The Scottish rite

The Scottish Rite is a branch of freemasonry, closely associated with the Scottish Stuart bloodline (Holy Grail bloodline, Diana Spencer). They met in lodges to conspire and reclaim the throne from the protestant House of Hanover. The rivalry between the Stuarts and Hanoverians became the conflict between antients and moderns. It was also developed by Louis XIV (Madame de Montespan as mistress) at the court of Versailles with the legend of Hiram Abiff interpreted as the murder of Charles I.

It has 33 degrees because the one eye pineal gland is on top of the spine with 33 vertebrae. The first 14 degrees, the lodge of perfection, deal with various aspects of the Hiram and Solomon legend, the spiritual death-rebirth of the sun, the pure part of our soul.

1º - Apprentice lambskin, or white leather apron, that represents the fig leaves of Adam and Eve, who have eaten from tree of knowledge (sensual pleasure, Daath).

2º - Fellow-craft. oath 'binding myself under no less penalty than that of having my breast torn open, my heart plucked out, and placed on the highest pinnacle of the temple there to be devoured by the vultures of the air, should I ever violate the Fellow Craft obligation'.

3º - Master

The next 12 degrees correspond to the 12 signs of the zodiac; from the fixed signs to the sun the moon and the planets, 4 elements, components of man. 29 of these Higher Degrees (the 4th to the 32nd) are normally taken more-or-less simultaneously over the course of a few days (it is possible to work each degree fully, in stages, but this is not usual). The ritual for these speeded-up degrees (called “communicated” degrees) normally consists a short lecture on the degree, followed by a recitation of the appropriate oath, similar to the first 33 degrees of the Rite of Memphis Misraïm. These degrees, the 4th through 14th, are also called Ineffable Degrees because their principal purpose is the investigation and contemplation of the ineffable name of God: YHVH the 4 kabbalistic worlds/elements, the 4fold nature of the universe.

4º - Secret Master jesuit degrees, Solomon supposedly appointed seven secret masters of the Holy of Holies. sign of silence (sign of Harpo). age 81 y, nr of ALIM. word ziza (resplendant). The lodge in black, Solomon as most powerful who comes to the Temple to replace the loss of Hiram Abiff and Warden Adoniram, inspector of the workmanship at Mount Lebanon, the first Secret Master, Ivory Key with the letter Z (letter Zayin the Lovers). C.a.m.=Clavis ad Mysterium, the Key to the Mystery. The candidate is prepared as a Master Mason with an apron tied over his eyes and a square on his forehead. There is a table in front of the Throne on which are placed:
1 the Art of Alliance (Adaptation)
2 a Pot of Incense, on a tripod (Beauty)
3 the Twelve Loaves (Society)
4 the Seven Branched Candlestick.  A funeral procession is performed with ashes of Hiram Abiff. The apron is black and white, balance of opposites, death and life, darkness and light, severity and mercy, blue flap, the color of heaven and an All Seeing Eye.

5º - Perfect Master invented by Morin, to Charleston South Carolina, and woven by Mitchell and Dalcho into the web of the 33° Rites. The mason is led by green chord around his neck. A setting with funeral drapery, circle and square (sane mind and body), perfect cornerstone with the j of Jehova. The initiate makes the sign of admiration.

6º - Intimate Secretary Sign of VIRGO (place where sun descends into underworld) invented by Ramsay. This grade is purely historical, founded on an event which took place after the completion of the Temple, not connected with the previous grades. After a lively introduction ceremony of introduction, Solomon and Hiram are clothed in long blue robes with royal mantles of the same color, with crowns on their heads and scepters in their hands. The brethren wear black robes and caps, also a red collar with jewel. A spy is interrogated.

