anton Wilson (Playboy, friend of CIA agent Timothy Leary) focused on the JFK ritual in his Illuminatus triogy (the Illuminati hoax). Paul Krassner published JFK conspiracy theories of Mae Brussell (supported by John Lennon) in The Realist.

The Washington Post of Katherine Graham spread theories with dark secrets about the Richard Nixon administration.

Kenn Thomas' Inside the Gemstone File added Howard Hughes, Aristotle Onassis and the moon landing to the JFK vs mysterious cabal story.

It was mentioned in The Rolling Stones song Sympathy for the Devil (Knight of Malta as manager).

Executive Action (1973) with Burt Lancaster and Will Geer (Communist Party of USA, partner of Harry Hay OTO) tells the story of the JFK ritual as a conspiracy thriller. It was written by Dalton Trumbo, also member of Delta Tau Delta and the Communist Party, who also wrote the Horsemen for John Frankenheimer.

In 1976 Deborah Davis claimed in her biography of Katharine Graham that Cord Meyer was head of a project that controlled the media.

In 1978 CIA agent Victor Marchetti published disinfo about the JFK ritual for the Liberty Lobby of Willis Carto (World Anti-Communist League). Marchetti wrote a book about the CIA with John D Marks (The Search for the Manchurian Candidate). The same year Italian politician Aldo Moro was found dead in a car, similar to the JFK ritual.

Martin Sheen played JFK in Kennedy (1983).

In 1991 Warner Bros released JFK of Oliver Stone with Kevin Costner as Jim Garrison, Joe Pesci, Gary Oldman, Kevin Bacon, Vincent D'Onofrio, Tommy Lee Jones, Sissy Spacek, Donald Sutherland, jesuit Brian Murray (brother of Bill Murray), Sally Kirkland and Frank Whaley, based on the book of Fletcher Prouty and Jim Marrs.

Danny Aiello played Jack Ruby in Ruby (1992) with Sherilyn Fenn, Willie Garson as Harvey Lee.

Jesuit Clint Eastwood played in In the Line of Fire (1993) of Columbia Pictures (Knights of Columbus).

In the early days of the internet Alex Jones and David Icke offer a fast food menu of conspiracy theories about the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg, Bohemian Club, and revive the old Illuminati hoax.

On 7/16/1999 the day of the mysterious plane crash of JFK Jr, the movie Eyes Wide Shut was released, recreating the Truman Capote masque ball and the masked parties of Guy de Rothschild, filmed at a Rothschild mansion, a blueprint of modern conspiracy culture.

Marilyn Manson and Rose McGowan reenacted the JFK ritual in music video of Coma White (1999).

The ritual is referenced in Disney's National Treasure: Book of Secrets with one eye pyramid poster.

In 2008 jesuit Walter Douglas published JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters, endorsed by Oliver Stone.

In 2013 Smithsonian Channel produced The Day Kennedy Died, narrated by Kevin Spacey.

Natalie Portman played Jackie Kennedy in Jackie (2016) with jesuit Peter Sarsgaard and John Hurt.

Jesuit Donald Trump accused Rafael Cruz, the father of Ted Cruz, on Fox to be involved in the JFK assassination.

In 2020 during the Covid19-ritual, jesuit Robert F Kennedy Jr (brother of Kerry Kennedy, married to NY governor Andrew Cuomo) was used as priest in the Conspiracy Church with fake conspiracy theories.

Misleading books on the JFK ritual

As the 'mother of all conspiracy theories', and the introduction of the concept 'conspiracy theorist', the JFK ritual is a favorite playground of controlled opposition, pretending like it was a real event. Usually their story is a narrative where JFK was a patriotic good guy, trying to stop the Illuminati or Federal Reserve bankers, trying to expose the truth on UFO's or focusing on his mafia connections during the Cuban Missile Crisis ritual with Fidel Castro.

The stories about mafia connections were spread by the Washington Post (Katharine Graham daughter of Eugene Meyer of Federal Reserve and the World Bank, also responsible for the Watergate media ritual) as part of the mysterious murder drama: the Colonna's controlled Knight of Columbus Richard Daley, mayor of Chicago, Harry Cohn of Columbia Pictures and his friend John Roselli of the Chicago Outfit (Pluto= god of the underworld, dark secrets, communism in Virgo). JFK played the archetype of Horus, the god of truth and light in the Aeon of Horus, hence all the books trying to 'expose the truth'.

David Talbot 'the Devil's Chessboard'
Eric Jon Phelps 'Vatican Assassins' (JFK as good guy)
Fletcher Prouty (JBS) 'the Secret Team: the CIA and its Allies in Control of the World'
Fletcher Prouty (US Air Force) Oliver Stone (movies produced by jesuit Don Murphy), Jesse Ventura 'JFK: the CIA, Vietnam and the Plot to Assassinate John F Kennedy'
Gerald Posner (jesuit) 'Case closed: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of JFK'
HP Albarelli 'A Secret Order' (Trine day)
Jerome Corsi (jesuit, Infowars, Coast to Coast) 'Who really killed Kennedy?'
Jim Marrs (Coast to Coast) 'Crossfire'
John Newman (consultant for Oliver Stone's JFK movie) 'Oswald and the CIA'
Kenn Thomas 'Inside the Gemstone File' (linking JFK to Howard Hughes, also the archetype of Horus)
Kenn Thomas 'JFK and UFO: Military-Industrial Conspiracy and Cover-up from Maury Island to Dallas'
Michael Salla 'JFK's Last Stand: Eisenhower, UFO's, MJ-12 & JFK's Assassination'
Patrick Sloyan 'The Politics of Deception: JFK' Secret Decisions'
Peter Dale Scott 'Deep politics and the Death of JFK'
Peter Dale Scott 'Dallas 63: the First Deep State revolt against the White House' (White House politicians as good guys)
Seymour Hersch (The NY Times, Democracy Now!, media ritual with John D Marks in anticipation of the Church Commission) The Dark Side of Camelot (JFK as king Arthur)
Vincent Bugliosi (Hollywood High School) Reclaiming History: Assassination of President John F Kennedy.

all other Trine Day books about JFK (John Delane Williams, Mal Hyman, Judith Vary Baker, Edward Schwartz, Jim DeBrosse, JW Lateer, Hugh Clark, Sherwood Kent, William Matson Law, Vincent Palmara, James Tague, Don Adams)

the 911 Sharon Tate ritual