the Media

All media is controlled by the cult of Saturn. 90% of US media is owned by CBS, Comcast, Disney, Newscorp, TimeWarner and Viacom. Tv propaganda outlets CBS, Disney, NBC, ABC and Fox provide the illusion of choice.  Apart from Fox News, Breitbart News, Rebel News, Infowars of Alex Jones, all media outlets are priests of the Left Wing Church.

United States

- ABC: Disney, Alan Greenspan (Federal Reserve), Mickey Mouse Club, Roseanne of Roseanne Barr,..

- AMC Networks: jesuit Charles Dolan (made documentaries about Alex Jones), Josh Sapan (jewish, People for the American Way), Mad Men, the Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, remake of The Prisoner, ..

- Associated Press: jesuit Louis Baccardi, Stephen Swartz (worked for Hearst)

- AT&T (WarnerMedia, CNN): jesuit John Stankey, William Kennard (Ford Motor Company, The Carlyle Group, European Horizons), Ted Turner (Jane Fonda, the Good Club with Gates and Soros), Fareed Zakaria (CFR, TC, Berggruen Institute), Paula Zahn (CFR), jesuit Susan Condiotti, Walter Isaacson (Aspen Institute), Jim Sciutto (CFR), jesuit Arick Wierson

- Atlantic Media (New America): jesuit David Bradley

- Bloomberg News: Michael Bloomberg (Congregation Emanu-El of NY)

- Breitbart News (Andrew Breitbart was co-founder of The Huffington Post, wrote for the Washington Times): jesuit Steve Bannon (Goldman Sachs), Joel Pollak (Tea Party, Hudson Institute), Peter Schweizer (Hoover Institution), works with Sirius XM

- CNN: Ted Turner (donated 1 billion to UN), Jeff Zucker (Congregation Emanu-El), Fareed Zakaria (CFR, Berggruen Institute), Paula Zahn (CFR), Walter Isaacson (Aspen Institute), jesuit Susan Candiotti, Tom Johnson (Bohemian Club),..

- Commentary: American Jewish Committee

- Comcast (NBC with Luciferian tainbow logo, Universal Pictures, E!, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Business Roundtable): Ralph Roberts, Steve Burke (JP Morgan Chase), jesuit Chris Matthews, jesuit Bob Wright, jesuit Tim Russert, jesuit Jamie Gangel, jesuit Savannah Guthrie, Judith Rodin (CFR, Rockefeller Foundation, Citigroup, BlackRock), Bonnie Hammer (IAC, associated with the McMahons), Khaled Abu Toameh (Gatestone Institute, The Jerusalem Post), Bret Stephens (LSE, Commentary of Norman Podhoretz and Midge Rosenthal, The NY Times), Cesar Donde (CFR, WEF), Julian Castro (Center for American Progress),..

NBC produced Seinfeld (producer jesuit Andy Ackerman), Friends, shows with Jay Leno, David Letterman, Conan O'Brien, Jimmy Fallon, Donald Trump, mind controlled sex slaves Holly Madison (Playboy), Kim Kardashian and Caitlyn Jenner (gay-transgender agenda), Ice-T and Coco Austin, Dwayne Johnson (Disney, McMahon), Lindsay Lohan, The Voice with Pharrell Williams, Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, jesuit Carson Daly, Deal or No Deal (introduced Meghan Markle), apocalyptic series Revolution, The Blacklist, The Wall,..

- Cox Enterprises: James Cox, Apollo Global Management (Leon Black, jesuit Tony Ressler)

- Forbes magazine: Forbes family, Steve Forbes (The Heritage Foundation, Israel lobby Foundation for Defense of Democracies, Fox News), supported Julian Assange

- Fox: News Corp of Rupert Murdoch, That 70's Show, The Simpsons,..

- HBO: jesuit Charles Dolan, Richard Pepler (CFR), Sex and the City with Sarah Jessica Parker (Hollywood High School) and Cynthia Nixon (gay agenda), jesuit Matt Gunn, Bill Maher,..