The 6th degree jewel is a triple triangle with an eye, ear and mouth engraved, viz: the eye on the top triangle, the ear on the left and the mouth on the right triangle. The apron is white, lined and bordered with red, with a scroll and golden triangle painted on it, and the letters A. P. P. in the corners of the triangle (Alliance, Promise, and Perfection). The moral of the story is never to offend a brother by prying into his secrets. The sign of falling of a scarf, looking to heaven (used in movie posters when representing Virgo the virgin). The ritual is set in Palestine to insinuate that it came to Scotland from the Crusades. Sacred word jehova. The lodge is lighted by 27 lights to represent the 2,700 candlesticks which Solomon ordered to be made for the illumination of God's temple. Sign of looking up.

7º - Provost and Judge or Irish master; key, sign of LIBRA. The lodge of Provost and Judge is hung with red and illuminated by five lights (one in each corner and one in the centre).
The Master is in the East, under a blue canopy, surrounded by gold stars and is styled Thrice Illustrious. He represents Tito Zadoc, Prince of the Harodim, the eldest of the Perfect Masters, first Grand Warden and Inspector of the 300 Architects whose office was to draw plans for the workmen of the temple.
There are two wardens, who represent Adoniram and Abda, his father. They are seated in the West. Golden key, ebony box (Osiris was trapped in a box by Set) which hangs in the east, representing the human heart, where the secret design of the spiritual temple is made. It opens the tomb which symbolizes the sanctuary of truth, where the heart of Hiram Abiff has been deposited (pocket on apron, to hold the key- receptacle as symbol of heart with hidden motivations). Sign of placing finger on the nose, the thumb under the chin, forming a square. Word Tito, ky (rise) inspector over 300 architects of the temple (300=shin, sexual fire in sexual glands). GA:Great Architect=71. The apron is white, trimmed with white, with a pocket in the centre, with a red and white rosette below the pocket. Moral lesson: we ought not to judge, unless we are willing to stand under the same judgment.

8º - Intendant of the Building sign of SCORPIO. The candidate must be barefooted because Moses was barefooted when he entered the holy land. One says Jachinai, the other Judah. right hand on heart. Five equal steps. The Intendant of the Building ascends 'the seven steps of exactitude and knows the five points of fidelity'. The jewel is golden triangle. In the East should be a brilliant transparency, a luminous triangle, enclosing a circle, having on its circumference the letters J.A.I.H.R. and in the center the letters J..J..J., also a blazing star with five beams. Joabert Personating Hiram Abiff, Dead to Sin and Vice.

9º - Elu of the Nine decapitated head like Bran the blessed and John the Baptist (from 9 to 11) SAGITTARIUS the archer (golden gate). The Ninth is the degree of Revenge. The Master of Ceremonies orders the candidate to kill and cut off a man's head and follow himself to the presiding officer of the lodge-meeting, with the poniard in one hand and the head in the other. Joabert is sent to arrest Abiram, who, without proof, is said to be one of the murderers of Hiram Abiff and finding him asleep in a cave. He cuts off his head and brings it to Solomon by the hair. He is reproved for his haste, but rewarded by being raised to the Ninth Degree, and given an apron, white with blots of blood on it, lined and bordered with black, while on the flap is a bloody arm holding a dagger and on the apron itself, a bloody arm holding a bloody head by the hair. The cry of 'Vengeance ! Vengeance !' is repeated over and again by the Master and members in the cave and in the court. It is designed to harden men and make them vindictive and callous to deeds of blood. The jewel is a balance with a scroll and dagger on one plate, and the decapitated head of ignorance on the other. Word: nekam (revenge).

10º - Elu of the Fifteen CAPRICORN 3 skeletons representing murderers of Hiram Abiff. Sign of ripping open the abdomen. The greatest enemy of Hiram or Truth is called Akirop, or Jubelum. He had two companions to whom various names have been given. Initiate as brother Joabert has to pursue and destroy them all three. They represent, first, ignorance or darkness, second, superstition or error, third, egotism or ambition.

In the mysteries of the Egyptians, they were Typhon the enemy and assassin of Osiris, assisted by Serapis and Amenthis. Among the Greeks they were Titan, Python and Chimera- Jupiter, seconded by Apollo and Pan. Jubelum, one of the ruffians, was killed in a cave. That skeleton in the East is a representation of him, with a setting maul with which he was armed when he knocked down Hiram Abiff. Solomon had embalmed his head in order to be exposed until the other two were found out.

11º - Elu of the Twelve AQUARIUS Sublime Knight elected. The lodge is hung with black tapestry strewed with flaming hearts, and is illuminated by twenty-four lights -12 masters elected and 12 tribes of Israel. sign of crossed arms. finger up. two palm trees, =2 cherubim, high and lofty which seem to spread their branches over the tomb of Hiram Abiff. name Emeth, true man. Morphy had inspection of the tribe of Ephram. IHS ihvhS, Hiram tolkin.
Inspector Joabert (Judah), Stolkin (Benjamin), Terry (Simeon), Morphy (Ephram), Alycuber (Manasseh), Dorson (Zebulon), Kerim (Asher), Berthemen (Dan), Tito (Naphtali), Zerbal (Reuben), Beniah (Issachar), and Gaber (Gad). IHS Yod Hiram Stolkin. the Ark of Alliance, the figure of Solomon's temple consecrated to God and contained the two tables of the law which God gave to Moses on the holy mountain when he contracted an alliance with the people of Israel. A candlestick seven branches representing the seven planets. triangle ad- adonai.

12º - Master Architect PISCES The jewel is a gold triangle, with a Hebrew ALEPH on the obverse and the five types of columns on the reverse.

13º - Royal Arch of Solomon ARIES (master of the ninth arch, =ninth gate, the hatch, royal arch of enoch)=york 7°, built before the flood. looking for the entrance to our own lost vault in order to descend in the depths of ourselves, in the depths of the Earth (one of the four elements) where the inner God resides. 9 is the cube of three, symbol of the divine, of trinity, of perfection. finding the lost word tetragrammaton.(book of Enoch- Enoch never died- the watchers fallen angels who communicated with John Dee, inscribes the wisdom of these demonic fallen angels on pillars of Enoch to survive the flood. Toth -Hermes Trimegestius pronounced the word. knowledge to become god. sign of raising hands to heaven. The jewel is a golden triangle with the Enochian delta on the reverse, and a scene showing two men lowering a third into a newly-discovered subterranean vault, on the obverse. 

14º - Perfect Elu TAURUS admittance to the sacred Vault. The lodge represents a subterranean vault painted red or hung with red hangings
(15-18 chapter rose croix) restoring lost Eden, reedifying celestial city, New Jerusalem. YHVH=8, mother nr., ynry=2790=9. father nr. YKML=100=10 god nr.Shem Ha’Memphorash (unspeakable name, the lost word). The 13th and 14th degree complement each other in telling of the discovery of the Lost Word, similarities with the Royal arch degree in the York rite.

Chapter of the Rose Croix (red cross of the cardinal signs, deeper understanding of religion, philosophy, ethics, and history)
15º - Knight of the East (knight of the sword, knight of the eagle) The ritual tells the story of 70 years of Babylonian captivity and the attempt to rebuild the second temple under direction of Zerubbabel. The candidate, representing Zerubbabel, seeks admission to come before King Cyrus, king of Persia. The King relates the details of a dream to his courtiers, and then permits Zerubbabel to enter. Zerubbabel requests liberty for the captive Jews and gives a signal demonstration of his fidelity. The King, being impressed, grants Zerubbabel and his company permission to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the Temple. He invests him with a sash, a sword, and a password.
(formerly Jordan Pass): The time is now 16 years after the action of the previous degree. Zerubbabel now returns to Persia from Jerusalem to request of King Darius continued support in building the Jewish Temple, and his aid in driving away the enemies who are frustrating their efforts. Darius grants the request and appoints Zerubbabel a palace guard. Before retiring, the King proposes the discussion of the relative strengths of wine, women, or the king. Zerubbabel and two other guards contend via argument, with Zerubbabel coming out the victor. He is then escorted safely back to Jerusalem. The moral of the story that it is not possible to keep people in slavery once they know the value of freedom. The apron is green crimson.