- Hearst Communications (Business Roundtable, San Francisco Chronicle, ESPN, Vice, Cosmopolitan, LifetimeOprah): Hearst family, specialized in mind control

- Infowars: Alex Jones, connections to Ted Turner and Time Warner

- Liberty Media (Sirius XM, Joe Rogan Show, Breitbart News): Greg Maffei (CFR)
- Los Angeles Times: Patrick Soon-Shiong (Berggruen Institute)

- Netflix: Marc Bernays Randolph (great-nephew of Edward Bernays), Darnell L Moore (The NY Times, gay agenda, Black Lives Matter), The Vanguard Group, transgender agenda with Elliot Page, Ellen DeGeneres,..

- Newscorp Fox/Fox Corporation (Business Roundtable, Fox, Fox News, News Uk, the Sun, the Times, HarperCollins, The Atlantic): Rupert Murdoch (Atlantic Council, papal Order of St Gregory, son of Keith Murdoch LSE of Fabian Society), jesuit Viet Dinh (Patriot Act), jesuit Greta Van Susteren, Disney, Lachlan Murdoch (wife Sara O'Hare posed for Harper's Bazaar), William Kristol (AEI), John Bolton (AEI, advisor Trump),..

- SBS: jesuit Raoul Alarcon

- Sirius XM: Greg Maffei (CFR, Liberty Media)

- The Atlantic: Arthur Brooks (AEI), James Glassman (AEI), David Frum (Commentary, AEI, speechwriter for George W Bush, Manhatan Institute), Jeffrey Goldberg (The Jerusalem Post), Emerson Collective of Laureen Powell Jobs (CFR).

- The Huffington Post: Buzzfeed, Arianna Huffington (Berggruen Institute, X Prize Foundation with Larry Page of Google, Elon Musk,..), Michael Huffington (gay agenda), Daniela Gibbs Leger (CAP), Peter Yeo (CFR, UN), Comcast,..

- The New Yorker: Truman Capote and Hannah Arendt in the 60's, William Shawn (father of actor Wallace Shawn), Advance Publications of Newhouse family (Condé Nast, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Discovery Channel), Richard Socarides (advisor of jesuit Bill Clinton, gay agenda with Media Matters for America)..

- The New York Observer: Jared Kushner

- The New York Post: John Podhoretz (son of Midge Rosenthal), Lachlan Murdoch (Business Roundtable), James Wechsler (ACCF),..

- The New York Times Company: Meredith Kopit (Aspen Institute, worked for jesuit David Bradley), Schulzberger family (CFR, Anti-Defamation League) and Carlos Slim, Rosenthal family (Pentagon Papers and Watergate media ritual with Richard Nixon), Bruce Feiler (Linda Rottenberg CFR), Nader Mousavizadeh (ECFR), Ivan Krastev (ECFR, Open Society), Ethan Bronner (Columbia University, CFR), Thomas Friedman (CFR, TC),..

- The New Republic (founded by Walter Lippman): Win McCormack (Center for American Progress), James Glassman (AEI), Mary McCarthy (ACCF, friend of Hannah Arendt), jesuit Michael Harrington, Chris Hughes (Philips Academy, Facebook),..

- The Wall Street Journal: Dow Jones & Company, NewsCorp of Rupert Murdoch, Robert Doar (AEI),..

- The Walt Disney Company (ABC, Academy Awards, National Geographic, Lifetime): Abigail Disney, Robert Iger (CFR), jesuit Anthony Thomopoulos. ABC produced the Oprah Winfrey Show (the child Harpo in the Aeon of Horus), sitcom with Ellen DeGeneres, interviews with Disney programmed Michael Jackson. Lost, American Idol, Grey's Anatomy, Jimmy Kimmel Live, 20/20 (jesuit David Muir), Dancing With the Stars,..

- The Washington Post: founded by Eugene Meyer of Federal Reserve-World Bank, in the 70's led by his daughter Katharine Graham (TC, Georgetown Set of Washington DC, friend of Truman Capote), Alan Blinder (CFR, Federal Reserve), Jeff Bezos (Business Roundtable), Jim Hoagland (CFR, Hoover Institution), Robert Kagan (Project for New American Century, CFR, Brookings), jesuit John Podesta (CAP), Richard Socarides (advisor of jesuit Bill Clinton, gay agenda with Media Matters for America), Donald Graham (Facebook), Alice Rubenstein (wife of David Rubenstein CFR), partnership with the Berggruen Institute.