16º - Prince of Jerusalem king Darius crowns Zerubbabel king. Babel. letter Lamed yodli, death-life. John=fishman=oannes, dagon=initiate.

17º - Knight of the East and West (formerly Royal Order) chapter of Rose Croix; first of the modern, philosophical degrees. A room in form of a heptagon, with golden stars, venerable master as John the Baptist. An assembly of 24 members, his disciples as the Essenes in white robes with red cross. heptagonal medal of gold and silver with a lamb lying on the book of the seven seals (representing a council of masons), initials of the seven churches. An examination of proficiency in Kabalah. 'give to eat of the hidden mannah, receive white stone'. A yellow apron, emblematic of dawn and celestial Jerusalem, linking heaven and earth. black gloves (nigredo, vengeance).

In this degree, Zerubbabel returns in triumph to Jerusalem and reports to the Sanhedrin, or Jewish Council. As a recognition for his valor and constancy, he is created a Knight of the East and West, and is invested with a sash and apron. word Abaddon (Apollyon revelation 911). It pretends to be derived from the Crusades.

18º - Knight Rose Croix mystical degree, the lost word is found. A pelican as symbol of sacrifice, when a father pelican kills the chicks, 3 days later mother uses the blood to revive her chicks (like crucifiction of Christ), also on the empress card. inri Yod-Nun-Resh, virgo- scorpio- leo. sign of crossed arms, eyes raised to heaven (good shepherd) point finger upward as sign of reconcilation.
The First Apartment represents Mount Calvary, and is hung with black, lighted with wax candles.
The Second Apartment contains a transparency representing the ascension of Christ and The Third Apartment represents Hell as a lake of boiling brimstone, out of which human beings encircled with flames, are attempting to crawl, while devils with pitchforks are pitching them back. 1+8=9, the widow’s son of nine, or Nain, ready to be raised by the strong grip of the Lion of Judah’s paw, to the Kingdom of the Heavens.

19-30 council of Kadosh (Kadosh means 'holy', chivalric and philosophical degrees)
19º - Pontiff gold rectangle with alpha or aleph on one side, omega or tav on other side, title of Christ. Revelation 22:13.(in Bacons time AV, William Shakespeare=bard of Avon)
pose of pointing finger. in the east throne of christ, blue canopy, 12 pillars, 12 zodiac signs, 12 tribes, 12 apostles John, Peter, Andrew, James, Philip, Bartolomew, Thomas, Matthew, James, Lebeus/Jude Thaddeus, Simon and Matthias (or Paul, Judas). tracing board a four square city with serpent with 3 heads bound in chains.
title thrice puissant (christ who has all power).
The last struggle vs good and evil, Christ vs Satan, founded on the Mysteries of the Apocalypse. Lodge members clothed in white robes like attending angels, put in a small dark room, sitting on floor. Passage of the beast, receiving mark on right hand or forehead. The candidate is left in horror and confusion. the City that ruleth over the Kings of the earth, Rome, the ram, seven headed beast Satan, with popery as its harlot rider. Lodge networks differ from ancient Rome, no particular goverment nationality or church but controls states, business, and religion. (beast, prophet and false image are thrown into lake of fire brimstone).
Tree of life in centre of the city. password Emmanuel.

20º - Master of the Symbolic Lodge (master ad vitam) triangular gold apron, crossing arms.