- The Washington Times: Bo Hi Pak (Unification Church), jesuit Frank Gaffney (CPD, PNAC, Center for Security Policy), Jenny Beth Martin (Capitol attack 2021), Uzay Bulut (Gatestone Institute), Donald Ritter (Victims of Communism), Monica Crowley (CFR, Fox, Trump administration)..

- Time: Marc Benioff (CFR)

- Thomson Reuters: James Smith (Atlantic Council, WEF), Stephen Adler (CFR), Paula J Dobrianski (CFR, TC, Atlantic Council, Victims of Communism), jesuit Philip Stephens,..

- Variety: founded by Sime Silverman (Congregation Emanu-El), Penske Corporation

- Viacom (CBS, Nickelodeon, Paramount Pictures, Comedy Central, MTV, Showtime, VH1, The CW): jesuit Sumner Redstone. CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System of the Colonna's, with Saturnian one eye logo) was run jesuit and Knight of Malta Frank Shakespeare (The Heritage Foundation), ambassador to the Vatican and Frank Stanton of the Rockefeller Foundation.

jesuit Joseph Califano (advisor of jesuit Lyndon Johnson), jesuit Nora O'Donnell, Gene Jankowski (Order of Malta), Franklin Thomas (Ford Foundation, CFR), Leslie Stahl (CFR), Bob Schieffer (CFR, CSIS), jesuit George Crile, Henry Schacht (Brookings, Chase Manhattan, Warburg Pincus)..

shows with Stephen Colbert, James Corden, The Talk, The Bold and the Beautiful, Mtv shows Jersey Shore, TRL, Wonderland (Alice in Wonderland programming), RuPaul Drag Race (transgender agenda)..


Jews in high positions: Roger Ailez (Fox), Arnon Milchan (New Regency), Jean-Bernard Levy (Vivendi, NBC), Stanley Gold (Shamrock, ABC), Peter Chernin (Newscorp), Robert Iger (Disney), Mel Karmazin (CBS Sirius), Les Moonves (CBS of Colonna's), Jeff Zucker (NBC), Philipe Dauman (Viacom), jesuit Sumner Redstone (Viacom),..


European Union

Belgium and Netherlands:

- Banijay Group (Zodak Media, EndeMol Shine, Raabtv): John De Mol, jesuit Stefan Raab, Ynon Kreiz (Business Roundtable)

- DPG Media (de Persgroep, de Volksrant, VTM, De Morgen, De Tijd, HLN): jesuit Christian Van Thillo

- Mediahuis (De Standaard, GVA, Het Nieuwsblad, De Telegraaf, NRC, INM): Thomas Leysen (TC, mining company Umicore, KBC, Toyota, European Roundtable for Industrialists, puppet of the Saxe-Coburgs). Corelia owns De Vijver (Woestijnvis, Humo) with Sanoma Magazines, Eric Watté, Wouter Vandenhoute.


- Bayard Presse (La Croix): Catholic Church

- Dassault Group (Le Figaro): (in the past Serge Dassault, member of Le Siècle)

- Le Monde: Xavier Niel (Iliad, Bergguen Institute, married to Delphine Arnault of Louis Vuitton, LSE of Fabian Society), Alain Minc (Fnac, Yves Saint Laurent, Berggruen Institute, advisor of Sarkozy) friends of Emmanuel Macron

- Le Parisien: LVMH (Lous Vuitton Moët Hennessy) of Bernard Arnault, supported controlled opposition Yellow Vest Movement.

- Libération: Edouard de Rothschild, Patrick Drahi, Denis Ollivennes


- Axel Springer Publishing House (Bild 12 million readers, Die Welt): Friede Springer (friend of Angela Merkel), Kai Diekmann (Atlantik-Brücke), Matthias Dopfner (Atlantik Brücke, Aspen Institute Germany), Ali Aslan (AB), Scientific American, Nature (the Science Church),..