21º - Noachite or Prussian Knight the masonic key (patriarch noah) black dress black mask, the order had meetings at full moon, symbol of arrow and sword. Phaleg who had the idea of building the tower of babel, ended up in northern Germany. emulating Noah in justice and righteousness.
22º - Knight of the Royal Axe or Prince of Libanus sign of lifting axe. use of the
saw, the plane and axe, (mt Hermon in Lebanon 33d parallel) passwords :Japhet, Ahohiab, Lebanon. Sacred words: Noah, Bezaleel, Sadonias. The serpent with three heads upon the flap of the apron is Idleness, the body from which issue the three vices symbolized by the heads; Drunkeness, impurity and Gaming.
23º - Chief of the Tabernacle (knight of valour) officer on throne represents Aaron, candidate represents Eliasaph, the son of Lael, the son of Levi . thunder Jupiter. senior deacon represents Moses. cut off lock of hair, white cloth over head. pasword: Uriel. censer of silver, incense of 'good deeds'. myrtle tree violet symbol of immortality of the soul.

24º - Prince of the Tabernacle (brother of the forest) Saturn. master represents Moses. triangle yod, square compas plumb. sign of recognition: protecting head from light, sign of the scarf. grand sign triangle forehead.

25º - Knight of the Brazen Serpent lodge styled as the court of Sinai, blue and red hangings. The candidate represents traveller. Sign of order: point to ground.

26º - Prince of Mercy (sign of protecting eyes against strong light), water sign (sign of character).

27º - Knight Commander of the Temple

28º - Knight of the Sun or Prince Adept ( Part 1 ) emblem of macroprosopus. pillar white dobe black raven
28º - Knight of the Sun or Prince Adept ( Part 2 ) mask and sword
28º - Knight of the Sun or Prince Adept ( Part 3 )
28º - Knight of the Sun or Prince Adept ( Part 4 )

29° - Knight of St Andrew the cross of St Andrew is the galactic cross, female ecliptic.

30º - Knight Kadosh (knight of the white and black eagle) It concerns a thinly veiled Templar legend which contains many intentional parallels to the degrees of the York Rite Commandery. The jewel is a gold Teutonic cross, enameled in red, with the letters J.'.B.'.M.'. on the obverse, and a skull transpierced by a poinard on the reverse.

31º - Inspector Inquistor triple triangle sign of Choronzon. The jewel is a silver Teutonic cross.

32º - Master of the Royal Secret The apron is white, lined in black, with a double-headed eagle and a plan of the Camp of the Princes. The jewel is a golden Teutonic cross, with a double-headed white and black eagle in the center. 

33° inspector general- honorary degree, the secrets of fallen angels of mt Hermon 33d parallel, illuminated degrees, pineal activation, the Saturnian one eye, through sodomy. the rebirth of Christ, crucified at age 33, reaching perfection, opening the gates of New Jerusalem, finshing the eternal Temple of the 'Great Architect of the Universe' (the gaotu=the goat Lucifer).
heart connection 3 3's, trinity of heart: soul mind body, 9 pointed star, 2 headed eagle, duality past future left right brain light dark, phoenix firebird out of ashes of sacrifice. In the temples of Atlantis and Egypt, the candidate for initiation passed through nine degrees, the three-fold three degrees, into the mysteries. These degrees symbolize the re-entering of the womb in order, after the three times three months of gestation, to be spiritually reborn.

The two headed eagle of Scottish rite freemsonry is a symbol of alchemy, of uniting the opposites, the twin brothers Horus and Set, the two kundalini snakes leading up to pineal activation. It originated in Asia Minor (Turkey) where the Nesalim introduced the concept of priest kings, having spiritual and secular power, was used by the Seljuk Empire, the Holy Roman Empire, ruled by German kings (descendants of the Nesalim) and the Habsburgs. It is also the coat of arms of the black nobility family Pallavicini, which is also the Pahlavi dynasty in Iran.

The Scottish Rite has two Supreme Councils that exercise complete control in their jurisdictions. According to some estimates, there are more than 160,000 members of the Scottish Rite in the world. Out of those, only around 4,000 have attained the 33rd degree.

Scottish masonic families Rockefeller and Getty dominated the oil industry. Masonic 33 sodomy symbolism is omnipresent in media and movie propaganda through Scottish rite masons like Disney and Hearst.


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