- Bertelsmann Group (RTL Group, Penguin Random House -Three Rivers Press, publishing disinfo of Graham Hancock, Gruner + Jahr, Stern magazine,  BMG, Arvato, the Bertelsmann Printing Group, the Bertelsmann Education Group and Bertelsmann Investments): nazi family Mohn, Liz Mohn (Atlantik-Brücke, Club of Rome), Gerd Schulte-Hillen (AB), Theo Sommer (AB),..

- Die Zeit: Holtzbrinck Publishing Group (The Macmillan Group), Josef Joffe (AB, Aspen Institute Germany, IISS, TC, Hoover Institution), Michael Naumann (Marie Warburg AB)

- Hubert Burda Media (Focus, Bunte): Hubert Burda (World Economic Forum)

- ProSieben Sat (eHarmony): jesuit Greg Penner (Walton family), Haim Saban (Disney, Fox), Thomas Ebeling (AB),..


- Avvenire: Catholic Church

- Cairo Communication (RCS Media Group, il Corriera della Sierra, in the 80's connected to Vatican Bank and P2 lodge): Urbano Cairo, Federico Fubini (OSF)

- CIR Group (GEDI Grupo Editoriale, il Repubblica with Agnelli family, La Stampa): Rodolfo de Benedetti (European Roundtable for Industrialists), Mario Greco (Atlantic Council)

- Mediaset: Silvio Berlusconi

- Rai: Italian government, Monica Maggioni (TC, ECFR), Arrigo Levi (TC),..


- El Pais: Juan Luis Cebriàn (Club of Rome, Berggruen Institute)

United Kingdom:

- BBC: Richard Sharp (JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs), jesuit Mark Thompson, David Clementi (Rio Tinto of the Rotschilds)

- Daily Mail and General Trust: Harmsworth family who work for the British Ministry of Propaganda since Hitler

- ITV: Carolyn McCall (The Guardian)

- New Statesman: Fabian Society, Russell Brand,..

- News UK (The Sun, The Times): News Corp of Rupert Murdoch (Atlantic Council), Rebekah Brooks (friend of Tony Blair), Jason Cowley (The Guardian)

- Press Holdings (Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph): Frederick Barclay

- Reach (Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, Daily Express, the Right Wing Church): founded by Alfred Harmsworth (Mary Milner, RIIA).

- Scott Trust Limited (The Guardian, The Observer): Richard Kerr (CIA), Vivian Schiller (CFR), Paul Myners (Rothschild, Bank of England), Tom Happold (LSE, Fabian Society), Edward Taylor-Scott (LSE of Fabian Society), Natalie Nougayrède (ECFR), Albert Scardino (Marjorie Scardino AC), Emily Bell (Open Society Foundations), Robert Gavron (married to daughter of Zionist T.R. Fyvell, friend of George Orwell), Jeff Forshaw (married to founder of Extinction Rebellion), jesuit William Keegan, Yuval Harari,..

- Telegraph Media Group: Conrad Black (CFR, TC, 1001, Hollinger), from 2004 Frederick Barclay (the Very Group).

- The Economist Group: Agnelli, Rothschild, Cadbury, Schroder, Marjorie Scardino (Atlantic Council, married to Alan Scardino of The Guardian)..

- The Independant: Lebedev family

- Vivendi (Universal Music Group, Canal+, DailyMotion): owned by Boloré, BlackRock, Societé Generale,..


- The Jerusalem Post: bought by Hollinger Inc of Conrad Black (CFR, TC), David Makovsky (Washington Institute for Near East Policy with Nina Rosenwald, The NY Times), Bret Stephens (LSE, Commentary of Norman Podhoretz and Midge Rosenthal, The NY Times, NBC News), Khaled Abu Toameh (Gatestone Institute), Janine Zacharia (CFR),..

Televisa (Mexico): jesuit Emilio Ezcarraga

China Media Group: communist party China, newssite Eric X Li (Berggruen Institute)

Saturn is the planet/god of fear, the cult of Saturn lets its minions live in constant fear and tension with fake external threats like Isis, Climate Change, Covid19, villifying the Right Wing Church, to gradually take away freedom.